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Dragic Fiasco Is A Major

Failure For Phoenix Suns

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It Seems The Relationship Between The Slovenian Guard And The Front Office Is Broken, But Why? Also, Fitz Signs With The Cardinals Again And The Arizona Diamondbacks Will Soon See If Stewart And LaRussa Can Run An Organization


By Bob Goodwood
Modern Times Magazine

Feb. 18, 2015 — For nearly a year, the Phoenix Suns and Goran Dragic indicated that signing a contract this offseason was little more than a formality.

Through the trade rumblings during this season, the story remained the same from the team, even when Dragic’s name was mentioned in a majorly heavy-way online. It was likely just ploys from other teams because they wanted Dragic, the front office said to any microphone and reporter they could.

Then yesterday arrived. And boom.

Tearing the sheets, these two are divorced now, it seems, with little hope of resolution.

Call it irreconcilable differences, if you like, but the backcourt experiment that Ryan McDonough executed this offseason has backfired. Who knows whether Isiah Thomas was insurance in case Bledsoe did not sign. If that was the true motivation, it likely cost them Dragic.

But who knows, maybe it was also insurance in case Dragic wanted out. As fans — or commentators, reporters or anyone besides those privileged enough to sit inside front office discussions and conference calls — it is hard to know what these guys are really thinking.

But the fact that Dragic will likely be gone — even if Thomas is traded, according to Dragic’s agent, Bill Duffy — is an epic failure for the Suns’ front office.

What is left is a team that needs to attract a couple of superstars and public perception right now is trending away from them.

Two steps back, one step forward.

Who knows, maybe this entire thing is a smoke screen. Maybe Thomas is more popular with his teammates than Dragic, so Dragic’s agent is making it an “all or nothing scenario.”

Again, we won’t know until the trade deadline passes tomorrow and maybe even after this season.

Stay tuned.

And why you wait, hear what Lon Babby, Dragic and then-coach Alvin Gentry had to say when Dragic returned to Phoenix in 2012.

Arizona Diamondbacks
Any true baseball fan is getting antsy as they can feel Spring Training right around the corner. The NBA’s week off after the All-Star game certainly isn’t helping.

The Arizona Diamondbacks will host another Fan Fest this Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. at Chase Field  and players from teams all across the Cactus League will soon be showing up en masse over the next few weeks.

For the Diamondbacks, the attention will certainly be on the pitching staff. Right now, only Jeremy Hellickson and Josh Collmenter has spots “locked up.” Rubby De La Rosa, Allen Webster, Chase Anderson, Robbie Ray, Vidal Nuno, Trevor Cahill, Randall Delgado and others are the top contenders for the other three spots.

Sure, as long as the offense and bullpen stay healthy, it will be on the arms of the starting staff to deliver a better performance than last season.

It will also be interesting to see how much different this spring is with Chip Hale, Tony LaRussa and Dave Stewart running things.

Enjoy this 2014 Paul Goldschmidt highlight reel will you wait.

Arizona Cardinals
Did they just resign Larry Fitzgerald?

In the same 24 hours that saw the Dragic fiasco unfolding, the Arizona Cardinals resigned Larry Fitzgerald, virtually assuring that he will end his career with the Cardinals. For anyone who lived through the 1990s and followed Phoenix metro sports, we have truly entered Bizarro World.

The Suns are a joke and the Cardinals are praised. Truly Bizarro.

Well, that is not nearly as weird as this interview Fitzgerald did with Dan LeBatard. Sure, it starts off sweet and caring, discussing how his hair is a tribute to his Mom. But then, Larry talks about old ladies grabbing his butt in the mall.


Arizona Coyotes
Coach Dave Tippett is pissed. And he should be. The Coyotes can’t buy a win lately. Unfortunately, it's likely to get worse.

They don’t get a video this week.
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