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Pizza Noir Book No. 1 introduced Detective Ricky Thompson, as he began investigating triple homicides at a Tacoma strip club. As it turned out, there were dozens of similar killings on the same night at similar venues all along the West Coast. As Thompson and his peers at fellow agencies along Interstate 5 investigated these strange killings, unsettling things began to happen. It soon became clear that the homicide cases might not only be unsolvable, but that reality as they once thought they knew it was gone for good.

Pizza Noir Book No. 2 opens up with Detective Scott Smith's axe-related homicide investigation—an assignment which he considers himself lucky for, compared with the morass that has become his colleague Thompson's caseload.

Pizza Noir Book No. 3 a saga of mysterious deaths, werewomen, land-eating sharks and magified roller derby chicks continues and Detective Rick Thompson is left to pick up the pieces
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New Monday

Chapter 1: Meet Detective Scott Smith. He is walking into a homicide investigation unaware that supernatural forces are at work.

Do, Re...

Chapter 3: As Detective Smith makes his way to Tina Santos' aunt's home, the Lieutenant sends him to check out a new dead body.

Looking For Hotspots

Chapter 2: Tina Santos was an average working musician, if there is such a thing. But as Detective Smith rummages through the remnants of her life, he knows something is askew.


Chapter 4: Another young female musician turns up dead, the victim of an axe-wielding man.

Change In Venue

Chapter 6: When Detective Smith returns from Philly, new details await on the second homicide and he looks forward to a funeral.

Faith In Lovers

Chapter 5: Friends of the departed Tina Santos offer to pay for the burial.

Sea Dogs

Chapter 7: Police officers are surprised to find a shark with an axe hanging from its neck.

Alpha Taxonomy

Chapter 9: Detective Smith stops into the coroner's office and takes stock of the wolf-ladies and their many victims.

Russian Egg

Chapter 8: When police slit open the gigantic shark mysteriously murdered with an axe, they find a chewed-on wolflady.

Foul Hook

Chapter 10: Detective Thompson joins Smith for the first and only "Sharktopsy" any of them could recall attending.

Greener Pastures

Chapter 12: The latest sharktopsy unveils Beep Beep Beaver of the Chino Wheeled Beavers banked-track roller derby team.

Sock Hop Going South

Chapter 11: Detectives Thompson and Smith are seeing a lot of each other as more sharks and womanimals keep turning up.

Nice Day For Hanging Out In Bars

Chapter 13: The funeral at Kelly Sammys bar takes a turn to the astounding after a long gone fish says hello to an unlucky patron.

Opening Day

Chapter 15: Another roller derby girl who has transformed into a wolflady is found and the law declares open season on fewolves and land-going sharks.

Custom Of The Sea

Chapter 14: After the Blint Mary is towed into port with lifeless crews the detectives wonder if a shark or wolf can be prosecuted for murder.


Chapter 16: Detectives abandon their law enforcement backgrounds and begin using their hunting instincts.

Ears In The Water, Eyes In The Hills

Chapter 18: The fewolve hunting naval task force begins its mission.

Too Quiet

Chapter 17: The land based shark hunt begins to swing into motion, featuring bait slathered police.

Scooby Don't

Chapter 19: An unidentified craft follows the Blint Mary as it heads to the Juan de Fuca Strait.

The Finer Things

Chapter 21: Enlightened Fewolves head to the Northwest, shining for whatever they need along the way.

Your Girlfriend Is A Dog?

Chapter 20: Two roller derby girls believed to be missing reappear with irresistible auras.

Bad Day At The Office

Chapter 22: As the sea troops lift a sunken cigarette boat, the Coast Guard vessel is rammed and boarded by fewolves.

On The Bright Side

Chapter 24: In the finale of Book No.2, Thompson's girlfriends 'come out' to him as fewolves.

Square One

Chapter 23: Tragedy strikes as one of the team is killed during a fewolf attack at sea. The Rollers and Lickers plot justice.

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