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Live From Devoured
Phoenix Culinary Festival


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Aerial view of the 2015 Devoured Culinary Classic.
Images by Jennifer Lind Schutsky.
Eat Vicariously Through Our Intrepid Editor, Wayne Schutsky, As He Eats His Way To Heaven Thanks To Some Of The Best Eateries The Phoenix Metro Has To Offer


By Staff Report
Special Modern Times Magazine

March 3, 2017 — Since 2009, Phoenix has had a tasty food festival, known as Devoured Phoenix.

The event has become so popular that tickets are typically sold out months in advance.

Consequently, since 2013, Modern Times Magazine has had someone there to share the sights, sounds, and most importantly and esoterically, the tastes of the events with those not lucky enough to get a ticket.

2016 Devoured Phoenix | 2015 Devoured Phoenix | 2014 Devoured Phoenix | 2013 Devoured Phoenix

But have no fear, if you are not a Twitter denizen, come here and read the posts from the hashtag widget #devouredPHX_MTM (see above).

Our own Wayne Schutsky has been the standard bearer for our readers since 2014, but this year, he is likely going to get a little more help from the Bitches Food Club. The BFC really likes Wayne (he doesn’t have much choice, even if he wanted it) and they like our magazine, too (see their regular podcasts here).

So come back to see images, comments and the like tomorrow, Saturday March 4. Also, we will likely have some post event coverage next week and maybe in the next podcast. For a taste of what you might hear from us, check this passage from Schutsky last year.

The Devoured Culinary Classic is enjoyable in the same way that taking part in a wine-soaked Roman orgy during the waning days of the empire was probably enjoyable. It is an exercise in extravagance, to the say the least. To say the most, it’s a bunch of people slovenly filling their faces with the best food and drink Phoenix has to offer,” he wrote.

It’ll be taaassssty.
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