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A Cosplay Disaster Strikes Phoenix Comicon

On The Opening Day of The 2017 Convention, A Lone Idiot Brings Real Guns, Scares The Crap Out Of A Whole Bunch Of People And Adds To Long-time Attendee Frustrations.

AZ Activists Rally To Awaken Sen. Flake On Immigrants, Refugees

In Conjunction With Groups Around The Country, Arizona Activists Are Targeting U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake In Phoenix Tomorrow In An Effort To Get Him Back On Board With Immigration Reform.

Arizona List Strives, And Parties, To Make AZ Blue

Arizona List Recently Celebrated Its 13th Anniversary And the Organization, Along With Keynote Speaker Kelly Ward, Are Fighting Local Level To Elect Democratic Women Candidates.

BFC: Bitches Food Club Gets Devoured

This time on the BFC version of the Modern Times Podcast, it's all about the Devoured Phoenix culinary festival. Jennifer and Stephanie from the Bitches Flood Club once again visit with Wayne about the restaurant scene in the Phoenix metro.

Editor's Pick: The Best Of Devoured Phoenix

Our Intrepid Editor, Wayne Schutsky, Once Again Fell In Love With The Phoenix Metro’s Food Scene And Especially Helio Basin Brewing Co.'s Smoke Bison Taquito.

Live From Devoured Phoenix Culinary Festival

Eat Vicariously Through Our Intrepid Editor, Wayne Schutsky, As He Eats His Way To Heaven Thanks To Some Of The Best Eateries The Phoenix Metro Has To Offer.

Political Profundity

Talking Arizona Legislative Bills And Señor Trump: Karen Weil and John Guzzon delve into Arizona legislative actions on limiting protests, and aiming to blunt the initiative process, as well as discuss Trump's plumber-filled White House.

Getting Tanked At Devoured Phoenix Bartending Events

The 1960s Had Woodstock But Today, The Phoenix Metro Has Drunkstock, Also Known As The Devoured Phoenix Bartending Competition.

Arizona Ladies' Ivanka Trump Video Goes Viral And Vile

Protests Are The American Way, But The Cause Must Be Just: A Retail Chain Dropping The First Daughter's Clothing Line Because It Wasn't Selling Is Just More Of The Same Insanity That Is Suffocating A Cross-Section Of America.

Arizona Is An Inexplicable Valentine’s Day Destination?

One List Places Two, Yes Two, Arizona Cities In Its Top 15 Valentine’s Day Destinations Alongside Other Flashy Locales Like Plano, Texas.

Sedona Film Festival's Treats Include Honoring Leachman

Event Will Offer Film Lovers A Chance To Check Out Oscar-Nominated Documentaries As Well As Robert DeNiro's Latest, Along With 100-Plus Selections And Music.

Bitches Food Club

How To Pick A New Restaurant, How They Can Keep You Coming Back: Jennifer and Stephanie from the Bitches Flood Club once again visit with Wayne about the restaurant scene in the Phoenix metro.

Five Points On Christmas And The Holiday Season

As The Majority of Americans Prepare To Take Time Off And Celebrate Whatever Holiday Fills Their Heart In December, Here Are Some Facts And Opinions About Our Celebrations.

Political Profundity

John Guzzon and Karen Weil talk Trump's win, transition and the recount. Also, France takes a turn to the right, South Korea protests corruption and Fidel Castro is dead.

Bitches Food Club

Wayne Schutsky speaks with Jennifer Lind Schutsky and Stephanie Sparer from Bitches Food Club about what they like — and don't like — about the Phoenix-metro foodie scene.

Arizona Arts And Culture: A Guide To Volunteering

During The Thanksgiving Holiday, It May Be A Good Time To Contemplate Saying Thanks By Volunteering In The Community: Here Are Several Ideas To Get Your Brain Churning.

The Sports Yak

Wayne Schutsky and John Guzzon talk NFL and Arizona Cardinals at Mid-Season: the playoff picture remains very murky and two quarterbacks named Prescott and Wentz have had a previously unpredictable impact.

When A Schmuck Becomes A Trump Or Vice Versa

In The Battle For A Seat In The Arizona Legislature, A Down Ballot Attachment To Republican Nominee Donald Trump Embraces Photoshop And Takes A Left Turn At Austin Powers.

Thank You For Zia Records, Brian Faber

As Zia Records Owner Brian Faber Passes, Many Of The Thousands His Store Touched Are Sharing The Loss Because He Created Unique Spaces For Music Aficionados, Fledgling Artists And Casual Fans.

The Best Arcade Bars In The Phoenix Metro

From Galaga And Pinball To Newer Gaming Fair, The Valley's Eclectic Arcade Bar Scene Has Something For Everyone, And Alcohol To Boot.

AZ Marijuana Legalization Battle Enters Twilight Zone

Marijuana Legalization May Or May Not Be Coming To Arizona In The Near Future, But Both Opponents And Proponents Can't Help But To Blunder Their Way Into The Debate.

Pokémon Go Seizes Planet, And The Phoenix Metro

One Pokémon-less Writer Headed Over To A Mass Pokémon Go Gathering In Mesa To See What All The Fuss Is About And Found A Blossoming Community.

An Inside Look At Phoenix’ Latest Trump Rally

See Photos From Donald Trump’s Latest Campaign Rally In Phoenix, Where Supporters And Protesters Of All Ilks Showed Up In Droves.

Arizona's Presidential Primary In Pictures

For Just About A Week, Arizona Took Center Stage In The Battle For The White House And The Lenses Of A Photographer Was There To Catch The Sights Of The Campaign.

Is The Devoured Culinary Classic Worth The Cost?

A Writer Documents His Trip To Devoured To Find Out If The Valley’s Pre-Eminent Foodie Event Is Worth Its Steep Price Tag.

Should Arizona Implement Auto Voter Registration?

Despite Staunch Opposition From Republicans, Senator Andrew Sherwood Will Introduce Automatic Voter Registration Legislation For A Second Time.

Sylvia Allen's Appointment Is An Insult To Intelligence

Despite The Want To Giggle At Her Unfounded Logic, A Creationist, Science Doubter Taking A Key Role In The State's Education Plan Is Ignorant, To Say The Least.

MTM Exclusive Non-Fiction

After A Modern Jewish Woman Gets An Invite To A Christmas Getaway With Her Boyfriend's Family, She Soon Learns That She Wants The Santa Claus Experience More Than The Boyfriend.

Phoenix Comicon Fanfest Gets Better With Age

After Putting On A So-So Event Last Year, Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest Organizers Have Created An Event That Is Well Worth The Price Of Admission.

Progressives Make Statement In Phoenix

In The Conservative Hotbed That Is The Phoenix Metro, Progressives On The National Scene Gather To Get Out Their Broader, National Messages And Also To Engage Local Groups And Issues.

Fears Of Proms In A Pawn Shop

As Schools In Shopping Centers And Strip Malls Become Increasingly Prevalent, An Educator And Writer Wonders Aloud Whether That Environment Is Even Slightly Appropriate For Learning.

Phoenix Comicon: Moving Forward With The Con

Phoenix Comicon Showed It Is Going To Continue To Grow This Year And It Can Get Even Better In The Future, According To Ryan Scott, Our Resident Con Expert.

Sunday Still A Thrill At Phoenix Comicon 2015

The Final Day Of The Biggest Pop-Culture Convention In The Southwest Will End The Event With A Bang, Featuring Appearances By Christopher Lloyd And Ron Perlman.

Saturday Set To Shine At Phoenix Comicon 2015

The Biggest Crowds, Best Panels, Most Outrageous Costumes And More Are On Tap For The Busiest Day Of The Con, Peruse Our Picks For The Can't Miss Events.

Thursday and Friday At Phoenix Comicon 2015

The Annual Gathering Of Lovers Of Comics, Pop Culture And Much More In Downtown Phoenix Got Off To An Eager Start Thursday With Much More To Come Over The Remaining Three Days.

A Geek's Guide To Phoenix Comicon 2015

Phoenix Comicon Will Invade Downtown Phoenix From May 28 To 31 But With Hundreds Of Options Of Things To See And Do, We Have Narrowed It Down To The Best Of The Best.

Phoenix Comicon Is A Hit Thanks To The Volunteers

Phoenix Comicon Is Coming Back To The Phoenix Convention Center This May, But Perhaps Only Thanks To The Hundreds Of Unpaid Volunteers Who Work Behind The Scenes To Make It Happen.

Taste Bud Trip: Eating Europe In The Phoenix Metro

In A Desert Metropolis Rife With Chain Restaurants And Kitschy Distractions, There Are A Few Jewels That Resonate One's Palate With The Flavors Of The Old World.

The Rebel Lounge Will Always Be In A Mason Jar

The Recent Announcement That Psyko Steve Will Be Bringing The Mason Jar Back To Life As The Rebel Lounge Elicits Personal Memories Of First And Funnest Small-Venue Concerts Among A Large Swath Of Phoenix Metro Residents.

Devouring The Devoured Culinary Classic

This Weekend, The Arizona Culinary Festival Once Again Thrilled Foodies In The Phoenix Metro With Tasty Treats And Beverages Galore As Well As The Ability To Enjoy The One-Of-A-Kind Ambience.

The Net Neutrality Battle Is Not Over

Now That The FCC Has Ruled — And Telecom Companies Have Eyed Legal Action To Stop It — Is A Free And Open Internet Now A Sure-Thing For End-Users?

Crowd Devours Phoenix Bartending Competition

The Liquor-Based Offshoot Of The Devoured Phoenix Culinary Event Spotlights Some Of The Best Drink-Makers In The Phoenix Metro Who, Like The Attendees, Were All Winners.

Parraz, Citizens For A Better Arizona, Call It Quits

The Non-Profit Group That Spearheaded The Recall of Russell Pearce And Was Led And Founded By Activist Randy Parraz, Has Announced It Will Cease Operations And Focus Exclusively On Helping Get Democrats Elected.

The Problem With, The Problem Of Whiteness

Amid The Furor Over The ASU Class That Seeks To Discuss How Whiteness Impacts The Ways Students Learn And Teachers Teach, A Professor Continues His Intellectual Journey As White Supremacists Jump On The Bandwagon.

Top 5 Phoenix Eateries In Which To Break A Heart

Whether You Are An Uncouth Rude-Boy, A Cold-Hearted Ice Princess or Or Simply A Sociopath, These Downtown Phoenix Restaurants Can Serve Your Palate As You Get Down To The Business Of Breaking Someone's Heart.

The Meh-vel Experience

The Marvel Experience — A Traveling Amusement Park Attraction That Recently Opened At Salt River Fields — Fails To Deliver On The Pre-Opening Day Bravado Of Its Creators, Bringing Ho-Hum Thrills To A Brand Known For Superhero Feats.

Phoenix Protest Of Brisbon Shooting: Just The Beginning

Thursday Night In Downtown Phoenix, More Than 100 Gathered To Protest The Tuesday Incident That Ended With The Death Of Rumain Brisbon, With More Events Scheduled For First Friday In Downtown Phoenix.

Arizona State Fair Week One Wrapup

Concerts Take Center Stage: Amidst The Giant Corn Dogs, Turkey Legs, $10 Beers, And $20 Rides, The Amazing Headliner Concert Series At Veterans Memorial Coliseum Is A Cacophony Of Wonderful Treats.

Phoenix Comicon Goes Christmas Spectacular?

The Local Geek Event Celebrates Some Of The Hottest Franchises And Styles Of Our Collective Culture Expands Its Reach With A Winter Event That Just Might Make Christmas Shoppers Stop At University Of Phoenix Stadium In December.

Even After Resigning, Pearce Will Not Go Away

Now That Russell Pearce Has Left His Republican Party Position After Drawing Criticism — Even From Within The Party — Some Might Think He Will Go Away, But The Reality Of The Situation Indicates Something More Troubling About The American Right.

The Night Ruben Gallego Became A Congressman

In An Important Democratic Primary, Ruben Gallego Gains The Nomination — And Effectively The Congressional Seat — More Than Two Months Before The General Election.

Races To Watch In The Arizona Midterm Primaries

With The State’s Primaries On The Horizon We Take A Look At Some Interesting Races, Including Those For Governor, Corporation Commission and Congressional Districts No. 7 and 9.

Grand Canyon Coal Plant Deal Is Short-Term Band-Aid

The EPA Has Approved A Proposal By The Self-Proclaimed Technical Working Group — Led By Salt River Project And Other Plant Owners — That Will Reduce Emissions At The Navajo Generating Station By One-Third.

Arizona, Keep The Focus On Ersula Ore

Despite The Rancor Surrounding The Incident Based Upon Racial Profiling Concerns, The Case Is More Accurately About How ASU Police And Other Peace Officers Interact With Residents.

Phoenix IT Department To Host Data Privacy Program

Phoenix’s Information Technology Staff Will Discuss Critical Information Security Topics Such As Privacy, Hacking, And Media At Friday Event.

ASU Frat Scandal: The Moron Chronicles

ASU’s TKE Fraternity Embarasses Themselves As Well As Decent People Everywhere With Dimwitted Prank But Is Expulsion And A Press Conference The Right Way To Find A Remedy?

A Guide To Legal Assistance In The Phoenix Metro

It Is Not Necessarily True That Money Is The Only Thing That Can Buy Justice — A Guide To Help Those With Few Funds Help Themselves.

Announcing The Phabulous Phoenix Awards

Modern Times Magazine Presents The Phabulous Phoenix Awards: A Celebration Of Great Places That Help Define The Phoenix Metro As Multidimensional And A Highly Livable Metropolis.

Opinions On Obama Are A Microcosm Of America

The President’s Recent Trip To Arizona Allowed Us In The Grand Canyon State To Take A First-Hand Look At The Underlying Causes Of Many Political Factions — Especially the Regressive Right.

RIP Hollywood Alley: 1988 - 2013

Millions Of Memories Are All That Will Be Left Of The Legendary Mesa Hangout And Music Venue After It Closes Its Doors This Week.

Fight Against Urban Camping Continues In Phoenix

Group Of Downtown Phoenix Activists Are Continuing The Fight Against Urban Camping — Designed To Illegalize Homelessness — By Forming An Campaign To Get The Issue On The Ballot.

Culture Of Resistance Forming In Phoenix Metro

For Some Phoenicians The Release Of Dissent Or Terror Represented Misspent Tax Dollars, For Others It Represented An Attack On A Community.

Scottsdale’s Maya Day And Night Club Is All Wet

Beach/Pool Clubs — While Great Ideas On Paper — Are Disconnected From Reality Since Alcohol, Dancing, Water And Several Hundred College Kids Is A Recipe For Disaster.

Would Arpaio Recall Make A Difference?

The Only Way To Guarantee The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Never Again Devolves Into Its Current State Is Not To Recall Arpaio, But To Change The Power Of The Office.

Tasty Tidbits From Devoured Phoenix

The Devoured Phoenix Culinary Classic Brought Out Some Of The Best Restaurants, Breweries and Other Food-Related Businesses, Reaffirming The Phoenix Metro’s Foodie Emergence.

Arizona Legislature Preps For Battle In 2013

DREAM Act Kids Driver’s License Battle Comes To The Fore As What Promises To Be Another Wild And Wooly Legislative Session Gets Underway.

Occupy Phoenix Builds Community In 2012

A Little More Than A Year After First Appearing On The Local Scene, Occupy Phoenix Continues To Strive Toward Becoming The Common Front In The Battle For Change.

Arizona Erects Bill Of Rights Monument

Monument To The First Ten Amendments Of The U.S. Constitution Draws A Disparate Group Of Individuals In Support Of Freedoms.

Phoenix Police And The Community Response Squad

Shenanigans Within The Squad That Reaches Out To The Phoenix Metro Area Community Reveals That Law Enforcement Officials Are As Flawed As The Rest Of Us.

Jan Brewer Opts Out Of Obamacare, Reality

Arizona Governor Declines Participation In The PPACA Even Though It Would Allow Her To Fulfill The Will Of Voters And Provide Care For Those Living In Poverty.

Is Penzone Truly Different From Arpaio?

The Defeat Of Joe Arpaio Would Undoubtedly Be A Time Of Victory For The Sheriff’s Foes, But Paul Penzone Would Retain The Use Of Tent City, Deportations.

A Saturday Fighting GMOs Leads To Zombieland

The Fight Against Genetically Modified Crops Is Alive In The Valley And Being Fought By A Handful Of Activists Because We Can Do Better.

Will Crowley Quip Sink Carmona?

Republican Spin Machine Finally Gets Something To Stick On Dr. Richard Carmona In Arizona’s U.S. Senate Race, But Is It Sticky Enough To Stop His Momentum?

Take Arpaio’s Prisoners Away?

Instead Trying To Defeat Sheriff Joe At The Ballot Box, Should Opposition Unite To Stop Cities From Using County Jail Services?

Handicapping Arizona’s Congressional Races

Amid The Skewed Races That Lean To One Party Or The Other Is Arizona’s District No. 9 That Will Undoubtedly Break New Ground.

Arizona After The Housing Bubble

Experts Opine About The Recovering National And Local Real Estate Markets, Yet Few In The Industry Realize The Boom Was Fool’s Gold.

SB 1070 Ruling Doesn't End Immigration Debate

Even After The U.S. Supreme Court Rules, The Immigration Debate Rages And Awaits An Unwilling Congress.

Andrew Thomas’ Big Stick Gave Him Brain Damage

According To Sources Close To The Disbarred Attorney, An Accidental Thumping From The Piece of Lumber Began His Road To Lunacy.

Why Did Phoenix Drop Occupy Charges?

In Their Motion To Dismiss, The City Of Phoenix Tacitly Supports Occupiers Yet Defends Police Actions To Arrest Them On Oct. 15.

Russell Pearce Rises From Political Grave

The Once-Recalled, Former Arizona Senate President Announces He Will Challenge Sky Mall Founder Bob Worsley For Republican Nomination.

Joe Arpaio: ‘Nuevo-Fascist’ By Using The Classical Definition, Sheriff Joe Is Not A Fascist, But He Just Might Be A New Breed Of Political Operator: A Nuevo Fascist.

Arizona Redistricting Battle Is ‘Scripted Theatre’ Partisan Representatives Of The Arizona Legislature Appear Before Polarized, Independent Commission.

Border Corruption Continues Unabated As The National Focus Drifts Away From The U.S./Mexico Border, It Is Business As Usual For Smugglers.

Jerry Lewis Makes History, Thumps Russell Pearce The Arizona Senate President Loses Recall Battle Against Fellow Mesa Republican.

Arizona Redistricting Scandal Is A Horror Show State Republican Leaders Remove Chairman Colleen Mathis After Months Of Attacks And Derision.

Occupy Phoenix: GA Is Everything As The Local Movement Near Wrap Of Second Week, Participation, Understanding Wanes.

Occupy Phoenix: People, Not Products One Man’s Address To The Crowd Went Beyond Slogans And Directly To The Core Of The Movement.

Cortes Scandal Exposes Stench of Russell Pearce, Tea Party Although ‘Political Neophyte’ Olivia Cortes Will Remain On The Ballot, Suit Has Exposed The Political ‘Sham.’

Civility In A Network World Gone Wild As The Line Between News And Reality-Shows Blurs, NCoC Keynote Dialog In Arizona Becomes A Blame Game.

Civility Coming To Arizona National Conference Comes To Battleground Arizona After 65 years in Washington D.C.

Jerry Lewis Fights Back Against Pearce Challenger For Senate President Russell Pearce’s District 18 Seat Slams Pearce Over Moral Issues Of Immigration.

SB 1070 Boycott Ends: Why Now? The National Council Of La Raza Calls Off Boycott As The Supreme Court Weighs The Law’s Fate.

Arizona Threatens, GOP Caves Arizona’s Bad Reputation Intimidates The National GOP To Award A Presidential Debate.

Defending Katt Williams As The Comedian Is Lambasted For His Remarks In Arizona, Few Pause To Understand His Argument.

Phoenix TSA Bomb ‘Probe’ Confounds In A State Known For Strangeness, The Somali Immigrant Fake Bomb Event At Sky Harbor, Takes The ‘Cake.’

Stars Align For Lewis In Pearce Recall In Battle To Unseat Pearce, Challenger Jerry Lewis Has Credentials To Thump The Arizona Senate President.

Serial Killer Zamastil Down, Many More To Go The Conviction Of A Serial Killer Is Great, But Thousands Of Unsolved Murders Remain In Arizona, U.S.

The Battle Over Arizona’s Public Political Funding The Supreme Court Knocks Down Matching Funds In The Second Battle, But Defining Moment Will Come In 2012.

Arizona’s All-Star Game Hoopla Arizona Will Seem Like The Center Of The Universe July 12 As Sport Collides With Politics.

Hacktivists Target Arizona Over SB1070 Going It Alone On Immigration Matters Has Cost State Millions In Revenue And Has Now Made State A Target.

Why Redistricting Matters More Than Gaga Although Few Fans Of The Pop Music Icon Even Know What Redistricting Is, Here Are The Top Reasons Why The Process Must Go Gaga.

Grand Canyon Gets Reprieve From Uranium Mining Secretary Of Interior Ken Salazar Announces A Six-Month Stay, In Anticipation Of A 20 Year Ban.

Who Will Run Against Pearce? No One Has Stepped Up To Challenge Arizona’s Senate President, An Ominous Sign For Those Looking To Recall Him.

In Praise of Brewer For Jobless Stance The Culture of College Football Has Never Before Been Seen As So Transparently Broken, And John Junker and the Fiesta Bowl are Rightly Taking The Heat.

Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Brouhaha A Political Ploy Gov. Brewer’s Court Action On Marijuana Might Cement Federal Legalization.

Honoring The Fallen Remembering A Gold Star Mom And Her Son On Memorial Day.

Fiesta Bowl Is A Guilty Patsy The Culture of College Football Has Never Before Been Seen As So Transparently Broken, And John Junker and the Fiesta Bowl are Rightly Taking The Heat.

Border Patrol Bribery Sentencing Exposes Corruption Scourge Former Agent Provided Drug Cartels Lists Of Sensor Locations, Maps and Aid In Transporting.

Gov. Brewhaha Still Fighting For SB1070 Arizona Governor Skips Ninth Circuit Court Appeal And Takes Immigrant Legislation Directly To The Supreme Court.

The Grand Canyon’s Uranium Question As the battle continues over uranium mining at the Grand Canyon, most Arizonans are unaware that a big decision is looming.

Arizona DHS Warns Of Federal Marijuana Laws Arizona Department of Health Services Director and U.S. Attorney for Arizona, Dennis K. Burke are reminding everyone that participating in the state’s medical marijuana program is a violation of federal law.

Palo Verde Set For 20 More Years The risk/reward factor of the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station is an all or nothing proposition so let’s hope we can have it all.

Arizona’s Earth Day Activities Were a Passe Exercise The biggest event in the Phoenix metropolitan area was rife with waste and commercialism.

SB1070 Leaves Behind A Trail Of Losers Gov. Brewhaha and Senate President Russell Pearce claim victory on the first anniversary of SB 1070, but like Arizona businesses, they are facing the repercussions of a failed policy.

More Than Cookies: Girl Scouts Fight Prostitution The Girl Scouts of America’s Arizona Pine-Cactus Council was recently honored by FBI Director Robert Mueller for its work in combatting minor sexual exploitation.

Dogma Defeats Pragmatism Conservative dogma on tax cuts compels Arizona legislature, governor to cut the heart out of Arizona in order to balance the budget.

All Star Impact On Arizona Senate? Did the impending MLB All Star game in Phoenix have an impact on the Arizona business community’s attempt to stymie immigration bills?

Census: Arizona Obscured By Numbers The really important stories to come from initial release of Census data are two new Congressional seats and housing issues, not that Maricopa grew by more than 4,000 percent.

Run, Joe, Run In a metaphysical convergence of the political kind, Sheriff Joe Arpaio might get the most support for his potential Senate campaign from those who dislike him.

Master Puppeteer Kyl to Retire After More than 18 years in the U.S. Senate, Jon Kyl’s tenure has shown he cares more about party than the people of his state.

Ominous Forecast for Capitol The big numbers in the state budget fiasco obscures the fact that too many tax cuts have bankrupted the state. Image by Ken Lund.

Tragedy in Tucson In the aftermath of the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the country should begin forging consensus and preparing for the future.

Resolving Arizona’s Resolutions With the arrival of 2011, it is resolution time. Modern Time Magazine offers resolutions for the state including solving the immigrant debate with an arm wrestling match.

Beyond the First 100 Years As the Arizona Centennial approaches, the time is ripe for looking back to see forward in order to forge a brighter future for the Grand Canyon State.

Pearcing the Term Limits Bubble Since Arizona passed its term limits referendum in 1992 with an eye to getting entrenched politicians out of office, the state legislature has definitely gotten kookier.

The Invincible Gov. BrewHaHa Arizona has long been known as one of the more bewildering electorates, but the state has now entered the Twilight Zone. Proof is as easy as the fact that Gov. Jan Brewer is still trouncing Terry Goddard — even after one of worst debate flubs ever.

McCain Schools Hayworth
Sen. John McCain has shown JD Hayworth how a real politician rolls. There is no longer any doubt he will prevail in the Aug. 24 primary. The only thing left to wonder is if he will run again in 2016.

Are Speed-Cams Gone Forever?
Now that only police officers will be issuing tickets on state highways, how long it will last with no prospects for a permanent ban? Image by banspy

The SB 1070 Smokescreen
Despite media and pundit reports to the contrary, the tangible piece of SB 1070 will impact Arizona's day labor centers most of all.

Mesa’s Plan for Cubs is All Wet
The Valley’s second largest city decides the sale of a water farm is OK to help the Chicago Cubs pay for a Spring Training complex when services have declined and debt is rising.

Here Comes the Show
If the Department of Justice brings charges against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, expect the brouhaha of the century.

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A Storm Predicted To Produce One Of The Worst Blizzards Of The Century Peters Out And Some Local News Media Outlets Just Can't Let It Go.

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A family man decides to get a consultation from a nutritionist. But when he realizes that losing weight will mean cutting out food items like cheddar fries, he obfuscates: all in good taste, of course.