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Memorial Day Events

In The Phoenix Metro

American WWII millitary.

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Originally Began In The Aftermath Of The Civil War, Memorial Day Remembers The Eternal Sacrifices Thousands Have Made In Military Action On Behalf of The People Of The United States


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

May 15, 2014 — Whether one is talking about Bunker Hill, Antietam, Havana, Cuba, Germany, Japan, Korea, Saigon, Baghdad or Kabul, the undeniable fact is soldiers of the U.S. Armed Forces have died in these areas for their country.

Originally celebrated as Decoration Day in the wake of the Civil War, after World War II, the name finally stuck. The tradition was originally observed by members of the former Confederate Army and adopted by Union veterans soon after.

To this day in the South, families are known to travel to the remote locations where loved ones were buried and to have a meal “on the ground” with them. Traditionally, Memorial Day is held early in the summer and the official national holiday is recognized on the last Monday in May.
Memorial Day is different from Veterans Day, which is to honor ALL members of the Armed Services.

Here in the Phoenix metro, there will be a few non-promotional events to honored those who died serving the people of the United States.

Friday, March 26

The Arizona State University Symphonic Carillon, a lasting tribute to those in the ASU community who gave their lives for their country, will perform in the lower level of Old Main, next to the Emeritus College from noon to 1 p.m. The performance will be broadcast to the open area in front of Old Main on the Tempe campus to increase inclusion.

Monday, March 26

The 8th Annual Memorial Day Flags For Our Fallen rally is at the Phoenix National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, 23029 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix. Flag display and salute to arrivals is at 6:30 a.m. This is where participants park their bikes along the many flags lined up on Cave Creek Road and say “thank you” to those who are going into the cemetery. Also, the Arizona Central T-Buckets will be joining in and lining their hot rods along Pinnacle Peak Road. As family members go into the cemetery, we salute them and let them know their relatives buried in the cemetery are not forgotten. Event pins are available for the first 200 bikes. The ride into the cemetery is at 7:45 a.m. Riders who want to will proceed inside and watch the ceremony. The official ceremony is at 8 a.m., inside the cemetery. To get involved or for more information visit

The 30th Annual Memorial Day Observance is at the Pioneer and Military Memorial Park at 1317 W. Jefferson Street, Phoenix, at 9 a.m., presented by Pioneers’ Cemetery Association and City of Phoenix. Various groups will participate in the memorial with period dress, and gun and cannon salutes. The guest speaker is Vivia Hammontree Strang, the national register coordinator for the State Historic Preservation Office. For more information contact 602-534-1262 or visit

Tuesday, March 27

An Arizona Law Enforcement Memorial Week Remembrance Ceremony will be held at Hontz Training Facility, 911 N. Stadem Drive, Tempe, 10 a.m. For more information visit

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