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Image by yumikrum and used under a Creative Commons license.

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The next morning I went to see the Major about special training services. “So you are a survivor?” he asked. “Yes, sir, my father prepared us for the upcoming war.” “But, how did he know that it was coming?” he asked curiously. “Dad was an educated and insightful man, who speculated about the future.” “Well, okay, Stanley is it?” “Yes sir, Stanley Bones is my proper name.” “We need quality men like you to wait on the Elites at “Angel of The Sea.” “But, there is some very special top-secret training required before you are granted clearance.” “What kind of training sir?” “I can’t get into it now, but I think you will be perfect.” The Major glanced at the Captain and Sergeant and gave them a nod. I wondered what they saw in me to consider me for such a prestigious assignment.
Blindfolded and handcuffed I was rushed into another room. A gruff speaking man then asked me a number of very deep and personal questions. “As a boy did you ever steal anything from your parents?” I had to admit that I did steal change out of their dresser drawer to buy cigarettes. “Did you feel bad about it at that time?” Thinking back on it, I did not feel bad. “Deep down in the innermost part of your mind, do you think that the wealthy Elite are bad people?” I knew they were recording my heartbeat, so I felt it best to answer honestly. “Well sir, that is what my father taught us as kids.” “Are you afraid of what might happen to you if you go to the camps?” “Yes sir, I am not ready to die.” “Very good,” I heard a different voice speaking to me. “Take off his blindfold and remove his handcuffs,” he said.
“You will be given a new armored car and a pass to the Elite’s club to serve as a personal officer.”  “Really, you mean that I am in?” “Oh yes, all you need to do is swear allegiance to the One World Order and take an oath of no conscience and no feeling.” “What do you mean, sir?” “You have to sell out to the Elites and then you will be given all of your heart's desires.” “It is either that or be left to die in the camps or forced into slave labor with the other peons.” “What is your decision, Stanley?” I answered “yes” because I desperately wanted to live, but truthfully there was a deep ache in the pit of my stomach. My worse nightmares were coming to life.  
Branded on the forehead and hand, I felt my mind going through a physiological change. I became dizzy and then felt like throwing up. The terror I was going through put me into shock. Then I got sent to a special training facility for an intensive indoctrination program.
I was pushed into a large, red-painted room, surrounded by military robots that looked so fierce I almost peed myself. There were about fifty other men stripped down to their underwear with me. The leader, who wore a different colored armor, approached us with a very intimidating stance. He spoke with a spellbinding, hypnotic tone that sent shivers down my spine. “You are now the property of the state and are no longer free agents,” he said pointing a six-inch clawed nail in our faces. “You are nothing and have no value, but to serve the Elites. From this moment forward you will obey our every word and do it with a smile.”
Then for the next several hours he took us one at a time into a small room and questioned us about our religious and political beliefs. Actually, he told us what we were to say and think from now on. One man came out of the room with his arm bleeding and broken.
Afterward, he took us to our bunks where beautiful female robots, that looked like Barbie Dolls, forced a foul-tasting drink down our throats. For the next several weeks, we sat through hours of lectures on Elite protocol and mind control videos. We were basically on a starvation diet and had to earn our food, by being an example to the other recruits. They were turning us into mindless zombies.
Then we met with Captain Convert for a day long question and answer session. Those who answered correctly, by showing undying loyalty, received a medal. I guess you could say I was fortunate to make it in.
I was given a special uniform that had “Angel of the Sea” embroidered on the lapel. They gave me a suitcase full of purple and black pills - drugs that I promised to take for a month until my brain was completely transformed. Later that day I got blindfolded once again and taken on a long, and very bumpy ride.
No one spoke in the car for what seemed like an eternity. Then the vehicle abruptly stopped and I heard the loudest voice I could ever imagine. My eardrums almost broke and my entire body felt vibrations ripping through it. They removed my blindfold and my eyes saw the most amazing sight. There were two giants standing just feet away from me.   “This is Rapacity and Equivocator,” the officer said looking up with his hand on his brow. They did not look like robots, but real giants. I remember reading about the genetic engineering the scientists were doing before the war. I even saw pictures of giants in some of the articles. Then they pushed a button and the enormous gate slid apart on each side. My eyes saw the most amazing wonder. There was a huge angel statue with wings that stretched out about 20 feet on each side that stood in front of the most beautiful body of green water. Her wings actually moved up and down a little and she turned 90 degrees each way. “This truly is paradise,” I thought as I rubbed my eyes in disbelief at the remarkable spectacle. Next, they took me to a beautiful log cabin structure and showed me to my room.
“This is where you will stay,” said the officer. “You will continue to receive training about your duties here.” “Also, it is imperative that you take the medicines you were given.” Then the officer left me to get acquainted with my new home.

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