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Pizza Noir
By Denver Day

Pizza Noir Book No. 1 introduced Detective Ricky Thompson, as he began investigating triple homicides at a Tacoma strip club. As it turned out, there were dozens of similar killings on the same night at similar venues all along the West Coast. As Thompson and his peers at fellow agencies along Interstate 5 investigated these strange killings, unsettling things began to happen. It soon became clear that the homicide cases might not only be unsolvable, but that reality as they once thought they knew it was gone for good.

Pizza Noir Book No. 2 opens up with Detective Scott Smith's axe-related homicide investigation—an assignment which he considers himself lucky for, compared with the morass that has become his colleague Thompson's caseload.

Pizza Noir Book No. 3 a saga of mysterious deaths, werewomen, land-eating sharks and magified roller derby chicks continues and Detective Rick Thompson is left to pick up the pieces
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Episode 1

When arriving at a fresh murder scene, police are surprised to find a couple of strippers and a dead pizza delivery man who left the sodas in the car.

Episode 3

Less than 48 hours after he was killed, the pizza delivery guy's stripper girlfriend already has a new boyfriend. She says although she knows she is a bad girl, she didn't do it.

Episode 2

As the cops go about their investigation they realize the girlfriend of the dead pizza delivery guy is not an ordinary stripper but a lot of something more.

Episode 4

Detective Ricky Thompson follows a lead from stripper Ms. Keri Anders which leads him to a mountain of a man and a trip to the coroner's office.

Episode 6

With details beginning to float in from across the country about the extent of the one-day murder spree, new evidence points to a roller-derby influence.

Episode 5

As Ricky sifts through the evidence, his attention is swayed by an attractive sax player. But big news throws a wrench into the investigation.

Episode 7

With no evidence and no new leads besides a group of drug addled party babes and some pissed off roller derby girls, Detective Ricky and police forces from throughout the West are baffled.

Episode 9

When things seem like they cannot delve into any deeper of a metaphysical hole, the case takes another turn as an extremely hairy roller girl appears at the morgue.

Episode 8

Detective Joe Lopez interviews the only lead in the case and a surprising turn sees more tough roller girls on the way to the morgue.

Episode 10

As more bodies disappear from the morgue and werewolves are becoming the prime suspects, Det. Rick hangs out and has a beer with a very tough and attractive roller girl.

Episode 12

Detective Rick lets his intuition do the walking as he gets up-close and personal with Kitty Licker.

Episode 11

Detective Joe Lopez receives a cryptic call from a potentially werewolfian roller girl as the FBI and others begin to probe deeper into the freaky occurences.

Episode 13

One of the bodies that disappeared from the morgue is at a new murder scene and it looks like this time, she won't be getting back up.

Episode 15

As Rick finishes up his latest rendezvous with a potential suspect, another body turns up at the morgue. This time, the victim is someone he knows very well.

Episode 14

Two Latina strippers, presumed dead in the October 11 murders, show up for their shift without a memory of where they had been for seven days.

Episode 16

The murders begin piling up once again, as are more appearances of furry suspects. All quiet on the local front, though as Rick takes in a roller derby bout.

Episode 18

As Ricky tries to unwind after killing werewolfians, he hears that he may have been the target of the attack.

Episode 17

Things were nice and quiet and Ricky thought he was going to get lucky, but then a squad of furries attack a serene parking lot scene.

Episode 19

Thanks to the public massacre, the press is now onto the story but they have bought the line that the 'animals' were just people dressed in costumes.

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