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Episode Thirteen "Border Dreams"

By the time Shaun began to think that he might get to sleep, the sun began to peek from below the horizon. As he stared at the sunrise for the first time in years from the open window overlooking the street below the Hotel Posada de Roger, the beauty of the coming day served only to remind him of her.


She was within all his thoughts and the feelings he had for her nearly 20 years ago percolated from the past. She was his best friend when they were both children, then his first love through puberty. To find her in a shower in Puerta Vallarta when he was as low as possible was a happenstance of a revitalizing kind. Through the intervening 20 years since he had last seen her, his life had gone in fits and starts, and had left him nearing 40, financially set for life, but as depressed and alone as most pre-suicidal alcoholics.

He began to dream again that morning — silly dreams and others more possible. But most of them revolved around her.

After the sunrise, he had a good laugh when he went into the bath room to take a shower and the saw the half destroyed shower curtain dangling from the rod.


He spent the morning shopping for some new clothes, getting a haircut and hitting a tourist trap for some breakfast. He even headed to a bar on the beach for his early afternoon drinking, sticking to margaritas. By the time he finished his third drink, he began to worry that if he did not get back to the hotel soon, he might miss her. He had no way to get a hold of her. All she had said was lunch at three.

He retrieved his messages at the front counter and there was an anonymous one from Miranda, asking him to meet her at A Page In The Sun at 2 p.m. in a table along the street. The cafe was just around the corner, but it was just after 2 p.m. He ran out of the lobby, jogging through Lazaro Cardenas park.

He got a table, ordered a couple of coffees and some pastries. About ten minutes later, Miranda rolled her black SUV up to the street and rolled down the window.

"Hey, Shauny, get in."

He dropped some cash on the table and hustled into her car.

"Sorry I'm late but this day has been totally crazy. You actually made it out of the room before 3 p.m. I'm impresssed. Looking good, too."

"Stop it."

"No, really. If you looked like you do now I might have known it was you last night."

"Yea, yea. So where are we going?"

"I know this guy who has a villa down the coast. I thought we'd go out there for the afternoon. Hit the beach, play paddleball, like the old days. You got other plans?"

"No, I don't have plans, but you suck at paddleball."

"Oh, its on. I'm gonna kick your butt."

"Yea, like that time at Coronado Island when you broke your foot — when you smashed it with a paddle..."

"That is not fair."

"What? You are going to deny that happened?"

"It was an accident. My foot got stuck."

"You always were fun, Miranda. Even when you are full of shit."

"I'm full of shit? Who told their Dad someone must have stolen the car when he drove it without a license and wrapped it around a pole?"

"That was self-preservation."

"Yea, your Dad might have killed you. For sure."

"You always got away with murder and I always had to pay the consequences."

"I got into my share of trouble."

"Ha. The Chief thought you could do no wrong and here you are, having sex with men for money."

She stared at him agape from behind her Dolce shades.

"And here I thought we were going to have a nice time today."

"Come on, Miranda, I didn't mean it that way, its just that this whole thing is such a boggle. Here you are driving a $75,000 SUV and you say you need to sleep with this guy for the money."

"That is not totally true. I am sleeping with him because I want to and he gives me money."

"That makes all the difference in the world, Miranda, all the differnce. What the hell is really going on?"

"I want to leave my husband and getting a kitty together without his knowing — for when I head back to the states — is a little difficult. I think Esteban is hoping when I do leave my husband, that I will stay with him but I have got to get back to the states and he will never leave PV. Besides, I don't mind the sex with such a playboy as long as there is no commitment."

"Oh, Miranda, Miranda, Miranda. What's the name of this poor sap you married?"

"Now, don't get upset."

"Why the hell would I get upset?"

"Because I am married to Tony Guidano."

Shaun was more surprised than he had been the night before.

"What? What the hell, Miranda? He destroyed my father, your grandfather, ruined our lives, what the hell were you thinking? What is he, like 90? How did this happen?"

"Don't go judging me, Shaun. When my Poppy was dying, he would tell stories about plans to get revenge on him and talk about what he did to him and to your Dad and when I was introduced to Guidano at a wedding three years ago, I had a hare-brained scheme to get close to him and get the revenge of my family and one thing led to another. I just could never pull the trigger."

"You were going to kill him?"

"I don't know what I was going to do. Rob him, break his heart, kill him, I don't know. After three years, I just can't do it anymore. I'm going to head back home and live a quiet life out in the middle of nowhere. And just to answer your question before you asked, we never had sex. Tony had his prostate removed about 10 years ago."

"Well, that's good. And I beat myself up over my bad decisions. Doesn't he know you are the Chief's granddaugher?

"Hell, no."

"And this isn't part of some grand plan? That doesn't sound like you."

"After Poppy died, I was in a shambles. I seemed like a good idea at the time."

"Damn, Tony Guidano. That old son of a bitch is still alive, huh? My Dad would have loved to have outlived him. When he was dying, he kept telling me about Guidano, too. He told me that all of those times that your grandfather and he would hang out when we were kids were all about geting revenge and that everytime they tried, something always went wrong. He made me promise to get revenge, and to put him at peace, I agreed."

"Sorry about your Dad. I didn't hear that."

"Yea, it was about a year ago. He was living with me for the last five years or so. My wife took the kids a bit before that, so I had the room and it was good having my Dad around — at least until the end when he kind of lost it a bit."

"Yea, life is short and then you die."

"So when are you going back?"

"I have it all set — a boat up the coast to Puerto Penasco then a car across the border. I have a safety-deposit box at Esteban's hotel and my sister has a place ready for me outside of Sierra Vista. What about you? Why the hell have you been here for months?"

"Well, I came down here on vacation and I had nothing better to do so I have been living down here as cheaply as possible for a while."

"Living or drinking?"

"What's the difference?"

"For most people, a lot. Well, we are going to have to do something about that."


"Come home with me?"

"What? With you?"

"Yea, with me. I don't mean down to SV, but back to the states."

"Shaun Bianco and Mrs. Tony Guidano running across the border, huh?"

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