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Five Points On The Border Wall

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Image by Jonathon Shacat.
Cost, Difficulty, Environment, Not Wanted By Border Residents, Won’t Do Any Good Anyway Are The Five Points, But There Is Much More To The Discussion


By Karen Weil and John Guzzon
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 11, 2017 — President-elect Donald Trump will ascend Jan. 20 and one of the key components of his campaign — a border wall — has gotten some momentum.

But unlike what he said on the campaign trail, Donald Trump is now asking the U.S. government to pay for it. Hence, a podcast on this border wall thing from two folks who have lived and worked in border areas.

Five points on the border wall:

1. It will cost too much

Many credible sources put the cost at somewhere between $20 to $40 billion just to build it. But then again, no one will really know for sure without further study or the creation of plans. And, now Trump is saying the U.S. will “bill” Mexico for it.
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2. It will be very, very difficult to build
Some of the high costs projections are due to the remote site and vast amounts of materials that will have to be shipped hundreds of miles to meet their destinations. And, how do you get cranes and tons of concrete and steel to that location?
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3. A majority of border residents don’t want it
Surveys have shown that residents on both sides of the border independently and separately do not want it built. The also share that they don’t want it because they know it won’t really work and that people, not walls make a place secure.
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4. It will be bad for plants and animals too
Bears, bobcats, pumas, ocelots, and even pygmy-owls are some of the species that will be impacted by a 20 to 50 ft. wall. And there are also rivers, streams, washes and other environmental factors.
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5. A wall won’t work anyway
Everything that has been learned about border walls are that they do not work. If people want to get around a wall, they will find a way. Even the Great Wall of China was a failure. It was “mostly” built to keep out peoples like the Manchurians and that ended up with the Manchurians taking over China. Also, it shows more people will die trying to cross. And, that if people get here, they will likely be trapped from ever leaving.
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