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Star Wars Novelists
Are Fans At Heart

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Some Of The Best And Most Infamous Authors Of The Galaxy From Far, Far, Away Spoke On Their Work And Official Canon At Phoenix Comicon
By Ryan Scott
Modern Times Magazine
May 31, 2017 — Other conventions may be treated to massive Star Wars reveals, such as footage for Star Wars: The Last Jedi or footage from Star Wars Battlefront II, but there is plenty to go around. For hardcore fans, Star Wars novels have always been a place to get more great Star Wars content, even when movies weren’t being made. And some of the best and most infamous authors from a galaxy far, far away made their way to Phoenix Comicon this weekend.
Three generations of Star Wars authors were present this weekend, with Alan Dean Foster (Official Star Wars Novelization, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye) Timothy Zahn (Heir to the Empire Trilogy, Thrawn) and Claudia Grey (Lost Stars, Bloodlines) all making their way to the convention this weekend.
Publisher Del Rey hosted a panel with all three authors sharing their secrets, discussing the various challenges of writing in the Star Wars Galaxy, and everything in between. “You have to be a fan,” said Foster, who was discussing the challenges of writing a good novelization. “As a novelizer I get to do my own director's cut.”
Foster also wasn’t above making a joke or two.
“If we could just put some of these reporter's reporters in jail and stop all of these leaks about the Death Star plans,” he said.

Phoenix Comicon 2017 Special
The 2017 Phoenix Comicon has come and gone. This year marked the first big-time controversy for the annual event as props are banned after the first day, but overall the con was the con, our relatively expert-level commentators say. — May 31, 2017

Claudia Grey, who is fairly new to the Star Wars author family, has written some of the best books since Disney took over in 2012 and, for her, the secret is putting yourself in the shoes of someone in that world. “For me a lot of it is really believing I live in this universe,” she said. With Timothy Zahn, he helped bring Star Wars back in the 90s, a time when fans had nothing to latch onto, by creating Grand Admiral Thrawn and writing the Heir to the Empire trilogy, some of the most beloved Star Wars books of all time.

“Everything in Star Wars is somebody's favorite,” Said Zahn.
For die hard fans, this was a truly nice experience and the kind of thing that really makes an event like Phoenix Comicon worthwhile. A trailer can be viewed online anytime, but getting some real insight into some canon creation within the Star Wars universe from some of the best to ever do it is something pretty special.
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