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Chapter 21: "The Finer Things"

Meanwhile, offshore, it was thoroughly dark by this time; an inky, true dark as the pea soup weather was blotting out the night sky's lights.

The vessel trailing the Blint Mary was a small go-fast boat, or cigarette boat, and about 30 minutes after it was spotted, it was visible no more. This did not mean it was gone not to return; and again, its presence was not necessarily meaningful. But, this sort of vessel's close association with criminal smuggling lore, as well as, its popularity among the high-rolling shithead douchebag jet-set-type crowd, brought out the angles in the jaw of the Blint Mary's interim pilot.

“That's enough to keep me interested in helping you gentlemen fish around out here for wolfladies—as if last weekend's monster and shark
battle was not sufficiently compelling,” he said. He cranked up the diesels, and guided the vessel some distance farther up the coast, before turning around and heading back to Westport. For the remainder of the night's outing, Thompson, Smith, and the ship's crew saw seemingly nothing out of the ordinary, and they were back on dry land by about 11 o'clock.


Becca and Jessica Roller, after they left off with Lopez, began their northbound journey. While the rest of their teammates were in various stages of northwest-bound progress from Arizona, Becca and Jessica had detoured southwest to meet with their San Diego detective friend. Having all been transformed into benevolent, strongly empathetic, and quazi-omniscient wolfwomen, the team's general philosophies and days' work were all immediately and profoundly impacted. That is, when you can shine literally anyone, the trappings of want and need are easily resolved if not totally mooted, and this the girls had all quickly realized.

The Rollers and their Flagstaff counterparts The Desert Betties were all transformed the night after their most recent match together, a little more than a week ago. It didn't really matter if the Flagstaff team were transformed en masse by their death in a bus accident, or if it happened during some sort of coozed-up orgy between them and the Bloody Rollers, or if it was some sort of collective transmigration set upon them all without any fanfare or bloodshed whatsoever, and running in its due course simply as a point of natural order. It did not matter, because how it became of them all was no longer philosophically nor causally relevant. And they all realized, that while all of those preceding events and more might as well have happened, if they did not happen in fact, in helping bring them to their current state, it did not matter now, if that makes sense.

Now, what was important, was all forward looking, not any sort of dwelling on any particular event protruding in someone's or another's memory, and they all realized this naturally, as a result of their newfound, supernatural clarity of being and perception. Constituent to their new, higher, and clearer perspective of the world, the Rollers and the Betties all perfectly understood these philosophical truths regarding the future and their irrelevant histories.

So, with their newfound foresight, Dusty and Rainy Roller had decided to head northwest, to get a look and a dance with the evil wolves, the blackness of whom rang out with particularly prominent clamor in the sensitive and powerful and slightly pointy ears of these heavenly wolfwomen, because of their common folkloric origins, and because of their newfound, innate, burning compulsion to rid the cosmogony of their inferior, weaker, and evil sisters. Rainy and Dusty had wiped out a few of the dark fuzzies, but were then ensnared by some of them and some of their shark pets. Rainy and Dusty were were now in some government body locker, in an undead stasis with which their teammates intended presently to intervene.

Sandy and Kitty Licker of Tacoma's Davey Jones Lickers banked track roller derby team also shared with the Rollers and the Betties this lighter, pleasant, powerful, supernatural, ethereal disposition, and to connect with them was yet another reason why the Phoenix-area girls were headed up there.
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