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Episode 15: "The Sighted Leading The Blind"

Some say that faith is just a fairy tale for man to feel better in his hopeless darkness of doubt and unbelief. Yet when reality becomes as the salt in an open wound, he searches for faith. For the intensity of pain seeks relief that is found in the trueness of faith. Such was the life of Miss Thompson who was the proprietor of a hearing aid company. She was a cold and hard woman. But generally speaking she was an honest person. She was short in stature and long in bitterness. Miss Thompson was an unusual successful businesswoman. Miss Thompson was blind from birth. She was my next assignment.

Being a self-made millionaire was her pride and joy. Her determination was like no other. She knew she had whipped the part of her life that others thought she could never overcome — blindness. Her outward appearance showed enthusiasm and energy, but her heart felt different. She would’ve given anything to have been able to see what a blue sky or an ocean looked like. Smiles and tears were always felt but never seen. Living in a shell of just feeling and hearing held a hunger that Thompson longed for. They say that if you had never known something in your life, you’d never miss it. But the thirsts for the human sense of sight constantly flooded her with anxiety.

She had spent enormous amounts of money seeking and trying different doctors and remedies throughout the world of medicine. But this was brought to no avail. A specialist that offered her an all or nothing operation presented her a last chance. It was risky because it could have taken her life but she was willing to take the chance. While waiting for the surgery, Miss Thompson heard the cries from the room next to her. She walked over to see if there was something she could say or do for this crying man.

She asked him, “Can I do something for you? I can call the doctor if you wish. I can’t do very much.”

And he answered back, ”I am waiting for the doctor. They say that my condition is terminal. I had the same operation that you’re a waiting for and it didn’t go so well for me. I just wish I could see something or anything before I die. I’ve never seen anything in all my life and now I am a dying 35-year-old man with nothing but fear and regret. Why was I born? What wrong did I do to deserve any of this?”

Thompson answered, “You didn’t do anything wrong. You are like me. I was also born this way but that doesn’t mean that it is over. I still have hope and I would go, as far as to say that there is hope for you too. I have faith will you?”

The man answered, “What is your name?”

She answered, “Molly Thompson, and what is yours?”

He answered, “Joseph. Molly take my hand. I don’t know if you are a praying person but I heard my step parents talk a lot about it. I have tried everything else in my life.”

Molly exclaimed, “Quit giving yourself false hope. These are the cards that were dealt to us and that is all there is.”

Joseph answered, “Please Molly take my hand.”

Molly answered, “All right Joseph. I am sorry that I am so cold about this but my past experiences of life have left me with very little hope. But I will pray with you anyway. What do we have to lose?”

Wake up Miss Thompson. It is time for your surgery. The operating room is waiting.
Molly woke up and asked, “What about Joseph? Did he make it through the night?”
The nurse answered, “I am sorry Miss Thompson, but there hasn’t been a patient in the next room for the past two weeks. I am going to turn on the light now so I can help you put on a clean gown. I have got to get you ready to go.”

Molly screamed, “Don’t bother. I can actually see now!”

He did it again. 50 years later, Molly was called home and heaven was a greater vision than the day of celebration in the hospital room. When we met the first words spoken by Molly were, “Hello Joseph it is good to see you again.”
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