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Episode 10: "The Other Side Of The Hill"

Edna appears and says, “Hello son, I’ve been waiting for you. Take my hand Harry. I want you to see someone.”
I said, “Bonnie is that you?”
Bonnie answered, “Yes Harry, It’s me. I never left you Harry. I was always on your mind and heart. I’ve got a great message for you.”
I said, “Bonnie, you’re the greatest news I’ve heard today. I’m headed beyond that hill. Are you all are coming with me?”
Bonnie said, “Of course we are. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. You know your application was accepted Harry.”
I said, “You mean he is making me an angel?”
Bonnie answered, “Yes and I’ll be there with you all the way. God really must love you Harry. He wants to talk to you now.”
God said, “I’m sorry it took so long. I was getting things ready for your job."
I said, “Why did I have so much heartache and pain to get here?”
God said, “Harry, everyone has heartache and pain. No one gets out of this life without it. It’s par for the course, so to speak. Some things are teaching tools and some things are things people bring upon themselves. Unwanted guests that think they want to run my show help some things along. But I’ve got it under control all the time. Oh you were going to make it to Heaven all right but the application you made took a bigger exam to pass and go through. I know you can understand that. Well Harry. you passed with flying colors. You fell and you got back up. There’s one thing about the test Harry...If you fail it you get to take it over and over again until you do pass it. Thanks for sticking it out Harry.”
Conversations come and go, but I never thought I’d have one like this one. It was only the beginning for me now. I felt like I had broken away from a tight cocoon like a butterfly. I was ready to take flight along with a beautiful wingspan of invisible energy. I could see forever. The colors I saw were indescribably brighter and richer than before. Every thought in my mind seemed to become real in an instant. There was no measure of time and space. If  there were another thought of another world, it would instantly appear.
It was just short of overwhelming. My mind and spirit were absorbing information of the realization that this was an endless realm of heaven. And I as an angel was being exposed and set forth to see the vastness of  greatness. I didn’t feel unworthy anymore but I did feel privileged. There was no use denying it. I felt powerful and strong. I started to understand how pride could gain a stronghold on even angels. I started reminding myself of the fallen angel that remained as a stumbling block to all humanity. Then I started to ask about that case of the fallen angel, and at that very moment a voice spoke and said, “I am taking care of it.”
I waited and listened but nothing more was said. I guess He was letting me know that He was in complete control of any situation, including my own thoughts. After all I was in his service now.
I thought I‘d be gliding through the clouds and singing along with the birds of the air. It was more than just a wanting to be in Disneyland. My own thought pattern was the transport vehicle. It could take me anywhere my thoughts wanted me to be. Speed was irrelevant. I could be anywhere within a blinking of my eye. My physical appearance was somewhat the same. My body was pure wholeness. I felt great and lighter than air. Heaven used to be a breath away and now the human meaning of it could never describe this place beyond the hill where I thought life would end.
I thought I’d be sitting on a cloud and eating chocolate all day. When I looked around me, it was as if I was still on planet earth. As a matter of fact I was on terra firma. The thing that bothered me the most was when I tried to talk to people that were right in front of me. Some would smile and some would even cry. A lot of them were afraid as if something was beckoning them to go somewhere to an unknown place. Children were the easiest to talk to. They seemed to understand that there was a happy and protective presence in their midst even though they couldn’t see me.
I could see everyone and everything. I couldn’t see everything all at once but I knew I was sent to help them in and out of this suffering world. The responsibility I was assigned to be to listen for the cries of regret, sorrow and pain. If He allowed me to touch and heal someone, I would, but only with his permission. I thought I would be like a robot with no feelings. I thought I was going to be a non-feeling entity from the almighty. And that all I was there for was to do, and not ask any questions. But to my surprise, I felt their pain and how they reached out to touch something they thought was there. And I was that something.
Some said they felt a gentle touch while they slept. To some their dreams were too real to explain. A dream was a trip that would take them away to another place and time. Many were taken that way in peace. They would dream and they would pass away in their sleep and they would wake up in the presence Him whom they had worshiped all their lives. Was life a dream and death the beginning of real living? It wasn’t for me to tell. It wasn’t my call. But either way they all had to face Him.
It wasn’t as if I would turn into a pillar of salt if I remembered my past friends and loved ones. After seeing so much pain and relief at the same time, my mind often swayed to the memory of people I knew who were among the living. I often wondered if I would be allowed to see them once again. The answer came quickly. I was allowed and so I set off to see some of them.

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