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Episode Five: "Losing A Wife Begets An Eye For Revenge"

The next sound I heard was the screeching tires speeding away. While I peeked out of the window, I looked over in the direction of my house and saw someone running out of my house. It looked like they had something in there hands but I couldn’t make out what it was or who it was. It was all a gigantic alarm going off in my head accompanied with fast moving palpitations of panic. I surveyed the room to make sure everyone was okay in the quiet interlude of silent fear.
I turned and looked for Bonnie and there she was lying very still on the beige shag carpet floor. The bullet had found its mark. Bonnie was dead. She was hit right through the heart and must’ve died instantly. There was no I love you and no goodbye. This was the last damnable memory of my endearing wonderful wife. Everything else in life seemed to stand still at this moment in time. Why did this nightmare start? When would it end?

The intensity of it all put me in a catatonic state for about a month or so. They had me in a padded cell for a while. I was under intense observation with doctors and nurses round the clock. I finally came around and snapped out of it. I was back among the living once again.

The doctor said, “Harry, how are you feeling?”
I said, “I’m alright doc. When can I go home?”
The doctor said, “Well you’ve been here a while but I believe you’ve come back strong enough now. We’ll have to run some more test, but I’m almost certain that you’re ready.”
“That’s great news.”
“Now Harry, I know it’s hard for you to put things together in proper perspective, but do you remember everything that happened? If not tell me everything you can recall...”
“I remember that day and Bonnie lying on the floor of my neighbors’ home. Someone drove by and shot at Jeff’s house and Bonnie was shot probably by mistake. I can handle it now but it still hurts to relive it.”
“I’m sorry Harry. I knew Bonnie as a child. She was your loving wife and I know you’ll probably never get over everything that’s happened. We will miss her sorely around here. She was the best volunteer nurse’s assistant we ever had. Her shining personality and smile will always be remembered here. I’m going to put you on some medication. It will help you handle things better. At least I know now that you’re back with us Harry. For a while there I didn’t think you were going to make it. Remember, you are not in this thing alone. If you need to talk, call me.”

The doctors beeper went off. He paused to check it before he made his escape.
“I’ve got to go now Harry. I’ll see you later and by the way there is a neighbor that came by to see you. He said he’d get back with you later on as soon as you could get away. He said his name was Jeff.”

“Okay doc, thanks, I’ll take care of it. Thanks for everything.”
There it was, a life that changed in a blink of an eye. Happy one moment and in the next moment, it all came down. Seems to me I recall a preacher saying, “You’re not promised tomorrow sonny. It’s always best to live it right now and live it to the hilt.”
That old preacher was right. It was best for me to realize a lot of things in this life. Living for the now was going to be it. My home and my life would never be the same without Bonnie. It was hard to even talk to her parents without breaking down like a lost child wandering in the streets looking for home. This tragedy had stilled my life for a while and there was no turning back. It took me awhile to reach a place of accepting the void of emptiness in my life.
The next thing I had to deal with was the anger and revenge sprouting out of me. Anger was a strong thing for me at that time. It kept me from going completely insane from despair. I was ready and willing to do whatever I had to quench the reckoning thirst. I never thought I’d feel like a vigilante. But now things had changed. I became vengeful, out of control. My mind was a cage of madness. I was looking for the door of murder.

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