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Image by Wesley Nitsckie and used under the terms of a Creative Commons license.

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Episode 2: “Virginia And Daddy”

Virginia sat in the big chair in her Daddy’s den thinking.  She looked like a baby in that big leather chair with her feet swinging to and fro.  She didn’t know why, but her meeting with Juan in the square had made her so happy.  It had been the first time he had not sauntered off to talk to another young lady after a brief conversation.  True, she thought to herself, she had desired Juan secretly for some time, but the exuberance that swelled within her at his sight this morning was thoroughly incomprehensible.  She thought of the stories her mother had told her of that “special time” when her own father and mother had fallen in love, in the same town square, nearly thirty years ago.  Her mother’s descriptions of her feelings every time she saw father appeared to be the same as Virginia had felt this morning.

“Egad, am I in love with this man?” Virginia thought aloud as though talking to her grandmammy, “I do care for him, yes, I truly do, but I simply don’t know what to do about it.  He seemed to be feeling the same way as I, and then, he just went away.  Did he realize my feelings, and flee?  Oh, I can’t bear the thought of that, I simply cannot bear it!”

Caught in the torture of Juan, Virginia’s mind swirled and reformulated all of their interactions.  She recollected all the town squares, all the parties, the days at the river, but her work and investigation were for naught; Virginia remained in the same quandary.  What was she to do about suddenly feeling the way she felt about Juan?

Fortunately, Daddy strode in and temporarily saved his daughter a few tears.  Noticing Virginia in the big chair, the large and mighty man knelt down beside her, garnering a pitiful look.

“Virginia, honey,” said the glorious behemoth, “Tell Daddy what’s wrong.  You only sit in the big chair when you have a problem.  Now what can Daddy help you with.”

Angered that she allowed her father to know her so well that she could not keep such a secret as love from him, she gave her Daddy the smile that would forever appease him and — lied.

“It’s nothing Daddy.  I was looking for a good novel, and the chair looked so comfortable, so I took seat.  It’s nothing Daddy, really.”

“Well, where is that novel you were looking for? Hmm?”  Daddy said with a grin.

He pretended to believe her, mostly because he did not want to bear the thought of his little girl, his little angel, having any problems at all.

“Daddy, you care so much,” Virginia said, then noticeably changed the subject,  “What are you doing here so early in the day?  I would think that the mayor of a town would have all kind of business and politicking to do.  Are you playing hooky Daddy?”

“But of course I am.” Daddy said, getting to his feet and re-assuming his colossal stature and manner.  “What is the use of power if not to exploit it?  Hmm?  But I must return very soon.  Perhaps after a picnic, would you like to picnic?”

“No thanks Daddy.  I’ve got some things to do, but mother is free and you’ve been neglecting her something awful lately.”

Making an about face and trotting out of the room Daddy added, “Wonderful idea Virginia, see you this evening.”

Virginia, happy now to be alone, began to weep.

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