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Modern Times Magazine's
Sports Prime Cuts 2016

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It Was A Banner Year For The Sporting World But According To Our Readers, They Were Most Interested In The Baseball, CTE, NFL And The Olympics


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 3, 2017 — Take us out to the ballgame, football field, kickball arena and Olympic venue for the 2016 Sports Prime Cuts.

That’s right, baseball’s popularity continues to surge among the population and our readers alike. The top story is a Top 5 list — what red-blooded modern times reader doesn’t like top “whatever” lists? But it’s about Cactus League baseball, which means it’s not all bad.

Neither are top “whatever” lists. You’re reading one now, by the way.

Then, we revisit the CTE issue with a Cardinals angle, followed by adult kickball, the Olympic spending drama and finally, the Shelby Miller trade.

Batter Up!

No. 5 —Is Shelby Miller To D-Backs An Epically Bad Trade?
The Diamondbacks had a 2016 season to forget, characterized by bad trades, injury problems, underperforming stars and another season without the playoffs. One of the lowlights of the past year for the Dbacks was the trade for Shelby Miller, which saw Arizona send top prospect Dansby Swanson, current gold glover Ender Inciarte and pitching prospect Aaron Blair to the Braves for Miller and his sub-3.50 ERA. Miller rewarded the Dbacks having a historically bad season in 2016 that included a 3-12 record, 6.15 ERA and a mid season trip to the minors. Schutsky compares the Miller trade to some other epically bad MLB swaps to see if the decision will eventually be known as one of the worst trades in baseball history. Read more —>

How much do the Olympic games really cost a host city? Schutsky tried to answer this question by looking at the monetary costs, economic impact and social effects of the Rio Summer Olympics. While the games brought publicity and investment to Brazil, they also resulted in unmitigated police violence in the nation’s poorest neighborhoods and infrastructure improvements that may have little effect on the country’s poorest residents. Despite the huge public investment, Brazil is unlikely to make back the money it spent on the games and find itself in an economic hole that is becoming familiar amongst Olympic host cities. Read more —>

No. 3 — Adult Kickball Leagues Thrive in Phoenix
Generally, when you throw the label “Adult” in front of an innocuous children’s pastime, the activity is transformed into a sordid enterprise that likely takes place in a seedy warehouse in with a neon sign outside. That is not the case with adult kickball. For this piece, Gomez spoke with a local coordinator for WAKA, a nationwide adult kickball organization, to find out why so many adults are flocking kickball leagues and how the grown up version of the game differs from the schoolyard sport. Hint: it contains a lot more costumes. Read more —>

No. 2 — What Arians Got Wrong About Moms And Football
Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians has quickly ingratiated himself with the Arizona fanbase over the past three seasons, largely because he never fails to unapologetically speak his mind. And while that tactic works out for the candid coach more often than not, he may have lost a few fans amongst football moms earlier this year when called some mothers “fools” for worrying about the safety of football. Associate Managing Editor Wayne Schutsky dug deep into the research regarding head injuries and young football players to show why Arians’ comments, along with his apology-non-apology, were off base. Read more —>

No. 1 — Top 5 Cactus League Ballparks in Arizona
For Arizona residents - and select diehard fans and snowbirds that make the trip - the baseball season starts a little early every year when the Spring Training kicks off in February. While the exhibition-filled preseason exists primarily to help teams prepare for the regular season and try out new players, Cactus League also gives fans the chance to score a cheap(ish) ticket to see 15 teams from across the country play while enjoying a beer or six in the sun. But, not all Cactus League games are created equal. To separate the wheat from the chaff, Rene Gomez ran down the list of the top-five Cactus League ballparks by looking at the history, concessions and overall fan experience at all 10 Arizona Spring Training ballparks. His conclusions might have you accusing us of an ESPN-esque East Side bias. Read more —>
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