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Duck Dynasty Patriarch

Blasts Gay Community

The rainbow that is Phil Robertson.

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A Letter From Arizona Rednecks For Homosexual Equality Concerning Phil Robertson Of A&E’s Duck Dynasty Who Finds Himself In Hot Water Over Comments About Homosexuality

Letter From The Arizona Rednecks For Homosexual Equality
Special To Modern Times Magazine

Dec. 20, 2012 — Editor’s note: The Lighter Side News Department at Modern Times Magazine received this timely letter today, and we decided to run it in its entirety.

“To whom it may concern,
The Arizona Rednecks for Homosexual Equality would just like to unequivocally state that Phil Robertson does not speak for all rednecks with his anti-gay slurs and homophobic rhetoric. We here at the ARHE try and speak for the redneck that is so seldom heard from, the homosexual redneck, and we find what Robertson said to be downright offensive.

For years the ARHE has struggled to build inroads of camaraderie between Arizona’s gay and redneck populations and in one interview this reality TV star has destroyed hundreds of bridges that we have built. How are homosexuals ever supposed to feel comfortable in the swamps and back country of rural America when ambassadors of the U.S. South like Phil Robertson are spewing forth hate speech in national magazine interviews.

We fully support, endorse, and stand by the NAACP and The Human Rights Campaign’s letter to the A&E network. Especially the passage that reads, “and his offensive claims about gay people fly in the face of science. In fact, it's important to note that every single leading medical organization in the country has said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being LGBT — it's not a choice, and to suggest otherwise is dangerous.”

Because suggesting that anyone who has ever identified as L, B, G, T, or Q chose to do so could be downright catastrophic to our firmly held and widely spread belief that assimilation is liberation.

The ARHE will not stand idly by while an elderly white Christian millionaire from West Monroe, Louisiana, challenges the widely held belief that institutionalized oppression based on preferred sexuality has been wiped out of our country. We will not let some “duck caller,” speak his mind in public, especially if we do not agree with what he has to say.

It may be true that people who hold a similar belief structure to Phil Robertson might find some of the more risqué demonstrations at a Pride parade offensive. But they should be forced to hold their tongues because that is just their expression of those peoples repressed feelings, even if it is done in the middle of a public parade.

Robertson did what he did in GQ Magazine because obviously there is no other choice except to buy and read GQ. Furthermore, he is a television star, and though so far he has not expressed any outwardly homosexual views on the TV show, the potential is obviously bubbling beneath the surface.

Phil Robertson must be fired by A&E network immediately, for the sake of our children. For if our children grow up to be homosexuals and find that not every “reality television” star speaks politely about homosexuality in public, their lifes’ dreams will be shattered.

So once again A&E network we implore you, fire this Phil Robertson immediately, before he tries to censor out homosexuality.

Your friends
The Arizona Rednecks For Homosexual Equality”

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