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Occupy Phoenix Announces Petition, Reoccupation

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Local Movement Seeks To Reoccupy This Saturday and To Waive Or Suspend City Ordinances On Trespassing


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Oct. 19, 2011 — Occupy Phoenix launched an online petition Wednesday, seeking to suspend or waive city of Phoenix ordinances on trespassing that apply to city parks for those engaged in non-criminal, freedom of speech activities and calling for a reoccupation of Cesar Chavez Plaza at 11 a.m. Saturday.

Editor's note: At approximately 7 p.m., Occupy Phoenix announced they had received permission to occupy Cesar Chavez Plaza. We will report details as they become available. Read the follow-up article here.

“Reoccupation of Cesar Chavez this Saturday and Public General assembly! Join us, and bring a friend! We want to see huge numbers,” said a posting on the group’s Facebook page Wednesday.

The announcement of the posting of the petition was made at approximately 2 p.m. By 3:30 p.m., nearly 500 people had signed on.

“Please sign the protest to waive urban camping laws and give us a spot to permanently occupy!” according to the #OccupyPhoenix Facebook page.

View or sign the petition here

Since the Occupy Phoenix movement began in earnest last Saturday, Phoenix police have removed backers from Margaret T. Hance Park and Cesar Chavez Plaza each night. Protesters, though, have remained on the sidewalk, although the number of people has dwindled to less than 50 at times.

Also Wednesday, Occupy Phoenix unveiled a newly designed webpage. Apollo Poetry, sometimes spokesperson for Occupy Phoenix, announced through Facebook that the redesigned site has been done to better serve the movement.

“Hi Team (Apollo here), I designed a new Occupy Phoenix website to be a 'central' place to get all the info you need. There has been some confusion with staying connected to what's going on. We are taking a vote to see if people would prefer the new design instead of the current website. It includes a Text-message club for emergency General Assemblies or any Major Updates. Plus a Forum & Voting page.” he said through Facebook.

The ‘old’ webpage is and the ‘new’ webpage is

For more information, visit the #OccupyPhoenix Facebook page at!/occupyphoenix and the group’s Twitter page at!/occupyphoenix.
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