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Top 5 Ways The Dbacks 2017 Squad Differs From 2016

Regardless Of The Common Theme Running Through Baseball Circles, New GM Mike Hazen Has Created A Whole New Team For His First Year On The Job.

DeMarcus Cousins Is Not A Role Model, Charles Barkley

The Suns Are Once Again Considering Trading For a Talented Big Man With Questionable Character, But This Time It's Not The Right Choice.

The Sports Yak

Talking Arizona Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Suns, and a whole lot of other things that have to do with balls and fields.

Tyrann Mathieu Right In Blaming Culture For Violence

The Arizona Cardinals Star Is Outspoken About Gun Violence And The Plight of Disenfranchised Youth In His Hometown of New Orleans.

Best Of Arizona Sports: Baseball Players

The Grand Canyon State Has Two Of The Top Collegiate Baseball Teams In The Country, But What About Those Who Played Here In Little League And High School? We Assemble An All-Time Lineup.

Brazil And The World Lost On Olympic Games

Regardless Of The Tremendous Achievements By Athletes, Do The Games Benefit The People Of Brazil Now And Into The Future? The Answer, Unfortunately, Is No.

Bright Green Pool Overshadows Olympics

The Shade Of The Water Changed Very Quickly And Has Generated Quite A Few Jokes Among Diving Competitors And On Social Media Sites, Although Officials Say It's Safe.

Is Shelby Miller To D-Backs An Epically Bad Trade?

While It Is Still Early, It Is Already Well On Its Way To Going Down In History As Epically Bad — Akin To Donald Trump At A Quinceanera.

Diamondbacks: Believe It Or Not, They Are Not That Bad

Injuries, Timing Are At The Root Of The Team's Struggles, And Regardless Of Disappointment, The Organization Needs To Stay The Course For The Long Haul.

Confessions Of A Tormented Baseball Fanatic

After Decades Of Suffering Through The Ups And Downs Of Being A Fan, A Baseball Junkee Comes Clean About His Addiction And How Changing His Loyalties Just May Save His Immortal Soul.

Tyrann Mathieu Right In Blaming Culture For Violence

The Arizona Cardinals Star Is Outspoken About Gun Violence And The Plight of Disenfranchised Youth In His Hometown of New Orleans.

What Arians Got Wrong About Moms And Football

Although The Head Coach Of The Arizona Cardinals May Be One Of The Foremost Tacticians In The Game, His Diminishment Of The Real Dangers Of Football Deserves A Dunce Cap.

New Dbacks Uniforms: Be Afraid

With The Unveiling Later Today, Leaks From One Uniform Expert Indicates That The New Uniforms Just Might Make For Heated Discussions Now And Well Into The Future.

Arizona Cardinals Need To Replace Carson Palmer

Although The Quarterback Is Having A Stellar Season, There Can Be Little Doubt That He Will Eventually Succumb To Father Time And The Team Needs To Have His Successor In The Fold Before That Happens.

Welter Hire A Stunt If She Doesn't Stay For Season

The Cardinals And Welter Deserve To Be Lauded, But If She Doesn't Make The Regular-Season Staff, Then The Appearance Of Good Intentions Will Be Washed Away By The Truth.

Daryl Washington's Fate Is A Punch In The Face For Cards

The Player's Past Actions Have Resulted In Drug And Domestic Violence Suspensions, And Even If He Is Becomes A Member Of The Squad In 2015, He Will Negatively Impact The Team And Society.

LaRussa, Dbacks Brain Trust Pushing The Right Buttons

With Performances Indicative Of A Young, Hungry Team, The 2015 Arizona Diamondbacks Have Been Properly Motivated Through Guile And Cunning — And Perhaps The Tomas Experiment Was More About Lamb.

Cactus League Nixes Value, Loses Relevance

Beyond The Recent Hubbub Over The Loss Of Small-Town Intimacy That Was The Hallmark Of Arizona's Spring Training Experience Is The Simple Fact A Better Baseball Experience Is To Be Had At Other Venues With Other Teams.

Dragic Fiasco Is A Major Failure For Phoenix Suns

It Seems The Relationship Between The Slovenian Guard And The Front Office Is Broken, But Why? Also, Fitz Signs With The Cardinals Again And The Arizona Diamondbacks Will Soon See If Stewart And LaRussa Can Run An Organization.

NFL Domestic Violence Saga: Follow The Money

Despite What The NFL, Team Owners, And Players Say, Fixing The Off-Field Violence Problem Is Not As Important As Winning, Selling Merchandise And Signing Billion-Dollar Television Deals.

The Last Word On Marshawn Lynch?

Journalists And Other Sports Commentators Should Halt The Superstar Tailback From Building A Brand Through His Anti-Hero Antics By Simply Taking Away His Soapbox Since He Has Nothing To Say Anyway.

Super Bowl Stars Super Apprehensive With Media

Marshawn Lynch and Bill Belichick Maintain Standoffish Relationship With The Media Amidst Ever-Mounting Hype Building Up To The Big Game In Glendale.

As Deflategate Simmers, Patriots Plot Next Tricks

Despite The Attention Brought About By The Under-Inflated Balls, Belichick And The New England Patriots Are Likely Plotting Some Way To Gain A Tactical Advantage In The Super Bowl.

Why Fans Should Care About The Super Bowl Sex Trade

Along With The Seahawks, Patriots And More Than 100,000 Fans, Sex Traffickers And Their Victims Will Likely Be Making A Special Trip To The Phoenix Metro Over The Next Two Weeks.

Don't Hold Your Breath On A Goran Dragic Trade

The Dragon Has Been As Good, Or Perhaps Even Better, Than Steve Kerr Prophesied He'd Be After The 2008 Draft, And The Organization WIll Not Likely Get Enough For Him.

Will Larry Fitzgerald Return To Arizona Cardinals?

Now That The Season That Once Held So Much Promise Is Now Over, The Future Of One Of The Best Wide Receivers To Ever Haul In The Pigskin Is In The Balance With Little Hope Of A Happy Resolution.

Can The Arizona Cardinals Regain Defensive Dominance?

Heading Into This Weekend’s Playoff Battle Against The Carolina Panthers, The Arizona Cardinals Must Find A Way To Contain Cam Newton, But With Recent Failures Against Similarly Styled Quarterbacks, The Task Is Daunting.

Lynch, Belichick Lead Press Conference Hall Of Shame

During The Holiday Season, One Might Assume That Even The Most Hardened NFL Press Conference Curmudgeon Might Find A Shred Of Professionalism, But Marshawn Lynch And Bill Belichick Are Not Average Scrooges.

In Search Of: A Hollywood Ending For Cardinals Fans

Kurt Warner Is Not — And Should Not — Make A Comeback. But There Are Some Candidates Who Could Come Out Of Relative Obscurity And Be Able To Possibly Lead The Cardinals To The Promised Land.

Darnell Dockett Is At It Again

This Time, The Lovable Internet Troll Who Also Happens To Be One Of The Best To Ever Suit Up For The Arizona Cardinals, Concocted That He Was On Jury Duty In An Ironic, Satire-Filled Tweetfest That Ended With A Malia Obama Reference.

Hey, NFL, No More Hollow PR Campaigns, OK?

With The 2014 Season Of The National Football League Already Destined To Go Down In History As The Year Of Domestic Violence, The NFL Wages A Public Relations Campaign That Merely Deflects Responsibility Once Again.

Moves That Might Bring The D-backs Back In Contention

Tony LaRussa, The Arizona Diamondbacks Head Honcho For Baseball, Wants A Winning Team On The Field, But In Order To Accomplishment That Feat, Maybe They Should Sign Melky Cabrera And Trade Some Fan Favorites.

In Search Of Phoenix Suns' Early Struggles

With Expectations High For The Young Season, The Pedestrian Start Of Has Fans And Prognosticators Questioning The Signing Of Isiah Thomas But The Real Question Is When Will Dragic And Bledsoe Elevate Their Games?

Drew Stanton Will Be Good Enough For Cardinals

Despite The Loss Of Former Heisman Trophy Winner And Top Tier FIeld General Carson Palmer, Perennial Backup Drew Stanton Only Needs To Be Efficient And Turnover Free For The Cardinals To Gain A First Round Bye.

Joe Maddon Is A Larger Than Life, Manager Of Yore

Baseball Has Always Had Its Weird, Abrupt Separations Of Men And Organizations And In That Tradition, The Departure Of Maddon From The Tampa Bay Rays To The Chicago Cubs Will Be One That Is Remembered For A Long Time.

Larry Fitzgerald Is The Heart Of Arizona Cardinals

The Dreadlocked One By Way Of Minnesota Is Having A Rebirth This Season After The Disasters That Were The Immediate Post-Kurt Warner Years And Has Played A Major Role In Developing The Receiver Corps.

Royals Tug The Heart, But Giants Have The Arm

Regardless Of The Great, Cinderella Story That Is The Kansas City Royals, The San Francisco Giants Have Madison Bumgarner On Their Side And He Just Might Be The Hurler That Defines The Dynasty.

Darnell Dockett Is A Loveable Meathead Troll

The Currently Injured, Defensive Line Standout For The Cardinals Is Obviously Having Fun With Fans And That He Is A Living The Dream Of A Player In The National Football League.

Cheers, Sales And Boos At Suns' Open Practice

Since It Is The Phoenix Metro, Fans Are Always Most Active When Free T-Shirts Are Being Passed Out, But From The Tenor Of The Play On The Court In The Preseason, This Year’s Team Remains Focused On Playing Hard — Even When It Supposedly Doesn't Matter.

Did Chip Hale Win The Press Conference?

Perception Is Reality, Especially In Professional Sports Where Champions Are Usually Derived From Those Willing To Push Themselves To Win, And If The Press Conference Is Any Indication, Chip Hale Is The Right Guy To Step Into The Hot Seat With The Arizona Diamondbacks.

Chip Hale A Surprising, But Smart Pick For Dbacks

The Coming Home Party For The Former University Of Arizona Star And Longtime Contributor To The Diamondbacks Will Be A Welcome Breath Of Fresh Air To A Team That Has Suffered Through A Season That Saw Them Finish With The Worst Record In Baseball.

Royals Vs. Orioles Shapes Up As A Great ALCS

Despite The Fact That Neither Team Is In A Major Market — And The Calls From Big City Opinion-Makers Like Ken Rosenthal That No One Will Care — People Will Watch And The Game Action Will Likely Be More Than Thrilling, But Legendary.

Arizona Cardinals: Finally Beaten And Now Battered

Despite The Tough And Tenacious Team That Had Begun To Show Itself Over The First Few Games, The Arizona Cardinals Are Getting Thin Along The Defensive Front And Nearly Non Existent At The Quarterback Position: Plus Suns and D-backs Tidbits.

Hey, LaRussa, Dbacks: Don’t Forget About Bob Brenly

The Only Man To Ever Have Led The Diamondbacks To The World Series Has Been Sitting In The Broadcast Booth For The Past Two Seasons — Will He Finally Get A Chance To Return To The Dugout For The Team That Spurned Him In 2004?

The Worst Of Major League Baseball

As Many Prepare To Nominate Their Picks For The Standard Post-Season Laurels, We Pull Away From The Pack And Identify The Leading Contenders For Least Valuable Player, Not Cy Young, And Shouldn’t Have Been A Rookie Of The Year.

Cardiac No Longer, Cardinals Are Now Capable

Less Than A Quarter Of The NFL Season Has Passed, But The Arizona Cardinals Are Looking Like A Team That Will Accept Nothing Less Than A Playoff Berth And Perhaps Much, Much More — Like A Deep Run In The Playoffs?

Goodell Has Fomented His Own Demise

Despite The Ray Rice And Adrian Peterson Scandals, By Penalizing Marijuana Smokers More Than Violent Tendencies, The Crumbling Reign Of Roger Goodell As Commissioner Of The National Football League Is Clearly A Result Of His Own Policies.

Let's Hear It For The Phoenix Mercury

In A Somewhat Fitting Turn Of Events, The State Of Arizona And The Phoenix Metro — Which Happens To Be A Respectable, Although Not A Top-Tier Area — Is On A Run Of Respectable, Although Not Top-Tier, Sports Championships.

Ray Rice Should Be Knocked Out, Too

Now That The Video Of Former Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice Punching And Knocking Out His Wife, He Should Be Banned From The Game To Send A Message That Such Actions Are Unacceptable In Modern Society.

Cardinals Win And Look OK Doing It

Despite The Off-Season Revamping Of The Defense — And Especially The Linebacking Corps — Stopping The San Diego Chargers Was Not A Concern. Also, Mercury Gets Stanton’s Support And Dbacks Relieve Kevin Towers.

Arizona Cardinals Take Tactical Angle On Final Cuts

While Only Four Cornerbacks Made The Final Roster, Defensive Backfield Help Is Coming And Spots Needed In Linebacking Corps; Also, Hudson A Feel Good Story For Dbacks, And How Fans Might Get Suns Love Before Bledsoe.

Saluting Zobrist And Sherman: Two Workhorses

Ben Zobrist And Anthony Sherman Might Not Get The Headlines Of Peyton Manning And Mike Trout, But They Personify The Team Element In Modern Professional Sports.

NFL’s Rookie Compensation Pool Is Good For Business

Using Sam Bradford As The Most Recent Example, The Cap On Rookie Salaries Has Allowed The Best Players To Get Picked And Allow Teams To Stack Essential Positions Like Quarterback.

Arizona Rattlers: The State’s Secret Sports Dynasty

With Their Triumph In The ArenaBowl, The Big Team On A Short Field Has Cemented Its Legacy. Also: Feely Done With Cardinals And Yes, Kevin Love Will Not Be A Member Of The Phoenix Suns.

Moneyball Takes A Funny Hop For Beane, A’s

Anyone Banking On The Oakland A’s Making A Deep Run Into The Playoffs After Acquiring Samardzija, Lackey And Hammel Might Have Misjudged How Important Cespedes Was To Connie Mack’s Old Team.

Eccentric, Talented Dockett A Big Loss For Cardinals

Also In The Roundup Is Discussion On The Kicker Battle Between Feely And Catanzaro As Well As A Sneak Peak At The Road Warrior Mentality The Phoenix Suns Must Have In 2014 And 2015.

How Cleveland Is A Lot Like Miami For LeBron James

For All Of His Individual Greatness, James Has Learned — Likely Thanks To His First Run In Cleveland — That He Not Only Needs Help But At Least A Couple Of Superstars To Win A NBA Title.

Has Kirk Gibson Gone From Grit To A Twit?

The Fact That The Arizona Diamondbacks Are Wracked With Injuries Has Laid Bare A Vital Perspective On Manager Kirk Gibson: He’s Not Just Tenacious, But A Bit Over His Head As Manager.

Calling All Angels To The Outfield

Major League Baseball's Expanded Wild Card Scheme Has Negated The Common Sense Notion That Baseball Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint And The Anaheim Angels Might Prove It Again In 2014.

Did D-backs Erase Demons With Aces’ Brawl?

Bench-Clearing, No-Holds-Barred Brawl Between The Reno Aces And The Albuquerque Isotopes Brings Back Memories Of The 2013 Melee That Seemed To Sink The Diamondbacks’ Season.

Chris Brown: A Bad Choice For ESPYs

Sure, Rihanna Might Have Forgiven Her Former Boyfriend, But Judging By Brown's Comments At The Sports Network's Awards Show, He Is Not An Example Of Good Judgment For Anyone.

Why Isaiah Thomas Makes Perfect Sense for Suns

Adding The Diminutive Guard Who Played His College Ball At The University of Washington Might Not Seem To Make Sense At First Blush, But His Presence Makes Sense For This Season And Beyond.

D-backs Begin To Re-Tool For 2015

Yes, The Arizona Diamondbacks Are Still Struggling Mightily Even Though Paul Goldschmidt Continues To Rake, But The Rattlers Are Rolling To The ArenaBowl And The Coyotes Are Shoring Up Their Weaknesses.

Oakland A's Just Might Have Built A Contender

Unlike Past Years Where The Team Gets To The Playoffs And Gets Nipped By A Larger Payroll Club, This Year’s A's Have Added Some Quality Pieces That Might End Up In The World Series.

Can The Arizona Diamondbacks Get Worse?

With The Trade Deadline Very Quickly Approaching, The National League’s Worst Team Will Likely Be Moving Some Veteran Talent Which Will Just As Likely Bring Short-Term Pain.

LBJ Aside, Offseason Bright For Phoenix Suns

If T.J. Warren Can Still Put The Ball In The Basket At The Next Level And Tyler Ennis Is Better Than Kendall Marshall, The Phoenix Suns Might Just Be A Playoff Team In 2014-2015.

Arizona Cardinals Seek Help, Suns Ready For Draft

With The Loss Of Daryl Washington And The Age Of The Guys Currently On The Depth Chart At Middle Linebacker, This Off-Season Decision Might Be The Biggest Decision Of The Regular Season, Too.

World Cup Is A Microcosm Of Society’s Ills

Its About Time The World Begins To Question Whether The World Cup Is Worth All Of The Cost And Work For A Host Country — Especially A Challenging Economic Situation Like Brazil.

Derek Jeter Gift Suggestions For MLB Teams

The Farewell Tour For The Sure Fire First-Ballot Hall-of-Famer Will Surely Be A Love Fest Rife With Gifts, But After The Months-Long Gala That Was Mariano Rivera's Goodbye, Some Team's Might Need Fresh Suggestions.

D-backs Fail To Woo Tanaka But Still Get Lucky

The Japanese Phenom Chooses Several Million Dollars A Year — And More Years — To Join The New York Yankees But The Arizona Diamondbacks Managed To Steal A Couple Of Kisses.

Renovated Memories Part Of Sun Devil Stadium Changes

Despite The Fact That The Renovations Are Necessary And Needed, The Loss Of Upper Deck Seating Brings With It Potentially Bigger Changes In Atmosphere And Most Importantly, Memories.

Trumbo (Or Trumbomb) Trade For Dbacks?

Just About A Year After Trading Away A Power Bat That Cost Too Much Money — cough, Justin Upton — Kevin Towers Moves Youngsters Tyler Skaggs And Adam Eaton For An Angels Fan Favorite.

Phoenix Suns Channelling Spirit of ‘88

With A Lane Driving Specialist In Eric Bledsoe, The Currently Surprising Suns Hold A Lot In Common With The 1988-1989 Team, Most Importantly That They Have Quickly Become Relevant.

Goldschmidt Should (But Probably Won’t) Win NL MVP

Even Though The Arizona Diamondbacks’ First Baseman Is Leading Most Of The Traditional Statistical Categories, A Lack Of Team Success And An Inadequate Pitching Staff Has Doomed His Chance Of Winning MVP Award.

Does Alex Rodriguez Deserve A Lifetime Ban?

With The Ryan Braun Scandal Clearly In Selig’s Rear-View Window, The Commish Will Be Forced To Deal With The Fact That A 14-Time All-Star Continued To Use PEDs.

Can The D-backs Keep Control Of NL West Crown?

In Order For The Surprising Diamondbacks To Stay Ahead Of The Los Angeles Dodgers And Other Division Foes, Finding A Power Bat To Protect Goldschmidt.

MLB Dynasties Need Cash To Glove The Moneyball

Billy Beane And His Moneyball Legend Is A Proven Success For Small Market Teams, But In Order To Build A Consistent, Achieving Winner, The Right Big Money Players Make All The Difference.

Selig Gets Lucky With New Interleague Format

The Often Disparaged Commissioner Of Baseball Has Produced His Share Of Missteps, So It Seems Only Fitting That An Accidental Occurrence Finally Leads To A Good Move.

Budding Stars Goldy, Didi And Lefty Pace D-backs

Every Team Needs Good And Young Players, But Very Few Organizations Mine Jewels In The Rough As Promising As Paul Goldschmidt, Patrick Corbin And Didi Gregorius.

Can Once-Proud Suns Find Missing Magic?

The Formerly-Mighty Franchise Is Now Rebuilding Thanks To A Series Of Bad Moves, But A Return To Dominance Is Much More Than Just A Couple Of Smart Moves Away.

Are Rattlers New Sports Kings Of The Phoenix Metro?

With The Demise Of The Phoenix Suns, Most Sports Fans Are Looking Elsewhere For A Winner As The Rattlers Hone In On Back-To-Back Championships.

Some Strange, Not So True Tales Of A-Rod

Scuttlebutt Has It Alex Rodriguez Tried To Buy Silence On PED Use, But What If He Is Using His Millions For Other Missteps?

Accidental Starter AJ Pollack Sparking D-backs

After Losing Adam Eaton And Cody Ross To Injury, The Under-The-Radar Outfielder Steps Up And Surprises With Some Dominating Performances.

What GCU Can Learn From FGCU

Grand Canyon University’s Men’s Basketball Program Can Learn A Lot From Florida Gulf Coast University, The First No. 15 Seed To Reach The Sweet 16.

Adam Eaton Can Still Overcome Injury, Win ROY

Arizona Diamondbacks Rookie Might Miss More Than Eight Weeks To An Elbow Injury, But When Healthy He Is Almost As Good As Mike Trout.

Arizona Cardinals Eye Rebuilding In 2013

Although Michael Bidwill And The Cardinals Front Office Might Not Admit It Any Time Soon, This Upcoming Season May Be About Accepting Mediocrity In Preparation For 2014 and Beyond.

Don’t Lose Heart Yet, Arizona Cardinals Fans

Losing Out On Alex Smith Is Not The End Of The World Since It Might Be A Better Idea To Wait For The Offensive Line And Running Game To Develop Before A Good Quarterback Gets Pummeled.

Super Bowl Spoiled By Blackout, Deer Spray

The Beyonce Holograms Might Have Been Cool, But With Performance Enhancing Drama And An Extended Delay Might Be The Signs Of An Event On The Downswing.

Let’s Leave Manti Te’o And His Family Alone

Whether Manti Te’o Was Part Of A Hoax Or Not, The Fact That Teens Recently Out Of High School Are Put Under Such Extreme Scrutiny Is A Societal Quandary.

Arians Is Whisenhunt With Emotion, Graham Minus Hair

At First Blush, New Head Coach Of The Arizona Cardinals Seems Like A DNA Spliced Creation From Psyches of Ken Whisenhunt And Todd Graham.

Did Suns Front Office Scapegoat Alvin Gentry?

Well Regarded Basketball Legend Alvin Gentry Takes The First Bullet For What Has Been Some Terrible Luck And Bad Player Decisions.

The Arizona Cardinals’ Baffling Coaching Search

The Front Office Made Quick Work Of Trading Chris Young And Acquiring Heath Bell, They Still Need Help At SS — And A Japanese Free Agent Is On Their Radar.

D-backs Wrap Trades In Time For Christmas

GM Kevin Towers Gets Everything He Was Asking For, Firming A Roster That Might Be Good Enough To Compete For The NL West Title.

Are D-backs Looking To Land Of The Rising Sun?

The Front Office Made Quick Work Of Trading Chris Young And Acquiring Heath Bell, They Still Need Help At SS — And A Japanese Free Agent Is On Their Radar.

Fans Of Phoenix Suns In For A Long Season

The Post-Steve Nash Era Gets Underway And Although It Is Very, Very Early, All Signs Point To Extended Struggles With Consistency, Winning.

D-backs Need Next Year To Be Lucky 2013

With Little To No Mojo At Work In A Disappointment Filled 2012 Season, Franchise Looks Ahead To A 2013 That Will Again Be Dependent On Luck.

The Moment Todd Graham Proved His Mettle

Beyond The Blowout Scores In The Sun Devils’ Two Wins Are The Way They Have Gone About It And How The New Head Coach Expects It Every Play.

D-backs Down, Not Out, Yet

The Arizona Diamondbacks Will Need A Healthy Dose Of Magic While Relying On A Staff Of Rookies During A Pennant Chase.

Holy Schmidt! D-backs Surging On Big Road Trip

Seemingly Doomed To Suffer Through A Season Where Bad Luck Has Taken Hold, A Sweep Against The First-Place Dodgers Changes Everything.

U.S. Setting Arrogance Records At Olympics

Michael Phelps Affirms Olympic Traditions While Ryan Lochte, Jordyn Wieber And The Dream Team Display Attributes That Bring Bad Karma To The U.S.

Have D-backs Found Their Lost Mojo?

The Arizona Diamondbacks Have Some Talented Players, But Thanks To Injury And What Appears To Be Bad Ju-Ju, They Just Can’t Seem To Put It All Together.

Zen And The Art Of Mourning Steve Nash

As Another Former Member Of The Run And Gun Phoenix Suns Moves On To End Their Career With A Contender, Fans Are Betrayed, Yet Hopeful.

Stage Is Set For D-back Bauer’s Debut

Injuries To Daniel Hudson And Joe Saunders Thrusts The Pitching Phenom Smack Dab Into The Middle Of A Battle For A Playoff Spot.

Swoon Or Swagger For D-backs?

Things May Have Not Gone According To Plan For The 2012 Arizona Diamondbacks, But There Is Still A Lot Of Baseball Yet To Be Played.

A Tale Of Two Absurd Alberts

The Work Of Albert Camus, A Literary Icon of the 20th Century, Might Be The Penultimate Explanation For the Offensive Futility of Albert Pujols in 2012.

D-backs Skip Past April Setbacks

Despite The Loss Of Chris Young And Daniel Hudson (And The Struggles of Justin Upton’s Thumb) Kirk Gibson’s Club Is Still In The Hunt.

Phoenix Suns Overachieved in 2012

Even Though The Purple Gang Came Up Short In Their Playoff Run, The Strike Shortened Season Provided Ample Entertainment.

Chris Young Is Early Hero For D-backs

Arizona Diamondbacks Show Glimpses of Past Teams Early In 2012, But The Magic In The NL West Might Be With The Los Angeles Dodgers.

Redd, Phoenix Suns Peaking For Playoff Run

Former All-Star And Olympian Michael Redd Is Capturing His Former Magic As Suns Begin To Gel, But Can They Make The Playoffs?

Will Slipper Fit Cinderella D-backs In 2012?

Despite Predictions, Prognostications, And The Well Intentioned Plans of Teams Everywhere, Injury And Ineffectiveness Can Ruin Any Season.

Wherefore Art Thou, Peyton Manning?

As The Football World Awaits The Decision Of The Four-Time MVP, Cities, Organizations Gush Like Love-Sick Teenagers.

Fútbol Trumps Football For Violence

American Football Might Trump Fútbol In On-The-Field Violence, But Isn’t Watching Men Beat On Each Other Better Than Drunken Riots?

Phoenix Suns Stuck In Neutral

About Halfway Through The 2012 Season, The Valley’s NBA Franchise Is Mired In Mediocrity, Chasing A Playoff Spot.

Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash And The Phoenix Suns

Thanks To The Emergence Of 'Lin-derella' in New York, The Future Of The Valley's NBA Franchise Might Have Become Clearer.

Did Moreno Mastermind The Pujols Deal?

Might It Be Possible That The Owner Of The Los Angeles Angels Passed On Free Agents In A Half Decade Gamble To Land ‘The Machine’?

It's (Still) Dumb To Trade Steve Nash
Despite Ranting Critics And The Dreams Of Other NBA Franchises, Trading Captain Canada Remains A Bad Move For The Phoenix Suns.

Dbacks Chasing World Series Dreams

Defending NL West Champs Have Added Even More Pitching, Another Outfield Bat In An Effort To Repeat.

Phoenix Suns Seeing Redd

After A Lackluster Start To The Season, Planet Orange Turns Redd In Pursuit Of Points.

Todd Graham A Great Fit For ASU Football

Down-Home Approach To Football Might Just Be What Is Needed In Aftermath Of The Erickson Era.

Arizona Cardinals Building A Tenacious D

Left For Dead Weeks Ago, Ken Whisenhunt’s Squad Is Surging Thanks To A Physical, Smart Defense.

NBA Peace Brings Gift To Phoenix Suns

A Gift Of Perhaps Steve Nash’s Last Ride Into The NBA Playoffs Depends On New Faces.

Devils, Cardinals Have Opposing Weaknesses

The Valley’s Two Bastions Of Football Disappoint In Two Rivalry Games That Rip Fans’ Hearts Out.

NBA Players Should Start New League

In The Battle Over Basketball Related Income, Superstar Players Should Create More Leverage, Legacy.

No Duh: Kirk Gibson Is NL Manager Of The Year

The Former MVP And World Series Champion Adds First Trophy As A Manager In First Year At Helm Of Dbacks.

A Blue Christmas: No Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns

Can ASU Fill The Void Left By Striking NBA Players And The Owners That Locked Them Out?

Despite NLCS Loss, Diamondbacks Won

With The Game Five Loss A Mere Week In The Past, Expectations For Next Year Are Already Growing.

Diamondbacks Down, Not Out In NLDS

Experts Sharpen Their Claws As Gibby’s Grinders Face Elimination.

Why The Lockout Is Good For Steve Nash, Suns

An Upcoming NBA Season Of About 50 Games Might Keep Captain Canada Fresh For A Playoff Run.

Arizona Diamondbacks Top 5 Magical Events of 2011

As The Regular Season Gives Way To The Postseason, A Look Back Reveals Some Key Performances.

Baseball Gods Smiling On Arizona Diamondbacks

Paying Homage To The Historical Lessons Of The Game Bring Gibby’s Grinders A Division Title.

Ian Kennedy and the Cy Young Award

Statistics Aside, The Diamondbacks Hurler Is The Underdog Because Of Low Expectations.

Randy Johnson Defines Dbacks History

Disregard The Hype: The Big Unit, Star Attraction Of The 2001 Reunion, Will Forever Be A Diamondback.

Hopes Rising for Cardinals, Sun Devils

The Valley Representatives Of The Pac-12 And NFL Have Sights Set On Division Titles.

We Believe: The 2011 DBacks

Arizona Diamondbacks Dominate The NL West Despite Being Tabbed As One Of The League’s Worst.

Dear Steve Nash: Please Save The NBA

The Phoenix Suns Star Could Do A Lot To Help Spur Owners To Make A Deal.

Let Mark Grace Win Legends Race

Is It Possible That The Rush To Disgrace ‘Gracie’ Is Backfiring On The Team’s Karma?

Johnson Trade A No-Brainer For Dbacks

By Posting More Than 132 Strikeouts In 2011, Kelly Johnson Became A Drag On The Lineup.

Dbacks Are Tiring, But Keep Grinding

The Long Season Is Wearing On The Young Squad, But The Giants Are Not Faring Much Better.

Leave Vontaze Burfict Alone

Talented Linebacker Is A Target Of Critics and Fans Alike But Is It Warranted?

New Faces, Big Questions For Arizona Cardinals

With The NFC West Wide Open, Arizona Cardinals Reboot The Roster With An Eye To The Future.

Arizona Dbacks Thriving Despite Loss Of Drew

As Stephen Drew Is Lost For The Season, Justin Upton Heats Up Again And Top Pick Trevor Bauer Signs.

Street League Brings Skateboarding To Crossroads

Street League Skateboarding Might Be The Beginning Of A New Landscape For American Skaters.

Hernandez For Reynolds A Steal For Dbacks

Although Many Lamented The Loss Of Slugging Third Baseman Mark Reynolds, So Far The Deal Has Been A Big Win For Arizona.

Dbacks Fans Show Swagger With Home Run Derby Boos

Can The Long Held Opinion That Valley Fans are Complacent And Apathetic Now Be Put To Rest?

Dbacks Respond To Towers’ Roster Tweaks

The Bullpen Struggled And The June Swoon Was Engulfing The Team, General Manager Reaches For Veteran Help.

Has Phoenix Seen The Last Of Steve Nash?

Everyone States That Steve Nash Will Not Be Traded, But If Next Season Is Cancelled, He Might Be A Free Agent.

Phoenix Suns Miss On Jimmer, Add Morris

With The 13th Pick In The NBA Draft, The Purple Gang Goes Safe With A Ho-Hum Pick Based On Need.

Justin Upton Carrying Arizona Diamondbacks

The 23-Year-Old Phenom Might Have Carried Team Past Their June Swoon.

Dbacks Battle Giants For NL West

The Battered and Bruised Defending World Series Champions Have Not Had Much Luck So Far in 2011.

Jimmer Mania On Hold In Phoenix

The Top Secret Draft Process Leaves Fans Wishing and Hoping For Jimmer To Join The Purple Gang.

Dbacks See Lincecum In Trevor Bauer

Barring Injury, The Drafting Of Trevor Bauer And Archie Bradley Provides A Bevy Of Quality Starting Pitching Prospects.

Phoenix Suns Draft Hinges on Nash, Jimmer

With The Utah Jazz Drafting Just Before The Phoenix Suns, The Team’s Front Office Is Apparently Eyeing Moving Up In The Draft.

Why Not The Arizona Diamondbacks?

Towers and Gibson Deserve The Credit, But Winning Baseball In 2011 Is An Indictment On The Ineptitude Of Jeffrey Moorad and Josh Byrnes.

Diamondbacks Resurrection

Kevin Towers, Kirk Gibson And The Rest Of The Front Office Deserve Much Of The Credit For Team’s Hustle, Play, Success.

Can Jimmer Jive With Steve Nash?

The Collegiate Star From Brigham Young Just Might Fall Into The Laps Of The Phoenix Suns, But Can He Co-Exist With Captain Canada?

Bulls, Heat Reigniting NBA

The Miami Heat (The NBA’s Version Of A Boy Band) and The Traditionally Formulated Chicago Bulls Are A Breath Of Fresh Air.

The Kurt Warner Effect: Build a Running Game

Ken Whisenhunt, Rod Graves And The Rest Of The Arizona Cardinals’ Front Office Tabs ‘Play Makers’ In Draft With Hints That They Have A Secret About The Future.

Ian Kennedy Masterful As Diamondbacks Enter Crucial Stretch

As May peeks around the corner and the Dbacks beat Cliff Lee, the season reaches critical mass.

Why Won’t The Steve Nash Trade Rumors Die?

Every one involved with the team patently denies Steve Nash will be traded, but the rumor mill has more to do with media hype than reality.

Sun Devil Spin On Uniforms

The new Arizona State University branding effort generates a lot of buzz, but just like recent football seasons, the hype did not exactly match the build-up.

Kirk Gibson Has Dbacks In Swagger Mode

Amid dire predictions to start the season, the Arizona Diamondbacks are competing and surprising.

Why Trading Steve Nash is Moronic

Yes, trading Captain Canada would be a bad idea, and hopefully Robert Sarver knows Amare Stoudemire is still playing like an All-Star.

Fact Or Fiction: 2011 Dbacks

As the time to open the roof at Chase Field and play nine innings approaches, experts are not impressed with the Arizona Diamondbacks. But according to the legends of the game, anything is possible in baseball.

Can Frye, Nash Lead Suns To Playoffs?

If the new dynamic duo of Channing Frye and Steve Nash can manage to stay healthy, they just might have a chance.

NFL Shadow Games
As the NFL’s labor woes escalate, when will Arizona Cardinals and NFL fans sober up to the realities of pro sport?

Aaron Heilman Rejects Reliever Label
Eschewing success from out of the bullpen, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Aaron Heilman takes another stab at being a starter.

Dragic Deal Foretells Nash’s Future
Many may have yawned when Goran Dragic was traded to the Houston Rockets for Aaron Brooks, but the move may be a strong signal that the team will try to resign Steve Nash.

Swagger Seeking Snakes
After two of the worst seasons in franchise history, Arizona Diamondbacks management seeks to instill a mindset primed for success.

When Nash Was Dragic
Once upon a time, former All-Star Steve Nash had a career path that looked an awful lot like that of Goran Dragic.

Arms Aplenty for Dbacks
Kevin Towers has transformed Diamondbacks spring training competition into a different kind of pitchers duel.

Suns, Knicks Rivalry is Getting Interesting
The re-emergence of bad blood between the Phoenix Suns and the New York Knicks has nearly elevated their meetings into epic matchups worthy of Roman numerals.

Blue Skies Rising Over Chase Field
Things just might be looking better for the Arizona Diamondbacks now that they have overhauled the bullpen and rebuilt the bench. When you are at the bottom the only way to go is up, after all.

Babby, Blanks Remake Suns
After inheriting an unbalanced team this Summer, Lon Babby and Lance Blanks have put their first stamp on the Phoenix Suns by trading for Gortat, Carter and Pietrus.

D-backs Whiff on Trades
As the off-season unfolded, new Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers said he wanted to cut down on the team’s strikeouts, then he went out and swung for the fences on trading Mark Reynolds and Justin Upton.

Shooting Suns
As Phoenix fans have learned in the past, a team full of shooters means plenty of fun and firepower. But more importantly, a team that shoots from the outside and has no interior presence must keep turnovers to a minimum to stay competitive.

Where Have You Gone, Kurt Warner?
The longing for the days when Arizona Cardinals fans were treated to performances of a future hall-of-famer are beginning to ebb as the team struggles. At the midpoint, it is becoming clear that although the Super Bowl won’t happen this year, a chase at the playoffs might.

The Unknown Phoenix Suns
As the 2010-2011 season unfolds, the Phoenix Suns are a mystery wrapped in an enigma. There are new players, a new front office and a new outlook. And, for the first time in eight years, it is unclear when the franchise will again compete for a championship.

Forgotten Pitching Brilliance
For three seasons from 2006 to 2008, Brandon Webb was one of the best pitchers in baseball. He says the shoulder is now healthy, but after two years on the shelf, no one will simply believe him. He will probably face this trial with another club, but he gave Arizona fans three great years that will be hard to duplicate.

Thanks for the Memories, Amare
Since becoming a member of the Phoenix Suns in 2002, Amare Stoudemire has been the center of attention. The guy brought instant credibility with thunderous dunks and blossomed before our eyes. Good luck, big guy. Image by Keith Allison

What’s Next for Dbacks?
As the team flounders, GM Josh Byrnes and manager A.J. Hinch are dismissed. Will the next decision by ownership be as bad as those which preceded them?

The Dbacks Bullpen Fiasco
The Dbacks front office must accept blame for destroying a bullpen that won in 2007 with irresponsible trades of Jose Valverde and a handful of others.

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