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Phabulous Phoenix

Awards 2013

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Phabulous Phoenix
2013 Award Winners

Alphabetically Listed
Ar — Ca
Arizona Roller Derby, Aside of Heart, Bergies Coffee Roast House, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, Bragg’s Pie Factory, Casey Moore’s Oyster House & Bar
Ce — Cr
Celebrity Theatre, Cheba Hut, The Chuckbox, Civic Space Park, Cowtown Skateboards, Crescent Ballroom
Fi — Ig
FilmBar, The Firehouse Gallery, George & Sons Asian Cuisine, Hissyfit Hullabaloo, Honey Bears BBQ, Ignite Phoenix
Jo — Ma
JoBot Coffee House, Keen Halloween, Lawn Gnome Bookstore & Publishing, Lost Leaf, Los Olivos Patio, MacAlpine’s Diner & Thrift Store
Mo — Sh
Monti’s La Casa Vieja Steakhouse,Phoenix Public Market, The Poisoned Pen Bookstore and Press, Practical Art, The Salt Cellar Restaurant, Shirts ‘n’ Things
So — Yu
South Mountain Park, Spinato’s Pizzeria, Taliesin West,Taste of Tops & Tops Liquors, Tempe Beach Park And Tempe Town Lake, Yucca Tap Room

Modern Times Magazine Presents The Phabulous Phoenix Awards: A Celebration Of Great Places That Help Define The Phoenix Metro As Multidimensional And A Highly Livable Metropolis


By Editorial Staff
Modern Times Magazine

Dec. 27, 2013 — Earlier this year, we at Modern Times Magazine had what we felt was an epiphany: let’s celebrate our third year of providing what we feel is some of the most insightful writing and reporting, by assembling a just-as-insightful list of great places in the Phoenix metro.

Well, four months and hundreds of hours later, that list has been assembled and it is, frankly, pretty darn fabulous, er, phabulous.

View The Phabulous Phoenix Winner Profiles

The process started with the simple goal of making a short and sweet list of places about which it would be hard for ANYONE to disagree regarding their worthiness of a brag or two. And to ensure that the process would be truly beneficial, traps were avoided that have ensnared other publications in making such an endeavor strictly a popularity contest, or unmanageable directory where it seems everyone wins.

Simply, the Phabulous Phoenix Awards are less of a directory and more of a celebration of what is great about the Phoenix metro. The methodology for the selection was that it be a fabulous place, intrinsically important to know about if you live here or want to feel the real pulse of the Phoenix metro.

To that end, the editorial staff of Modern Times Magazine assembled a list of nominees, then identified a group of judges. We also allowed our judges to make some personal picks that were not nominated by the editors. We didn’t want to have “celebrities” or people who had too many “friends” about town on our panel. We wanted “ordinary, informative and honest” people with discerning sensibilities. We were so happy to have worked with them.

The 2014 Phabulous Phoenix judges are:

  • Lexi Marie Rodriguez — Co-host of Phoenix based radio show Dave Pratt Live on DoubleWide Network and former Arizona Diamondbacks Rally Back. Lexi’s personal, judge’s picks include Majerle’s Downtown, Hidden House, Chinos Banditos, and Delish.
  • Jim Mandel — Founding member and bass player of Valley-based rock band Small Leaks Sink Ships. Jim’s personal pick is Cornish Pasty.
  • Dominic Salerno — Writer, musician, public relations expert and all-around Phoenix expert. Dominic did not wish to make a personal judge’s pick.
  • Pete Petrisko — Artist, musician, immersed in Phoenix and it culture. Also interesting that his death was once reported by the Arizona Republic (hint: he’s still alive). Pete’s personal judge’s pick is Sui Wok.

Congratulations to all of the winners — who will be receiving their plaques over the next couple of weeks — and thanks much to all of the nominees.

If you want, tell us how you feel via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. For active tweeples, use hashtag #PhabPHX.

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