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Episode 3: “The Voice”

Juan’s disbelief in hearing The Voice forced him to not understand a word of what was said to him.  He lay on the floor outwardly motionless as his mind flew calculating possibilities, options.  He was thinking so fast that time seemed to be standing still.  His options were still being mulled when it came again.

“I’ll help you, but don’t expect me to offer again.  I am not your slave you know.”

Juan couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  The Voice he had always thought might possibly answer when he asked questions like ‘What the hell am I going to do?’ finally did.  So many times he wished he would hear The Voice, but never had.  Not a peep.  But now that he did hear it, Juan had a desire to ask yet another Voice how he should handle now hearing his old one.

But somehow he managed a “hello” out of his lips.

“Good, you’ve gotten over it.  Sometimes it takes hours or even a lifetime for humans to get over the shock of finally hearing The Voice.  But you did real well.”

“Thanks.”  Juan squeaked.

“Now Juan if you're wondering what you should do about your ideas of leaving Miller and whether you’re in love with Virginia, I’m The Voice you’re looking for...”

“Wait,” cried Juan out to me, regaining most of his composure, “What the hell, who the hell, what’s going on?”

“Well, maybe you didn’t get over the shock as well as I had thought.  Anyway, simply call me The Voice as you always have, and like I said, I’m answering your question on whether you should leave Miller and Virginia.”

“Yea, but what are you?  It’s not normal for humans to hear voices or The Voice.  People are called insane because of saying so.”

“A sad fact, but true.  It seems some of those fortunate enough to have heard A Voice are rarely believed by those who haven’t.  Jealousy, I guess.  And, others truly were hearing things that aren’t there. Besides, you know all the answers you have asked about me, since you were a child.  All those details you had on The Voice is what is true about me, everyone of them.

“But I never knew where it was you were from or who or what directed you.  Why don’t you tell me that first? Or maybe who I am and how I got here?”

“Juan, I would, I really would, but if I did that, you would have no mystery in life.  Worse, you might find it impossible to live without telling others, and then usually comes claims of insanity, whether true or not.”

“Not even a hint?”

“You’re worse than when you were a kid.  ‘Mommy give me just a hint about my Christmas present.  Mommy, just a hint about my birthday present.’  She may have always given in to you, but those facts are not a present, and I’m not your Mommy.  Look, do you want to know what you should do or not?”

“I get the message Voice, and I would be grateful for some advice,” Juan said, falling in awe of his own luck in hearing me.

“Good, now you’re coming around.  First, you must leave Miller.  The time was not right when you came, and it still isn’t. Things are not as they seem, Juan. Second, you do love Virginia and you should take her with you.  You might think it will be hard to get her away from her home, but it won’t be as hard as you think.  For the sake of you both, it should be done.”

“Should we marry before or after we leave?”

“Only marry if and when you both desire, for although I know much about the past and the future, marriage is a thing so packed with events, the future is always way too muddled, whether looking seven days or seven centuries into the future. Basically, its outcomes can never be predicted.  You two fell in love, I’m just telling you to stop denying your feelings because you think there is no other option. You can love Virginia and have her with you. You have to know this before you leave here without her. Then you will have lost her. Because she loves you too, you know.

“She does?”

“Of course, but that must be all for now. That’s it Juan, our conversation is over. Was it all you expected it would be?”


It was as alone as Juan had ever felt, after The Voice had left.

But at the same time he was gratified at being one of only a small number of human beings to ever have heard A Voice.  As he began to heap praise upon himself, he remembered that he had been instructed by It to do something.

“Take Virginia with me?” Juan blubbered as though in a drunken trance.

It was then Juan thought he had put the puzzle together.  The knots in his gut were definitely a sign.

“The knots in my gut, it means I’m in love!”

“It is love, it is love, it is love!”

Jumping around the room, looking like a fool, Juan was sooo verrry happpy.  In his mind, fireworks were exploding and all was in the mood of New Years Eve.  Happy, happy, happy.  Jumpy, jumpy jumpy.  “Ain’t love grand” was all he could say with a funny little giggle between the chorus.

Suddenly, he was in love with everything, not simply Virginia.  The table, the couch, the painting, the clock....

The clock!  Juan couldn’t believe it was so late.  What took so long? The talk with the voice, The love frenzy?  It didn’t matter, he was late.  Juan scurried around, found his overcoat and virtually flew out the door.

But before he did, he kissed that clock.

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