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Links to the Pizza Noir Series

Pizza Noir Book No. 1

Pizza Noir Book No. 2

Pizza Noir Book No. 1 introduced Detective Ricky Thompson, as he began investigating triple homicides at a Tacoma strip club. As it turned out, there were dozens of similar killings on the same night at similar venues all along the West Coast. As Thompson and his peers at fellow agencies along Interstate 5 investigated these strange killings, unsettling things began to happen. It soon became clear that the homicide cases might not only be unsolvable, but that reality as they once thought they knew it was gone for good.

Pizza Noir Book No. 2 opens up with Detective Scott Smith's axe-related homicide investigation—an assignment which he considers himself lucky for, compared with the morass that has become his colleague Thompson's caseload.

Pizza Noir Book No. 3 a saga of mysterious deaths, werewomen, land-eating sharks and magified roller derby chicks continues and Detective Rick Thompson is left to pick up the pieces
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"This Could be the Last Time"

Chapter 18: The galaxy-class astral catwomen paint by numbers way out in the Fornax Void, and grease some filthy-dirty alien werewolves in the process.

"Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice..."

Chapter 1: Detective Thompson Reflects On The Strange Set Of Circumstances That Has Led Him To Witness So Much Death And Carnage As He Laments That It Has Likely Only Just Begun.

"The Inland Inn"

Chapter 3: The hunting party catches a whiff of some on-the-run wolf monsters and treats them to a bit of a head wringer before relaxing at the tavern.

"Zone Defense"

Chapter 2: A caravan of hunters take to the road in revenge-driven search for dark furries with their only clues floating upon the winds.

"Above, as Below"

Chapter 4: The gang takes in a doubleheader funeral, then catches a nap before the evening’s derby match versus the Seattle Plaiden and subsequent werewolf-lady hunting expedition down in Olympia.

"Sunken Lantern"

Chapter 6: A nighttime search party follows a dream down to the seaside, and the trip morphs into a search and rescue mission. After that, all to the public house for bean burgers.

"The Ends"

Chapter 5: Phantasmagoria Reigns Supreme As Dreams Are Invaded By Thoughts, Sights And Words Of Those Thought To Be Long Since Departed But Who Are Seemingly Still In The Fight.


Chapter 7: At the low low cost of getting assaulted at a run-down motel and having a shotgun pointed at him, the detective’s following up on leads along the interstate leads to new hands on deck.


Chapter 9: A quiet night at home becomes yet another escapade into the night to terminate some of the other-wordly moon dogs for Kitty Licker and Det. Thompson.

"Sometimes Old Habits Die Easy"

Chapter 8: A summit meeting over Veggie Mongo Taco plates results in the new members of the informal alliance against the moon dogs.

"Adventures On Parole"

Chapter 10: An ad hoc detachment of Rollers, Lickers, ex-cons and parole officers head down to the Bay Area to mess up some werewolves.

"Air Support"

Chapter 12: Just as we were getting to know the land-going sharks better, they pull a vanishing act that warrants MUFON logistical support and Art Bell’s midnight analysis.

"Death Rave"

Chapter 11: The gang goes incognito to a rave at a Raider stadium, and situations quickly hit the bathroom floor.

"Veni, Vidi, Sharkey"

Chapter 13: The recent realization that their enemies’ origins are extra-galactic compels the good ladywolves to direct their interdiction efforts toward the heavens.


Chapter 15: A sniff around the nearby galaxy systems shows them to be relatively clear of wolfwomen, but traveling farther from the sun is expected to increase the probability of an astral conflict.

"But Can We Get There From Here?"

Chapter 14: Some last minute housekeeping at the Pierce County Coroner’s Office and the U.C. Berkeley Astronomy Department in preparation for the next hunt.


Chapter 16: UFO reports continue in the wake of the visit by the space sharks’ mothership, while Detective Thompson and Lieutenant MacKinney try to figure out how to amend department operating policy to accommodate for galactic sharks and werewolf women.

"This Could be the Last Time"

Chapter 18: The galaxy-class astral catwomen paint by numbers way out in the Fornax Void, and grease some filthy-dirty alien werewolves in the process.

"Communications, Recruiting, and the Werewolf Net"

Chapter 17: As zero hour approaches, Detective Thompson offers badges to the Lickers and the bullpen watches hockey in the lobby.

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