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Welcome To Phoenix,
Donald Trump: Now Go Home

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The 45th President Comes To The Phoenix Metro, Stirring Thousands of People With Little In Common But Their Dislike For Donald Trump To Take To The Streets


By John Guzzon
Modern Times Magazine

Aug. 23, 2017 — Welcome back to Phoenix, President Trump.

Now go home.

We don’t need you.

We Arizonans have been down this road before. We’ve seen narcissistic blowhards incite racial bigotry as a means to getting elected to public office. And, we’ve seen these same people or person not stop talking about how immigration — illegal and otherwise — was killing our state and country.

We’ve seen racial profiling elevated into a legislative art form: SB 1070. We’ve seen U.S. citizens pulled over in their vehicles for looking like an “immigrant.” And, as a bit of advice, we’ve also seen these purveyors of pomp and finger-pointing take their inevitable tumble.

Ironically for them and you, the inevitable fall from grace comes to fruition because these folks bring people from a variety of backgrounds together in a common cause ... to remove them from power.

First, it was Russell Pearce and in November 2016, it was the man who started it all, Joe Arpaio.

So, go home, we’ve seen it.

And, while it is nice to know that at last you are succeeding at something in your political career besides bullying — being a uniter — you still have no clue how much most of America feels about you.

You’ve united many people with many different viewpoints around you. The problem for our country is that more and more people are realizing they don’t like you or your performance as president.

The crowd OUTSIDE the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday was, unfortunately, indicative of the universal disgust that is sweeping the nation.

Those assembled near Second and Monroe streets in downtown Phoenix were black and white, yellow and tan, beige and olive and other colors, too. There were young, old, middle-aged, and teens. And, unlike inside, there were many examples of all of the different types, not token placements to make video clips depict a more diverse crowd.

These people were united against you. If any two of them were put together in a room, they might not agree about anything else but their dislike of the current president.

So you accomplished something. Good boy, Donnie, you did SOMETHING.

Now go home, please, before you do something else that’s not very smart, like pardon Joe Arpaio. That action would likely cause unity that we haven’t seen yet in Arizona and that we don’t want to ever see.

We’ve seen enough.
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