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Image by Wesley Nitsckie and used under the terms of a Creative Commons license.

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Episode 10: "Welcome To New Brook"

“Well, as I was trying to tell you earlier, we have taken you all to New Brook. This exact area used to be a vast expanse of nothingness in eastern Arizona. Now, it is the state’s third largest populated area...” Reggie said.

“Never heard of it,” Juan said as he began to get confused and blown away again.

“Juan you must just try to take all the information in. It might be easier to just wait until the entire picture has been brought together before you jump to conclusions, okay? I’m only going to give you a rundown now anyway, everything else will be better with self-exploration, alright?” Reggie said with a warm smile.

Juan smiled in agreement.

“A grand changing is underway. We are here to go. Up there,” Reggie said, pointing to the sky.”

“Up there? We’ve been up there, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Sure, we’ve been up there, but we are here to go up there. Like to other planets. The final frontier.”

“Like in Star Trek?” Juan half-laughed.


“Come on, really? Who do you work for? NASA?”

“I work for making progress to the goal. And we have all decided that the goal is to go out into space.”

“We...who are ‘we’?”

“We are us. We try not to label ourselves.”

“If that isn’t the most ambiguous load of crap.”

“I really don’t mean it to be, honestly. It is just that what New Brook is, and what we are doing is just so damned different, that it takes an entirely different perspective. And from my perspective, my words were as clear as crystal. You remember the U.S. as a place where people worked for money alone. But here, we have been able to transcend that — decide as a community what we will be working for, and do that. We here at New Brook have decided that we will no longer work for work’s sake. Yet, like Thoreau had explained, we will work toward a real goal that means something for us all. We are digging holes because they are needed. Not just to fill them in tomorrow in order to have yet another task to do.”

“And this is to go to into space?”


“And who is going to pay for all of this space travel?”

“We all have. A group began meeting, decided the path, then began to set the plan into motion. The original group members donated their dollars. Those who came after did the same. Now, we have enough to sustain all of our needs, and to continue the construction of the support center for the spacecraft, and eventually, we will build the craft, itself. Then another.”

“To go where? Mars?”

“Far beyond, my friend. The scientific community has identified some great targets and we are in the process of narrowing them down to the best possibilities. Of course, we will also be looking for some places that will give us some return on our investment, whether habitable or not, but mostly, we are looking for new worlds to populate.”


“For people to journey to just like the pioneers of the Old West. Only, the trip will take much longer.”

“All of you?”

“No, not everyone wants to go, but they believe in the dream and the other ideas which we ascribe to at New Brook. Everyone here works to support the goal and then they have no worries. With the land we have collectively purchased, we have made farms for everyone and a city apartment for everyone, too. That is enough for most. There are stores in New Brook City that are stocked with everything available in Phoenix or Denver, but they are free for New Brook residents. But it hasn’t been easy. We’ve been called socialists, communists, radicals, whackos, whatever. Now, we are thinking radically, but whacko is by nature derogatory and socialism and communism, while comparable, carry way too many negative thoughts. Stalin and Mao, both of them truly horrible, were not communists — they were dictators. Besides, what we are attempting to do does not have its roots solely in the mind of Karl Marx. Smart people do not make decisions on how to live their lives based upon the opinions of people who lived hundreds of years ago, when travel was by horse and communication by penned hand and messenger carry. That’s simply ludicrous whether considering Trotsky or Jefferson.”

Becoming blinded by the delight of educated conversation might have been a weakness of Juan at the the moment, but he was impressed by what Reggie was saying. He could remember his own ideals which had driven him to Miller and Reggie’s words made him happy. Further, The Voice had told him man was scaling a fence of progression.

“But who decides what? Who gets which farmhouse, which apartment? Who organizes this grand ‘space’ plan? That has always been the problem with societies like New Brook.”

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