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Judgment Day May Have Happened

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A RV touting Judgment Day earlier this year in New Orleans. Image by Bart Everson and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license..
Although Some Think Judgment Day Did Not Occur As Predicted, Reports Have Been Pouring In About Strange Sightings In The Sky And On The Streets

By Issac Huxley
Modern Times Magazine .com

May 24, 2011 — When Harold Camping, evangelist and founder of Family Radio International, made his prediction that Judgment was going to happen last weekend, many scoffed. Then, when the day came and it seemed like nothing happened, many more laughed.

But now, according to information received by the Lighter Side Bureau of Modern Times Magazine, there have been a flood of sightings of people vanishing and flying up into the sky.

“We had numerous reports from around the country of people who said they saw things flying in the sky and that they looked like people that were just being taken out into space,” said Clifford W. Clift, Jr. international director of the Mutual UFO Network. “At first, we were stumped as to those phenomena, then someone mentioned the Harold Camping thing and we all went into a state of shock.”

Camping has not made a public statement but his wife reportedly told ABC News that the multimillionaire was “mystified” and “bewildered” that the rapture had not taken place.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Statistics Elroy E. Welsch said if the rapture did happen according to what Camping and other believe — that 3 percent, or about 203 million people would be raptured out of the 6 billion people on the planet — it would not be abundantly clear that anything happened for at least a few days.

“The statistics bear out the hypothesis that it would not be immediately apparent for quite some time,” Welsch said. “Further, it is thought that those raptured would come from within families or other tight knit communities where no one would be able to report it to the rest of us because they would be gone as well.”

Further complicating matters is that several pranksters and hoaxers were active in lampooning the event. Websites and chat rooms throughout the world were rife with claims of people leaving old clothes on the sidewalk, shoes with dry ice in them and releasing inflatable human dolls into the sky.

One alleged prankster who goes by the handle FunRanger, told Twitter he was responsible for about one hundred such acts throughout the Midwest Saturday night.

“Some people staring runnin down in Alexandria...too damn funny,” he tweeted.

It is not immediately clear if the reports of people being lifted into the sky or other unusual reports are based upon the actions of pranksters or an act of God, but one pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Riddingfield of Mr. Carmel Baptist Church said the only thing one can do now is see what happens.

“My advice is go home, sit down and relax,” he said. “If you ain’t there, your here and right now, American Idol is on, so enjoy.”
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