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Announcing The

Phabulous Phoenix Awards

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Modern Times Magazine Presents The Phabulous Phoenix Awards: A Celebration Of Great Places That Help Define The Phoenix Metro As Multidimensional And A Highly Livable Metropolis


By Editorial Staff
Modern Times Magazine

Aug. 21, 2013 — When people from outside of Phoenix think about The Valley Of The Sun, they generally think of two things: 100-plus degree summer temperatures, and flamboyant, off-the-wall politicians making racist laws or other similarly stupid moves.

The Phoenix metropolitan area’s reputation has been so tarnished by scandals and idiocy that all of the positives of living here can be overshadowed by the overwhelming negatives for some of those viewing us from the outside.

We here at Modern Times Magazine have had enough, and, to address this, we are proud to announce that we will be awarding the Phabulous Phoenix Awards to a highly select group of places in the Phoenix metro that are something to brag about when talking to the naysayers. Unlike the plethora (that’s right, plethora) of other “best of” lists that virtually every other publication trots out year after year, there are no categories or an unmanageable flood of “best” places.

Really, what does it mean if a place is the, “best food service in Asian-fusion-standup-dining in the Central Western Valley?” Or, what about “best bar that hosts bands on Tuesdays and Thursdays?”

Simply, the Phabulous Phoenix Awards will be less of a directory and more of a celebration of what is great about the Phoenix metro area. Our editors have assembled a list of nominees that is also being released today. The methodology for the selection was that it be a fabulous place, intrinsically important to know about if you live here or want to feel the real pulse of the Phoenix metro.

Nothing need be sold, bought, bartered or traded there, although most spots on the list will gladly charge you for something or the other.

But, unlike most lists that go on and on, we are capping the final winners at 40. Any more than 40 and the list loses its value. Again, how special is a place if there are hundreds of others on the same list?

There might be less than 40, in fact.

Unlike various and somewhat similar endeavors by our competitors, we are not going to allow open voting. Some may call that un-democratic, but we have worked on similar lists at other publications and we know that too many marketing firms and businesses work very hard at exploiting them. Instead, we will listen to our readers, talk to each and every one of the nominees, and make a final, juried decision. Among the jury will be our editors but we will also have a number of other jurors culled from the Phoenix metro. The final jury will be announced Sept. 11.

At the beginning of October, we will release the names of the official winners, present them with their award, and host a special get-together at a popular location that will be made public in the next several weeks.

But before then, review the nominees. If you want, tell us how you feel via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. For active tweeples, use hashtag #PhabPHX.

Phoenix really has a lot to offer, if you are willing to look.

And if you aren’t, then you won’t need to wait much longer. October will be here soon, and the recipients of the Phabulous Phoenix Award will be on the pages of Modern Times Magazine.

Good luck to all of the nominees and get ready to get Phabulous, Phoenix.

Phabulous Phoenix Nominees —>

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