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Sports Prime Cuts 2012

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The Olympics, Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash, Poker Tournaments, Street League Skateboarding, Todd Graham And Albert Pujols’ Signing Are Tops, But Which Is No. 1?


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 2, 2013 — Who says major league sports are all that anyone is interested in?

In 2011, a profile on the Arizona Roller Derby, part of the Women’s Flat-Track Derby Association, was among the Prime Cuts. For 2012, a feature on the Arizona Poker Championship makes an appearance and for the second year in a row, a preview on Rob Dyrdek’s Street League Skateboarding League makes an appearance.

Of course, all of the others that made the 2012 Sports Prime Cuts list feature either major college sports or the professional ranks and even an Olympic appearance.

But who cares? It’s a list and everybody loves lists — even sports fans.

No. 6 — “Street League Kick-Flips Into Arizona”

Rob Dyrdek has become something close to a living legend in this version of the MTV generation and his upstart Street League takes some of the best street skaters on the planet to cities across the U.S., including Glendale.

The contest has been a showcase of sorts for phenom Nyjah Huston, but in the Valley appearance, Paul Rodriguez took the crown.
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No. 5 — “Biggest Little Poker Tournament Of The West”

Poker has become big business, and with continued growth might rival major league baseball for fans — we kid, we kid.

But even in Arizona, the proliferation of casinos has allowed tournaments like the Arizona Poker Championship to take on jumbo-sized proportions. Over four days this August, nearly 1,000 took part in a quest for a $200,000 payout.

One of the best and most regular of our writers, Wayne Schutsky, spent some time on the floor of the Talking Stick Resort and Casino, revealing the substance around the aura of Lady Luck.
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No. 4 — “The Moment Todd Graham Proved His Mettle”

When Todd Graham was hired as coach of the Arizona State University Sun Devils, fans of the University of Pittsburgh were livid. They even warned ASU fans that Graham would be all bluster and that if he did find success, he would leave the Valley for greener pastures.

A few games into his tenure, he was proving he was going to deliver and fans were solidly on the bandwagon especially when considering the response to this article.

Graham certainly proved his mettle to our readers.
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No. 3 — “Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash And The Phoenix Suns”

Sometimes, columnists can get people’s attention — even if their argument turns out to be false.

Writer Bob Goodwood’s No. 3 Sports Prime Cut of 2012 is one such incidence of such a well crafted, and wrong supposition.

While based upon solid logic, his supposition that Steve Nash would stay in Phoenix primarily because of the Linsanity that was spreading throughout the tri-state area in the spring of 2012 was plain wrong. But to be fair, few would have figured the Los Angeles Lakers would be seeking his services.
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No. 2 — “Did Moreno Mastermind The Pujols Deal?”

When Albert Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Angels, many were surprised.

Writer Wayne Schutsky was ecstatic. A lifelong Angels fan, Schutsky wondered if owner Arte Moreno had passed on other free agents in order to be ready for the Albert Pujols sweepstakes.

This article really took off when it was posted all over the Los Angeles Angels centered websites and even got a mention by the Los Angeles Times.

It was tongue in cheek, but it was still a primetime column and was Sports Prime Cut No. 2.
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No. 1 — “U.S. Setting Arrogance Records At Olympics”

The four-year turn for the Summer Olympics and the No. 1 Sports Prime Cut should be receiving its laurel and gold medal any day now because of it.

Writer Adam Piontkowski was made a bit nauseous by the actions of Ryan Lochte and others so he penned this article.

Our favorite line?

“Sorry, Mr. Lochte, but you are not an arrogant rapper for poser kids nationwide to falsely idolize,” he wrote.

That’s got to be the Sports No. 1 Prime Cut of 2012.
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