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Phoenix Comicon Goes

Christmas Spectacular?

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The Local Geek Event That Celebrates Some Of The Hottest Franchises And Styles Of Our Collective Culture Is Expanding Its Reach With A Winter Event That Just Might Make Would-Be Christmas Shoppers Make A December Stop At University Of Phoenix Stadium


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Sept. 30, 2014 — When Phoenix Comicon dropped a press release into our mailbox this weekend stating that a companion event — called a Fan Fest by the folks at Phoenix Comicon — would make its first appearance Dec. 12 to 14 at University of Phoenix Stadium, we were not really surprised.

After all, this year’s Con was the biggest yet and the Saturday crowds nearly burst out the walls at Phoenix Convention Center. So adding a second event was seemingly a no brainer:
the people want as much as they can get and even tually, the Phoenix Convention Center might be too small for the Phoenix Comicon.

But, that it would be held about 10 days before Christmas, was a surprise that seems to be setting geeks giddy for Christmas filled with goodies bought at Fan Fest.

According to many of the Facebook groups populated by longtime Con participants — and to which our publisher and others are members — this new event comes as a complete surprise. As such, there are few details as to exactly what will be going on at the Fan Fest. The press release states little more than the intentions of the event: The new show will focused on creators, artists, actors, costumers and exhibitors to create a celebration for the fans of pop culture.

“We believe there is a need for a strong artist and fan focused show during the winter.  
We believe Arizonans should have an opportunity to showcase their costumes and not melt in the summer heat.” Says Matt Solberg Phoenix Comicon Director “We believe in providing our community of artists and fans, geeks and exhibitors, a chance to meet more than once a year at a show that is organized, well attended, affordable, and, we hope, will be a fun winter activity.”

But, Solberg said this will hopefully be a yearly event that will stand apart from what has become known as Phoenix Comicon.

“By hosting this event at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale we will be providing a focused event on artists and actors, costumers and kids.” says Matt Solberg   “And in time, because we see this being an annual event, we anticipate this too will grow into its own unique event, just like Phoenix Comicon.”

So geeks and pop-culture fanatics alike, save your pennies. There will be a last minute stop on the shopping train and this one will go through Glendale.

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