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Occupy Caravan To Stop

In Phoenix On U.S. Tour

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Promotional image from a poster announcing the Occupy Caravan.
Starting From Three Locations Along The West Coast, Occupy Caravan Will Traverse The Country, Ending With A July 4 Celebration in Philadelphia


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

June 12, 2012 — The Occupy Caravan — a 20-day Occupy awareness trek from The West Coast to Philadelphia — is on its way to Phoenix and will stop at Civic Space Park, 424 N. Central Ave., at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

The Occupy Caravan is a multi-city tour that started Monday in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The caravan originating in Seattle is expected to depart Tuesday. Others will also join the caravan at points along the way, including groups from: Houston; San Antonio; Madison, Wisc.; and Miami. All roads lead to Philadelphia where a celebration is planned June 30.

Organizers have dubbed the Caravan the “This Land Is Our Land” Summer Caravan, in reference to the spirit and history of Woody Guthrie.

“We will travel three routes across America on our way to Philadelphia for the five-day Occupy National Gathering that ends July 4 on Independence Mall,” according to the Occupy Caravan website. “At each stop, cities will be organizing events to welcome the Caravan which brings with it musicians, speakers and performers — a traveling democratic road show that educates as it entertains.”

Occupy Caravan Livestream links

According to Internet posts from caravan participants Monday, several carloads of caravaners headed out from San Francisco and Los Angeles as scheduled this morning.

In Phoenix, activists will gather at Civic Space Park which has been renamed Solidarity Square by organizers, at 5 p.m. After some speeches and sign-making activities, the combined group will march to downtown bank locations.

“We'll start at Solidarity Square, with speeches, music and sign-making. Then, we'll march to the big banks, with struggling homeowners, to call for an end to illegal foreclosures and evictions and demand principal reductions for all,” according to an Occupy Phoenix Facebook page for the event.

Occupy Caravan homepage

The complete schedule for the Occupy Caravan:

Day 1 – June 11
Central: San Francisco to Reno
South: Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Day 2 – June 12
North: Washington and Oregon to Boise
Central: Reno to Elko/East Nevada
South: Las Vegas to Phoenix

Day 3 – June 13
North: Boise to Salt Lake City, Montana to Salt Lake City
Central: Elko/East Nevada to Salt Lake City
South: Phoenix to Flagstaff/East Arizona

Day 4 – June 14
Central: Salt Lake City to Denver (Hub)
South: Flagstaff/East Arizona to Albuquerque (Hub)

Day 5 – June 15
Central: Denver to Oakley/West Kansas
South: Albuquerque to Amarillo

Day 6 – June 16
Central: Oakley/West Kansas to Wichita
South: Amarillo to Oklahoma City

Day 7 – June 17
Central: Wichita through Okemah (Woody Guthrie's hometown) where Caravans converge, and on to Dallas
South: Oklahoma City through Okemah, and on to Dallas

Day 8 – June 18
Central/South: Dallas to Shreveport, Little Rock to Shreveport
Deep South: San Antonio and Austin to Houston

Day 9 – June 19
South: Shreveport through Baton Rouge to New Orleans (Hub)
Deep South: Houston through Baton Rouge to New Orleans; Jackson to New Orleans

Day 10 – June 20

Day 11 – June 21
South: New Orleans through Montgomery to Birmingham

Day 12 – June 22
South: Birmingham through Atlanta to Athens, Ga.

Day 13 – June 23
South: Athens to Asheville, All Tennessee to Asheville
Deep South: All Florida to Jacksonville

Day 14 – June 24
Deep South: Jacksonville through Savannah to Charleston, SC

Day 15 – June 25
South: Asheville to Charlotte
Deep South: Charleston through Columbia to Charlotte

Day 16 – June 26
North: Minneapolis through Madison to Milwaukee; Omaha and Des Moines to Chicago
South: Charlotte to Durham/Raleigh

Day 17 – June 27
Northeast: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Providence and Boston to Worcester, MA
North: Milwaukee and Chicago to Indianapolis; Kansas City, St. Louis, Evansville and Louisville to Indianapolis
South: Durham/Raleigh to Richmond

Day 18 – June 28
Northeast: Toronto and Upstate NY to Albany; Worcester through Hartford to New Haven
North: Detroit through Cleveland to Pittsburgh; Indianapolis and Cincinnati through Columbus to Pittsburgh; Charleston, WV to Pittsburgh; Erie to Pittsburgh
South: Richmond to Washington, DC
Day 19 – June 29
Northeast: Albany, NYC and New Haven to Newark, NJ
North: Pittsburgh to Harrisburg

Day 20 – June 30
EVERYONE: Washington through Baltimore to Philadelphia; Harrisburg to Philadelphia; Newark to Philadelphia
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