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In Search Of: A Hollywood

Ending For Cardinals Fans

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Kurt Warner Is Not — And Should Not — Make A Comeback. But There Are Some Candidates Who Could Come Out Of Relative Obscurity And Be Able To Possibly Lead The Cardinals To The Promised Land


By Wayne Schutsky
Modern Times Magazine

Dec. 17, 2014 — After a Cardinals win on Thursday and a Philadelphia loss on Sunday, Arizona has officially secured a playoff spot. But, don’t pop the champagne yet. The Arizona win came at a price, quarterback Drew Stanton, who sprained his knee and could be out for four weeks or more.

That injury, which initially looked like a season-ending ACL tear, has had everyone from fans to talking heads speculating about what the Cards will do at quarterback. After all, back up Ryan Lindley hardly makes visions of Super Bowl trophies dance in our heads.

Because of that uncertainty, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians reportedly reached out to former Cardinals standout Kurt Warner to gauge his interest in a comeback.

While Warner, who is eligible for Hall of Fame induction on the next ballot, admitted he considered the possibility, the chance for an actual Warner comeback is about as likely as the good ol’ Christian Kurt posting a ‘dick pic.’

Another rumor that floated around courtesy of satire site was that the Cardinals had come to terms with quarterback Tim Tebow. Alas, that was also a non starter. The quarterback Messiah isn’t likely to come back from the dead anytime soon.

WIth that in mind, I’d like to look at few more realistic — though still long shot — candidates that fit the Warner profile.

Nick Davila
Now this is a story straight out of a Hollywood script. Just imagine what would happen if the Arena Bowl winning quarterback from Arizona went on to lead Arizona’s other team to the Super Bowl in the same season.

Davila has put up some very impressive numbers over the last several seasons. Last year, he passed for 4,778, 127 touchdowns and just 11 interceptions. For those of you not familiar with the Arena Football League, that touchdown total might sound absurd. For comparison’s sake, that number ranks second all time behind Tommy Grady’s 142 touchdowns in 2012.

While I admit that this is highly unlikely, I seem to remember another Arena Bowl standout who went on to win a Super Bowl. Kurt Warner led the Rams to a Super Bowl title in during the 1999 season, just one year after he left the Iowa Barnstormers.

Ricky Ray
If the Arena Football League sounds like too far of a stretch, what about the CFL? There’s a longer list of quarterbacks who have made the jump from the Great White North to the NFL. Warren Moon, Doug Flutie and Joe Theismann are a few of the notable crossover hits (though Theismann only went to the CFL for the money).

Ray is the best quarterback currently playing in the CFL since the legendary quarterback Anthony Calvillo retired earlier this year. Ray is a little old to make the crossover at 35, but, hey, who knows what he could do with an extra down. He also put up a great season last year with 4,595 yards, 28 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

At 6’ 3” and 204 pounds, he has the size to compete in the NFL, and fans shouldn’t take his previous NFL flameout as any indication of his viability as an NFL quarterback. He briefly played with the Jets in 2004 but never saw any playing time before returning to Canada.

Wayne Schutsky is a senior contributor to Modern Times Magazine.
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