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Will Crowley Quip

Sink Carmona?

Carmona calls Reznik pretty.
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U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona talks to supporters.
Republican Spin Machine Finally Gets Something To Stick On Dr. Richard Carmona In Arizona’s U.S. Senate Race, But Is It Sticky Enough To Stop His Momentum?


By John Guzzon
Modern Times Magazine

Oct. 21, 2012 — After weeks of trying to create a scandal to stick on Rich Carmona, Jeff Flake and the forces allied behind him — most especially the National Republican Senatorial Committee — finally succeeded Friday.

For those who might have missed it — which is doubtful since Carmona’s slip of the lip exploded nationally and then ‘trickled down’ back to Arizona — the democratic U.S. Senate candidate called KPNX channel 12 anchor Brahm Resnick “prettier” than Candy Crowley.


Republicans are saying the comment backs up their carefully crafted — and possibly true — depiction of Carmona as an overbearing, aggressive, intelligent, self-centered, gregarious opportunist who tries to run over any and all opponents — and definitely women. To prove the point, they have pointed to Carmona’s scandals in the 1990s while serving in various capacities in the Tucson public health sector and a run-in with his “boss” while he served as U.S. Surgeon General.

If her allegations are true, he made a ruckus at midnight on the National Institutes of Health campus — a secure, historic location with its own security force.

Yet, the scene is drawn as though he was a boogeyman.

The guy is a former Harlem street kid who became a Green Beret then surgeon,
then U.S. Surgeon General, and now a U.S. Senate candidate. He is a driven, ambitious man and anyone who has seen him operate knows he commands a room. He was even in a gang back in Harlem, called the Social Lords, according to Chuck Whitlock’s 2004 book, Police Heroes: True Stories of Courage About America's Brave Men, Women, and K-9 Officers.

But he has also succeeded in continuing to rise through the gauntlet, achieving much. Heck, he even is nearly tied with a republican challenger for the U.S. Senate seat from ARIZONA! No one has ever been able to get close to that since DeConcini retired.

That in itself is an achievement.

But in this tight race, even a relatively innocuous statement Thursday might have spelled the end of his chances.

But really, what did he say? That he thinks Candy Crowley is not as attractive as a pretty-boy news anchor?

Reznik is the Adam Lambert of Phoenix metro-area television news. Not for his orientation, but for his coif and smile. He actually IS prettier than Crowley. Reznik answered Carmona's quip with, “Not sure how to take that.”

Not a single Arizona news source reported the quip Thursday. The hubbub came from national sources. Reznik even seemed to intimate that he was a bit surprised that Carmona thought he was so handsome, not that it was a knock on Crowley.

A day later it went viral — a national story that trickled back to the state.

The spin doctors on both sides have been working at a fever pitch for at least three weeks now. Republican attacks that ‘stay on message’ eventually start to sink in — especially amongst the sitcom watching, reality television addicted “undecided voter.” So eventually, the spinsters wrapped them up in the belief that they need to reject Carmona not for what he will do if elected, but because he is not fit for the post.

The Carmona woman-hater chorus has gone on for months now, and finally Flake’s team gets something to stick. Republicans all across the country have been courting the female vote because democrats everywhere can’t win without winning that demographic by huge margins.

But the ‘women issue’ is an aspect of Carmona’s bio that is quite frankly attackable.

Much like with Herman Cain earlier this year, when women-based allegations arise against a male candidate, a politician must show that at least his wife doesn’t agree. A wife makes a politician human. Just ask Mitt Romney.

Carmona may have made a tactical blunder by not bringing his family into the race. His wife, Diana Sanchez, and his four children are not part of the campaign. They are not in any television spot, don’t make public appearances, and you can't find a picture of them on the internet. He met her at 14 in Harlem, and they were married after he was discharged from the Army.

Who better to weigh in on her husband’s temperament?

Carmona has made a great pitch on his policies, but he has not yet shown the electorate his family side.

While that might have been acceptable for all of the other high profile positions that he has held since his emergence in the 1990s, he has got to bring out the family — at least his wife. The voting public wants to know what type of person their next U.S. Senator is and they feel the wife can help that analysis.

Everybody already knows about Jeff Flake and his family — they are good LDS.

Trotting out the wife a few times just might get Carmona a U.S. Senate seat.

If he doesn’t, and he loses, Candy Crowley will have had nothing to do with it.

John Guzzon is editor of Modern Times Magazine.
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