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Modern Times Magazine's
Arizona Prime Cuts 2016

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In Our Local Part Of The World, Readers Swoon When A Mega-Star Visits, Pokémon Go-s, Plus-Size Beauties Take Center Stage And Trump Stokes His Arizona Supporters


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 5, 2017 — What a country.

We can find a reason to celebrate nearly anything here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

A businessman-celebrity-politician that will drain the swamp? Hurrah. Pokémon Go? The greatest thing since sliced bread — or whatever it is the old folks say. Or, how about a male sex-symbol visiting before he gets dragged through a nasty divorce?


Apparently, readers of Modern Times Magazine agree that these things are at least interesting. While we might agree they are not necessarily fit for a celebration, they are the most read Arizona stories on the pages of Modern Times Magazine in 2016.

And that’s something, at least, that any American should agree on.

No. 5 — Miss Plus Size Arizona Graces Phoenix May 15

They’re confident, attractive and talented — but they’re not a size two. And that’s just fine.” That was the opening line written by Karen Weil in this May piece about the contest. Eight women — ranging from age 18 to the mid-30s — vied for the title. They were judged on several categories including an interview, a session called “Who Am I,” Elegant Pants Wear, Formal Wear and a question-and-answer session. The eventual winner was actually three queens. Really.
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Once upon a time, there was this thing called Pokémon. This thing was a giant success among the preteens and stretched across all media including cards, TV, games and more. This summer, it went to an all new level with the release of Pokémon Go. Folks in the Phoetro went crazy, too. Ryan Scott caught up with one of the local groups that popped up in the wake of the surge.
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No. 3 — Thank You For Zia Records, Brian Faber

One never knows when another person’s death will impact their life. The death of Zia Records owner Brian Faber did that to regular contributor Ryan Scott. Although they had never met, Faber’s death caused Scott to reflect upon all of the joy and fun he had in his life because of a store and by correlation, the man who owned it.

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No. 2 — An Inside Look At Phoenix’ Latest Trump Rally

The summer of 1969 had Woodstock. The summer of 2016? It will always have Donald Trump. The bombastic president-elect was filling conference centers and ballrooms with his supporters while his detractors protested outside and Phoenix was no exception. Photos from Doug Molony set the mood and presented some images many of us will never forget.

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No. 1 — The Imaginarium Of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp came to Arizona State University. Bedlam ensued. Well, maybe not bedlam, but many of you Johnny and ASU fans read the story. He was here because he teamed up with Dr. Lawrence Krauss to discuss find the creativity in madness and how those two ideas can merge into something lasting and memorable. If only his marriage had listened.
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