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DC, Marvel And Star Wars
Mega Crossover At Disney

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The Company Behind Immortal Tales Including Steamboat Willie, Bambi, And Characters As Unforgettable As Scrooge McDuck, Has Brokered A Deal Many Thought Could Never Happen


By Lee Kirby Kane
Special For Modern Times Magazine

March 21, 2015 — Disney has accomplished a landmark deal to bring together the characters of the Marvel universe, from both Fox and Disney, as well as Warner Bros. cast of DC Comics characters to fight against the characters of the Star Wars universe in one massive film titled DC Marvel vs Star Wars. Fox did make it clear that the Fantastic Four would not be included though, as they needed a “Time Out,” according to the press release.

The amount of the deal was not released, but a confidential source said it amounted to more Republic credits than the Millenium Falcon could fit in its cargo hold.

Disney has been on an unapologetic rampage of purchasing massive pop culture properties and names for at least a decade. Once the studio acquired the rights to Star Wars in 2012, it seemed like an inevitability that somehow, some way, the powers that be would find a way to intertwine a galaxy far far away with the Marvel cinematic universe.

“Why the fuck not?” said Disney Chief Executive officer Bob Iger in a statement to the press. “I mean, come on? You got out and you buy Star Wars and you got Iron Man and the Hulk sitting over there. Of course you make ’em fight. The trick is to make ’em fight each other on screen, not at the box office. Everybody wins. Mostly us, but also everybody.”

As for how Disney was able to wrangle the complex contracts with Warner Bros. and Fox, it was all just good timing. Save for Deadpool, the X-Men franchise is drying up with X-Men: Apocalypse wrapping up Bryan Singer’s two different timelines. Fox executives were quick to admit they were basically out of ideas.

“We were out of ideas,” said Singer in an interview shortly following the announcement. Singer will serve as a creative consultant on the film, though Disney has said they probably won’t actually let him on the lot once the cameras start rolling.

Warner Bros. was a bit of a different animal. As it turns out, shortly after execs saw a rough cut of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, they got cold feet and called Iger to see if they could work something out, and that turned out to be a good plan. “Yeah, I kinda shit the bed on that one,” said Batman V. Superman director Zack Snyder from the set of his new Lifetime original movie, No It Was Not Consensual.

Disney did release a full three page cast list to go along with the announcement, though they didn’t announce a director or writer for the project. In a bizarre turn of events though, the company did already release a five minute trailer online for the film, which isn’t even slated to come out until 2019.

“It was pretty easy,” said Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. “I mean, we were pretty much able to just cobble together a sizzle reel using a bunch of footage we already had from like ten different movies, and it looks like something totally new, kind of. The fact that this hasn’t been done before is the only astonishing part.”

The announcement of the film did contain minor spoilers for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, as it was revealed that Thanos’ misuse of the Infinity Gauntlet is what will eventually lead to the extremely skewed timeline that will allow for all of these various characters and universes to crossover.

“What’s the point of making movies about comic books if you can’t do some crazzy ass shit every once in awhile?” said Feige in a statement after the announcement.

Be on the lookout for DC Marvel vs Star Wars on Christmas 2019 and watch the trailer below.

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