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Marvel Fiction Finalists

Unleash Their Powers

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Modern Times Magazine teamed up with The Marvel Experience to give one lucky writer the chance to earn two free tickets to the world preview event by submitting an original piece of micro-fiction.

Entries were not to exceed 500 words, and feature a writer’s favorite Marvel superhero — or a new superhero they have created — saving the day in the Phoenix Metro.

The two finalists that our judges felt made the cut are, Utopia — Subdued and Feathered Revenge. The contest will now enter the final phase, with results issued by Dec. 27. Each of the finalists will be allotted points (with a total of 30 points possible) based upon three criteria:
  • Social media — Total number of Twitter retweets and Facebook likes.
  • Web reach — Total number of pageviews for each finalist’s story on
  • Judges — Each judge will rank the finalists.

The finalist with the highest number of social shares will be awarded 10 points, the next highest will receive 9 and so on. The same allotment will be conducted based upon pageviews. Each judge will also independently rank the finalists, allotting 10 points for their winner, 9 for their runner up and so on. The judges’ scores will then be averaged to determine the judges’ overall winner and runner-ups.

The three scores — social media, web reach, judges — will then be added for each finalist to determine who has the most total points and is therefore the winner of the two tickets for any day at The Marvel Experience.

We hope you enjoy reading them, because we sure did.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the contest.

Feathered Revenge
By William F. Madison

Utopia — Subdued
By Danny Wilkes

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