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Prime Cuts 2014

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In These Days Of Sport Overload — No Fan Can Imbibe All Of the Sports Chatter From the Plethora Of Devoted Television Channels, Websites, And Radio Outlets — Modern Times Magazine Picks Its Spots


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 15, 2015 — Sport is life to many, and for the editors and readers of Modern Times Magazine, that truth also holds true.

Long-gone are the days that one would need to wait for the morning newspaper to find the score of the previous day’s baseball or basketball games. Game results and stats are ubiquitous and omnipresent in today’s modern world.

Our approach has always been to comment on sport trends that transcend sport while also looking for ties that bind in seasons and players. We take this even deeper when it comes to our local teams, the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Coyotes, Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Mercury.

Our regular freelancer on Sports matters, Wayne Schutsky, is an Arizona native who has rooted for and reported on some great games — he also was a high school sports guru for a while at another publication in the Phoenix metro. And who’d have thunked (sic) that he took all of the spots in this year’s Sports Prime Cuts?

No. 5 “Why Isaiah Thomas Makes Perfect Sense For The Suns”

When the Phoenix Suns completed a sign-and-trade with Sacramento for point guard Isaiah Thomas this summer, many doubted the move.

“While Thomas is a talented player who is still improving, the trade doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense on the surface. If the Suns re-sign Eric Bledsoe, that would give them six point guards on the roster,” Schutsky wrote.

Instead, he discussed why Thomas would be a good fit — one that’s been backed-up so far this season.

However, as the Suns are currently set up, Thomas could always be on the floor with the defensively superior Dragic or Bledsoe. He would never be charged with guarding a team’s best guard, more often than not he’d be guarding another backup,” he wrote.
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No. 4 “Surprises Abound On Arizona Cardinals’ Depth Chart”

Again, surprises emanated from hardcore fans this summer — this time when the Cardinals released their first depth-chart of the preseason.

It would turn out that there would be many more surprises — and disappointments thanks to injury — but early on, the biggest surprise was that Jonathan Cooper. In July, Arians said Cooper was not living up to expectations. Except for a brief stretch, he didn’t really see the field in 2014. Read More

No. 3 “Dbacks 2014: All Is Not Lost, Although The Season Likely Is”

Without question, the 2014 season for the Arizona Diamondbacks was a complete disaster. The team was in the cellar of the NL West for the entire campaign and had no realistic shot at the post-season by June 1.

“However, in baseball, there are bad teams and then there are bad teams, and I contend that the Diamondbacks are the former: a decent, if not transcendent, team that is having an awful season due to some bad management and a couple of horrible bounces. Schutsky wrote. “Why does this distinction matter? Because the truly awful, no good, down right terrible teams have a painful rebuild ahead of them. I don't think this is the case for the D-backs and here are a few reasons why.”

This was before Dave Stewart was hired, but it might have been said by him.

Wayne knows, apparently. Read More

No. 2 “Hey, NFL, No More Hollow PR Campaigns, Ok?”

In the aftermath of the Ray Rice fiasco, the NFL started playing PSAs that have continued through the playoffs — you might see one this weekend on the telecast of Conference Championships.

“On the surface, it seems like a good step forward for a league tarnished by the actions of several players who have physically abused women and children, but you should not be fooled. The commercial is actually nothing more than a poorly-executed public relations campaign that, once again, fails to hold players accountable for their actions,” Schutsky wrote.
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No. 1 “Ray Rice Should Be Knocked Out Too”

Speaking of Ray Rice, the No. 1 story in the Sports section of Modern Times Magazine in 2014 was when Schutsky took a stand when Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens.

“Rice needs to get knocked out from professional football in order to send a message that no one — and especially not athletes who get millions to play a game — should resort to physical force when disagreements arise. Read More
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