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Phoenix IT Department To

Host Data Privacy Program

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Phoenix’s Information Technology Staff Will Discuss Critical Information Security Topics Such As Privacy, Hacking, And Media At Friday Event


By David Hensley
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 30, 2014 — Target, Twitter and other information-sensitive services have faced the wrath of hackers, showing the world that information is not as secure as many would like to believe.

The city of Phoenix Information Technology Department will host an event Friday, "Data Privacy: Hackers and Headlines." IT professional Ilene Klein will discuss information security issues to include medical ID theft, how to respond if personal information has been compromised, and other data-threatening scenarios in recognition of Data Privacy Day.

The event will take place from noon to 1 p.m. in assembly rooms A and B at Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington St., Phoenix.

Klein worked in IT for more than 20 years, specifically focusing on IT for 14 of them. Klein has been a Certified Information Security Manager, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and a member of the Certified International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Data Privacy Day is an extension of Europe's Data Protection Day (Jan. 28) in the United States and Canada, which commemorates the 1981 signing of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals in regards to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, Convention 108.

The purpose of the convention is to "secure in the territory of each party for every individual, whatever his nationality or residence, respect for his rights and fundamental freedoms, and in particular his right to privacy, with regard to automatic processing of personal data relating to him, according to the official website of the Council of Europe (

Among the audience of the information session will be IT professionals such as technology consultant Taffy Baron. Baron is the proprietor of WAAM (Wendy Andy Aqua Michael) a consultation company that assists businesses to achieve the most efficient technological expenditures.

Baron believes that there is a lack of desire among the general public to educate themselves in regards to progressing technology. "A lot fight’s scary because it’s new," Baron said. "Anytime you get a change, people get scared."

In the past, Data Privacy Day has been a point of progression, such as the expansion of Data Privacy Day into a full month, and the Microsoft launch of Privacy in Action website, featuring articles and videos to aid people in protecting their personal information online (2013 report

David Hensley is a freelance writer living in Phoenix and a student at ASU's Walter Kronkite School of Journalism.
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