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Episode Seven: Setting The Table

After a seven day trip to five cities, there was nothing Tommy relished more than to take a shower, lay in bed, and take an extra hour or two of sleep. But unlike most days, he couldn't ignore the incessant ringing of the phone.


"Tommy, hey how are you, got in last night?"

"Yea, Frank, I got in last night."

"Hey, what you doing for lunch?"

"Do you know what time it is?"

"Yea about seven? So you got plans or what?"

"I don't know. I got to go to the office later. Talk to the boss and the scouts about the trip. Probably going to take all friggin day."

"Well, can I see you tonight?"

"Why, what the hell is so damn important? I'm tired."

"I just got to talk to you. About the bag."

"The bag? What bag?"

"The bag I had in the car last week."

"Oh, that bag. Did the bum catch up to you."

"Look, can you meet me at my place. I got to go and I can't talk now. I'm going to miss my train and I got a big meeting with my boss. About 6?"

"Sure, I'll be there."

Frank couldn't go back to sleep after that call. He rolled over and tried to get back into dreamland but he knew it was futile.

He got up, made some coffee and did his morning ritual workout. As he sweat through it, all he could think of was her. What was she doing, how was she doing.

He thought of the man he had met from Certified Dynamics. Sam Diddlebaum or something close. Tommy had his card somewhere. Mr. Diddlebaum had praised his work quite a few times. Maybe it might be time to get out of being a glorified scout and team manager. Head into the corporate world. That is where the money is, after all.

Money. That's what she wanted. The most beautiful girl ever to come out of a lower-middle class neighborhood. She had earned a scholarship to a great school, too. They were made for each other. But she didn't feel that way. She was waiting for the life she thought she deserved. He might have lost her right after her senior year but then one day he heard the relationship ended. Palmer Fredericks was his name — a well-to-do kid she had met. After that, he thought it was going to be easy, but still she resisted, waiting for a dream.

Frank was a hell of a dreamer, too. What the hell is the deal with that bag that was so damn important. When he dropped him off that night, it was locked. Now, a week later he comes home and has to rush right out to see him about it. Strange. Weird bird, Frank, sometimes.

What if it was full of money?


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