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Episode Five: "Setting The Table"

At about 6 p.m., Tommy arrived at Frank’s house. According to his plan, he was the first to arrive. Guidano thought it might be good for Tommy to get Frank in a mood to talk, but Tommy feared a trap as always, so he waited in the driveway, just sitting there, thinking what to do. When he saw Frank peering out one of the windows, he instinctively opened the door and stepped out. 

As he walked to the door, his heart beat a bit nervously. Since all of this had begun, Tommy had felt justified in his actions, like a man fighting for redemption. Was he now second guessing himself? The thought amused him. He was just nervous since the succeeding situation would be the culmination of several months of thought, planning and revenge. Right here and now he was facing one of those moments in everyone’s life where the outcome determines the future greatly. 

“Tommy, what the hell were you doing out there? For a second I got really nervous.” 

“Relax, Frank, relax. Did you get rid of everyone? Tony said he wanted total privacy here.” 

“I know what that bastard said. We’re alone.” 

“Whoa, now, that is no way to start this. You have to remember this is not the old neighborhood. Tony is now one of the most powerful men in the country — and you owe him.” 

“Yea, and he was probably the one that had Uncle Joey killed.” 

“What? He’s been anointed his successor, sure, but I haven’t heard anything about him being the guy.” 

“I have no facts, no, but I know. I mean, no one has found Rico yet to ask him who the hell paid him. I mean, why the hell would he kill Uncle Joey in a restaurant? He waited this long and Uncle Joey was out here in semi-retirement anyway. Besides, he didn’t have much time left. He told Big Nose Phil he felt weaker since he had that bout with prostate cancer a couple of years back, remember?” 

“Yea, just like you knew for sure about Tony that time that we ended up here.” 

“Damnit, I thought you wanted me to calm down now you bring up all of that.” 

“You’re right, I’m sorry ... Guidano’s here. I’ll get it.” 

Anthony walked in with his usual compliment of three rather surly companions. As soon as Tommy saw the look on Guidano’s face, he knew they were in for a hell of a conversation. Guidano was always smug, but it seemed enlarged since he too was settling a debt he had waited on for decades. 

“Frank, it’s been a long time. Too long, I think.” 

“Cent anni could not have been long enough, Tony.” 

“Always a smart fucking mouth on you, you son of a bitch. I come here because you owe me and already you’re breaking my balls? This is going to be a fun night, and we should just get it started with right fucking now. You are done, its all fucking done. Your life as a vacation is over. You have lost you worthless slob. You think you could fuck me in the ass and I would forget it?” 

Frank was frozen as he merely stared at the victorious, spewing Guidano. 

“You owe the family and the family is tired of waiting now that your Uncle is dead and I control the family. And, you are going to give me the money or I am going to blow your brains all over this fucking room.” 

Frank reached out to the man who had been his rescuer for decades. The trouble was that he had neglected his lifeline. His glance at Tommy was not returned with reassurance, but by hostility. 

“I’m sorry, Frank, but this is the deal I worked out with Tony. You’re out. You would have fucked me so I fucked you first.” 

Out of sheer shock Frank lashed out at Tommy but Tony’s goons quickly restrained him much to Tony’s delight. 

“Oh, look Frank is a man after all.” 

Frank struggled a little on his way to being seated on the couch. He knew he was in dire straits and Tony sensed his vulnerability. He assumed a benevolent dictator persona to swoop in for the kill. 

“Let’s just keep this clean, okay Frank. You know what I will do, you know your good friend Tommy is not going to help you. Just do what I tell you and you will live.” 

“What’s the deal?”
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