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What’s Wrong With
The Diamondbacks?

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Although Many Are Whining And Complaining, And Some Are Scrambling To Jump Off The Bandwagon Of The Team From Arizona, It’s Still Early And There Is A Lot To Like Over 162 Games


By Bob Goodwood
Special for Modern Times Magazine

April 18, 2016 — So the first two weeks of the season for the Arizona Diamondbacks have certainly been a mixed bag.

Win one, lose some, win some more.

But for those ready to go to sleep until the Arizona Cardinals play again, heed this warning: you’ll likely regret it come September.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this team.

Regret will surely grab those who give up on this team after the first two weeks — or first month, for that matter — because there has already been a lot to like. Surely, there has been a lot NOT to like, but if anyone thought this team was going to come out of the gate like the defending World Series Champion Kansas City Royals, they are not qualified to be talking baseball.

This team traded its top spark plug — Ender Inciarte — and added some new guys. They were a “new” team, not a team that had played together for awhile. Adding Greinke, Miller, Clippard, Weeks and Segura is a change that made the tough early schedule a severe challenge.

To have to start the season against a team designed to hit because they have no pitching: the Colorado Rockies. Then, follow that up with a series against a potential juggernaut: The Chicago Cubs.

Welcome to Arizona Mr. Miller and Mr. Greinke.

Then, to top it off, they have their first starts at home in the band box that is Chase Field.

On the good side, the first few weeks also showed that Inciarte, while a spark plug and a valuable asset, might not have the body to play 162 games in centerfield. Swanson is still in A-Ball. Miller, though, has yet to have a good outing.

Yea, Goldschmidt and Miller have struggled and the loss of AJ Pollock has shown that he is an All-star when healthy. Brito, Owings and others have been good. But the stability is no longer there and until Goldy has some protection in the lineup, the going will be rough.

Perhaps the silverest lining is that there has been no public fretting by the team, management or ownership and the depth of the squad has also been on display. Matt Buschmann? That’s Cinderella-esque. But Barrett has been very good and Bradley is waiting.

Ray has been great and so so has Corbin.

The road trip has been wonderful. By the time the upcoming homestand arrives, the team may have double digit losses. But don’t fear.

It’s early.

The team is gelling.

The schedule gets better.

And regrets are tough, especially when I’ll tell you, “I told you so.”

And I will.

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