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Image by yumikrum and used under a Creative Commons license.

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Rapacity and Equivocator are two 25 foot tall, red-headed giants who guard the three-story gates leading to the “Angel of the Sea.” General Glitterati, the appointed military leader of the Elites, ordered the construction of this top-secret city. It is the first of many sites getting strategically situated around the globe. Hedonists and reprobate zombies who have succumbed to lies and greed and have the $10 billion to join, can live in these cities of lust. A personal invitation from Judas Rancor and a successful initiation process are also requirements to become members.
After World War III, two-thirds of the earth’s population got wiped out. Fresh food and clean water were so scarce that only the very rich and powerful could buy them. The struggling hoards of peons were left to beg and pillage. To solve this crisis, Ambassador Mercy moved the suffering herds of low-lifers to designated locations where they could survive. After all, the Elites needed someone to serve them. Shocked, outraged and traumatized, many of the peons barely made the sojourn to their new home. I was the only survivor from my district who volunteered to go quietly with the military police.
When the armored tanks came through my town, I ran out to meet them. I had a radio that told me they were coming. Rubble and dead bodies were everywhere. I offered all the help that I could give.
My city was one of the first to get bombed by the ordered nuclear explosions. For months I survived underground in a tornado shelter. I moved in there long before the real attacks, sensing the war was inevitable. After the overthrow of the government, I knew it was just a matter of time. Then one night I had a bad dream and saw smoke everywhere. At that point I headed underground. Fortunately, my father prepared for a time like this and filled the shelter with food and water supplies to last two years. He and mother were in another city when the explosions occurred. I have no idea if they made it through alive or not.
I climbed into the armored tank, and the lieutenant offered me a cigarette. “Alcohol and tobacco are rare commodities these days,” he said. Immediately I sensed that he liked me. “Sit here next to me,” he said motioning his fingers at me. “It's too late to take you to the camp today, so you are coming home with me.”   
Dreadfully and timidly, I went with him to the barracks where he was living. The other officers looked tired and war-torn as they prepared their reports for the day. Chilled and achy, I laid down on the cot next to the lieutenants'. “We will get you to the Peon Camp in the morning,” he said. “It is not so bad there, and you will be with others of your kind.”
“Where do people go from there,” I asked him. “The Elites have not decided what to do with you all yet. But some of you will receive officer's training. In fact, I may suggest that you get chosen right away. Anyone who survived all of those months underground seems capable enough,” he said with a smile.

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