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Episode Fourteen "A Surprise Before Flying"

After their afternoon at the beach, Miranda dropped Shaun off at the place where she found him — A Page In The Sun. He had found Miranda after all of these years. She was married to a mobster that had taken a professional basketball team from his father and had disgraced Miranda's grandfather, but that wasn't what was most important to Shaun at that moment.

He was happier than he had been in years.

He took time to look at the sky, hear the music of the city and bip and bop through the park.

Approaching the hotel, he saw the place was swarming with police. A crowd had gathered around the makeshift police cordon that surrounded the entrance. He asked an American tourist he had seen a few days ago in the elevator if he knew what happened and he said the hotel owner, Esteban, had been found in his private room with his throat slit and his "dick" cut off.

Shaun tried as hard as he could not to look worried, concerned or anything but mystified.

"Damn, like Bobbitt?"

"I guess," said the other American before adding, "well I guess its time for dinner? Have some?"

"Thanks, no, just got back. Any idea when they might let us back in?"

"Could be hours, minutes.  No one knows, no one knows."

"Thanks. My name is Shaun, by the way."

"Mine's Rico. Nice to meet you."

"Same here. See you later."

"By for now," the man said.

Shaun headed over the drug store just to call Miranda. It went right to voicemail.

"This is Shaun. Esteban's dead...."

Shit, he thought. Can't leave a message like that. He followed the prompts as best as he could in Spanish and deleted it.

He hung up the phone and turned around to find his fellow American from the hotel standing right behind him.

"Let's go, Shaun, if you want to see Miranda, I'll take you to see her."


"Let's just say my boss told me to come get you and this is not a request."

"Your boss?"

"Don't act dumb, let's go."

"OK, OK."

Rico led them around the corner to a waiting car.

"Will this be a long ride?"

"Just sit there."

"Come on ... Richard, was it?"

"Yea, whatever. Here have a drink."


Shaun took a plentiful swig from a bottle of quality Captain Morgan.

"So where are we going?"

"Did I tell you to just sit there, or not?"

"OK, OK."

They drove for about fifteen minutes after that, though Shaun was too distracted by his own thoughts to have any idea of where they might be headed or if he had any idea where they were or where they were going.

He wasn't scared, nor was he worried. He never had been that kind.

They pulled up to a regular, unassuming house, except for that it was quite secluded inside a regular looking upper middle-class Mexican suburb.

"Let's go," Rico said.

The house was just as normal on the inside, and Rico told him to sit down before continuing down the main hallway. The driver sat across from Shaun on the couch. When Shaun looked at him, he smiled a silver-laced grin.

Rico came back down the hallway and motioned for Shaun to get up — which he happily did — and walked down the hall and through a door to where Tony Guidano was lying in a bed with Miranda at his side, weeping.

"So, boy, looks like your vacation has taken quite a turn," Guidano said before pausing to cough for a long while. "Need a drink?"

"No, I'm fine," Shaun said, feeling the death which was creeping up on Guidano creeping up on him, too.

"I heard you spent the afternoon with my wife?"

"I did."

"Yea, well, when the son of one of the biggest jackasses I have ever met, and tried to screw me over many times in my younger days spends the afternoon with my wife, you must understand I want to know why."

"I do."

"You do, huh? Then why the hell don't you go ahead and answer the fucking question," Guidano said excitedly, leading to another marathon coughing session.

He looked over to Miranda for something, anything, but she just sat there without a hint of anything. 

"We met at my hotel."


"Nothing much, really, it was just a nice day."

"Take a few steps back for me, Mr. Bianco. So, where did you meet her?"

"At my hotel, I told you."

"You know, your father was a good liar, too. But when you know the truth, as I do, lies just don't work."

"Tony, please," Miranda said. "We've already been through this."

"Shut the fuck up," he spewed to Miranda. "Now, tell me again, Shaun, where did you meet her."

"At the hotel."

"OK, OK. If you want to do it that way, that is no problem with me. I know, though, that you two have been friends for years. And, I now know that she is Chief Montoya's grandaughter and that this whole fucking thing has been a load of shit. She should have killed me when she had the chance. Now you are dead."

"What the fuck did I do?"

"I know you are down here to help her. I knew she had been fucking Esteban so I took care of him. I just didn't know why else she was spending so much time at that hotel after she left his room. She had gone into your room for about an hour for a couple of weeks. I know you are in on it, too."

"Mr. Guidano, all of that is true, but I had nothing to do with any of it."

"Sure, sure. I hate to tell you, but I never believe a word out of a Bianco's mouth. In the really old days back in Sicily when they had a problem with someone, they would kill their whole family — to make sure there was no one left to get revenge. I should have done that with you years ago, but it is not too late to fix. Get him out of here, Rico."

"Wait, wait, please, don't do this," Shaun said.

"Come on, kid," Rico said as pushed to the door. 

"Please, Tony," Miranda wailed.

"Shut the hell, up, whore. I will deal with you later."

Rico again began pushing Shaun to the door, but this time, something in him snapped. He punched Rico as hard as he could, sending him flailing onto the ground and was quickly on top of him. Rico was not new to brawling and quickly had Shaun rolling away with punches, kicks and shoves.

"Get that little fucker," Tony shouted.

As Rico pulled a gun, Miranda jumped onto the bed next to Tony and put the sharp little knife she had held to Shaun's neck the night before to Guidano's.

"Stop it right now, or I'll slit his fucking throat," Miranda screamed.

Rico stopped and looked at Tony who was breathing heavily. He nodded at Rico.

"And drop the fucking gun. Now!"

Rico again looked to Tony and dropped the gun.

"Now we are just going to get out of here, nice and slow. Pick up the gun, Shaun."

"You two have nothing left. You think you are just going to walk out of here and live? I will find you, someone will find you, both of you...." Tony began to wheeze and cough.

"I hope it is me, you little shit," Rico said, smiling.

"Come on, Shaun," Miranda said as she slid off the bed before taking the knife from Tony's neck.

As Miranda walked out the door, the driver grabbed her, took her knife and put it to her throat with his arms keeping her from moving.

At that moment, Shaun did not think, he just did. He raised the gun, shot the driver in the head, sending he and Miranda flying out into the hall. Rico charged, but Shaun shot him too.

Guidano looked up, and reached for the night stand. But before he could get there, Shaun began shooting, not stopping until the clip was empty and he just stood there, looking at the carnage.

He jumped when Miranda grabbed his arm.

"Shaun? Come on, Shaun, we have got to get out of here. Give me the gun."

He handed it over in a daze. She wiped it clean with a sheet from the bed and dropped it to the floor.

"Looks like you are coming back to the States with me whether you like it or not."

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