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Are Rattlers New Sports Kings

Of The Phoenix Metro?

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Arizona Rattlers logo.
With The Demise Of The Phoenix Suns, Most Sports Fans Are Looking Elsewhere For A Winner As The Rattlers Hone In On Back-To-Back Championships


By Wayne Schutsky
Modern Times Magazine

April 27, 2013 — The Arizona professional sports landscape has been on somewhat of a downward trajectory as of late. The Suns are irrelevant, the Cardinals are rebuilding, the Coyotes are always possibly, probably then not leaving and the Diamondbacks are still in the the midst of a promising turnaround.

For sports fans in the state looking for a championship-caliber team right now, only one option remains: the Arizona Rattlers.

While the Arena Football League is a far cry from the ‘big four’ of professional athletics, the Rattlers provide a successful, entertaining, and cost-efficient product. While other franchises in the state meander wade through varying levels of uncertainty, the Rattlers proved to be the best team in the league last year, taking home the the ArenaBowl trophy.

And this year’s version is not showing any signs of slowing down.

The Rattlers are off to a 4-1 start this season, good for the second best record in the National Conference. And, true to arena football form, the team has not been winning games with defense and game management.

Through the first five games of the season, the Rattlers are averaging just over 69 points per game — highlighted by an 83 point effort in a win over San Antonio on April 20.

For fans not used to the Arena Football League, the sport might take a little getting used to. For one thing, the field is only 50 yards long and the goal posts are narrower than NFL posts. Additionally, punts are illegal and players can play the ball off of nets behind the endzone.

All of these rules make for a fast-paced, exciting game. Arena football is predicated on speed and entertainment, evidenced by the high scoring Rattler’s offense. Former Cardinals’ quarterback Kurt Warner once credited his arena football experience for the quick release that made him a successful NFL quarterback.

The prolific Rattlers offense is led by quarterback Nick Davila. Thus far, Davila has thrown for 34 touchdowns and only three interceptions. He has completed 97-of-145 passes for 1,444 yards.

Davila is a five year veteran out of Cincinnati University.

In other words, the Rattlers are not just winning games, they are doing so in exciting fashion. With ticket prices that run as low as six dollars apiece, that is a pretty good bang for the buck.

Wayne Schutsky is a senior contributor to Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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