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Image by Wesley Nitsckie and used under the terms of a Creative Commons license.

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Episode 8: “Revelations" Page One

“Yes!”  Virginia exclaimed with fear.

With that, Juan slowed the horse to turn back. He hoped they could lay low and avoid the truck. But as he stopped and swung the horse around, another truck was waiting, and men were already approaching.

“A truck. It definitely was a truck you saw in town. Specifically a Suburban.”

“Let’s go.” Virginia said as the men neared 50 yards.

“Virginia, I hate to say this, but we can't escape from a truck. Especially one like that.”

Juan noticed the Suburban didn’t look like police or military issue, rather showroom family wagons that had been lifted and modified to go over most any terrain. The men also looked civilian.

“Juan Sebastian. Please, we are here to help. Don’t be alarmed,” yelled one of the men.

“Virginia, I think we better listen to them. From my perspective, they look harmless. They definitely are not with the same people who as far as I know, oversaw the town,” he offered, and Virginia accepted by releasing her firm grip around him. They both climbed down as the men slowly approached: hands out, open and welcoming.

“Everything will be fine, just hurry into the truck and I’ll explain. Ms. Page it is nice to meet you,”  said the same voice, now attached to a balding man with a engineer’s manner.

They quickly got to the truck. Juan and Virginia were grasping hands, and he led his dazed villager to her seat. Virginia was virtually incoherent. Juan was worried about her shock, more than he was suspicious of these men.

“Juan,” spoke the balding man, the assumed leader, “we came because others were going to come. The program was to be terminated and the subjects along with it. You understand what I mean?” The man looked worriedly at Virginia, who stared out the window. “We have been giving the rest of them something to calm them down. A relaxer really. It would be better for Virginia if you let us help her slowly. We want to take you both in for, well, debriefing is a good word for it. You are cognizant aren’t you, Juan?”

“Yes.  But who are you?”

“I’m Steve. The driver here is Ray and that guy in the back there is my father Earl. All we know is some friends acquired information about Miller’s existence, then, about its impending doom. So, it was decided to do the right thing, and rescue you all, and we’re part of the team sent to get you out. Here, this is for you.”

The balding man handed Juan an envelope and he instantly recognized his mother’s handwriting.

“I believe in the KISS method, and everyone believes their mother,” the balding man said with a smile. “You do remember who you are now, don’t you?”

Juan opened it quickly. It contained a simple statement, “It is okay to trust these men.”  But it was enough. He nodded that John Columbus was Mrs. Columbus’ son.

“Where are you taking us?” Juan said calmly as the engineer gave him two pills and a glass of water for Virginia. “You know, I was not aware of reality for quite sometime. It wasn’t until this morning that the fog finally broke and I remembered the time of my life before I entered Miller.  I must admit to quite a bit of anxiety myself.”

Juan handed the empty glass back to the engineer.

“She’ll calmly drift off to sleep very quickly. We were hoping we could get general information of the townspeople from you, Juan. Most of the others would not initially cooperate with us as you can understand. A couple of the men had to be restrained. There is so little we know about the intricacies of life there, any information you could provide would be immensely helpful when they are being re-instituted. For example, which people were friends, enemies, lovers, married. Do you think you could help us with this information?”

“I feel a little woozy, but yes.”

“Take one of these, only one, and you’ll be awake and able to answer questions, but you’ll feel numb. It will probably be good for you to rest. You look pale.”

Juan took the pill and talked through the trip, unaware of where he was and where he was going, but sure he was glad to be going home.

The drive was a semi soothing retreat for Juan and Virginia, the incoherent couple. After a time which could not be calculated, Juan — the one with his eyes open — found himself walking up a flight of stairs and into a room. As he fell on the bed, he saw some men put Virginia on the bed next to him. She was dead asleep, but breathing very heavily. Juan felt so very comfortable, he felt himself drifting off until his cognizance and setting exploded.


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