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Birthday Suit Burlesque

Hosts Anniversary TONIGHT!

Birthday Suit Burlesque Jan. 2013.

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One Of The Best Troupes In The Phoenix Metro Will Celebrate Their Third Year Of Exciting And Entertaining Fans At Their New Home — Last Exit Live


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

March 21, 2014 — Burlesque is a time honored performance art that has roots in the American Southwest as deep as 10 gallon hats. It is an artform that mixes sex with the circus to create a one of a kind experience for the audience.

A burlesque performance is probably the only live show where you might see someone juggling fire naked while singing a ragtime tune, but hey, that’s show biz.

It Might be hard to believe, but Phoenix — this little conservative cesspool in the desert — is actually rife with top notch burlesque troupes. One of the best is Birthday Suit Burlesque and the troupe will host a special engagement on Friday in celebration of their three-year anniversary as a monthly performance troupe as well as their move from Rips Ales and Cocktails, 3045 N. 16th Street, Phoenix to Last Exit Live, 717 S. Central Ave., Phoenix and their first ever “Best Of” performance.

Fans of the troupe were able to vote for their 10 favorite past burlesque routines from the troupe’s monthly performances over the years. On March 21 six of the troupe’s best performers Pearl Necklace, Robin Harts, Trixter Taley, Jessica Bunny Thomas, Inna Cent, and the troupe’s founder, Kitty Victorian, will be performing the chosen routines.

“We just want to kind of have a good party to show that we are the same people just in a new venue. To really bring our fans from Rips back in. Just bring back some of the best numbers they remember and like to see because beyond this show every show is going to be different,” said Victorian.

Beyond Friday’s show Victorian said they are already booked through February 2015 at Last Exit.

”We wanted a new fresh start and a new fresh space,” she said.

Scarlotta Sparkle will also be performing, thought her performances were not voted on by the audience.

“Scarlotta Sparkle will be doing two numbers that have never been seen before,” said Victorian. “I want to say something and not give away the entire act cause darn it, that’s no fun. Lets just say, she does light things up on stage, I can tell you that.”

Victorian was equally protective over the rest of the routines as well saying only ,“there will be live singing numbers by Pearl Necklace and myself. Robin Harts is going to have a screw loose, and Inna Cent is going to be meeting her nasty naughty boy.”

Harvey Gross will be the evenings emcee and for the big show the troupe will be incorporating a live band for the first time: Phoenix based steampunks, Jellied Brains

”Birthday Suit Burlesque is kind of lighthearted. It is kind of the adult version of an innocent yet naughty birthday party,” said Victorian. “There are dancing girls, cupcakes, and birthday surprises.”

While the whole show promises to be surprising regardless, for a little extra money the V.I.P. “Birthday” package promises a little extra. For $70 four people are given birthday shots, birthday cupcakes, raffle tickets, and the “honored guest” is given a special birthday surprise.

Tickets are $7 if purchased from one of the events sponsors, $8 from the events website, and $9 at the door if you bring the flier, otherwise entrance to the 21 and up event is $10.

For more information visit

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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