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AZ Legislature Convenes: Live

(Left) Arizona State Capitol State Senate Building (Right) Arizona State Capitol House of Representatives. Original image by Adavyd and used under the terms of Creative Commons License. Images modified by Modern Times Magazine.

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The Arizona Legislature Convenes In Phoenix Today And Modern Times Magazine Is On The Scene With Up To The Minute Updates


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 13, 2014 — The opening day of the Arizona Legislature begins today at the state capitol complex, 1700 E. Washington St., and with events scheduled all day, it will likely be akin to the carnival-like atmosphere witnessed in recent years.

Gov. Jan Brewer will deliver her state-of-the-state address to a legislature that already knows what is coming, but several hundred and perhaps a couple of thousand people are expected outside to present their beliefs: from women’s health to marijuana and everything in between.

Modern Times Magazine will have a few staffers live from the scene with words and pictures.

See a live, informal depiction of the events that happen from mostly outside but likely some stuff inside the capitol, too. We’ll be snapping pictures, describing the scene and introducing you to the people that take the time to get involved in the important task of interacting with the state’s elected officials from about 9 a.m. to about noon.

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