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When A Schmuck Becomes
A Trump Or Vice Versa

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Images from a flyer mailed to voters by Building AZ's Future.
In The Battle For A Seat In The Arizona Legislature, A Down Ballot Attachment To Republican Nominee Donald Trump Embraces Photoshop And Takes A Left Turn At Austin Powers


By John Guzzon
Modern Times Magazine

Oct. 31, 2016 — A funny thing happened the other day after my son retrieved the mail from the box at the end of the yard.

There was a political postcard on the top that, while I was holding it upside down, looked like Donald Trump. But at the same time, it looked NOT like Donald Trump.

After spinning the postcard right-side-up, and reading more of the text, I realized it was not, after all, Donald Trump. Rather, it was Frank Schmuck, republican candidate for Arizona Senator.

The thing was, Schmuck had Donald Trump's signature hairstyle.

I guess such mis-recognition is something that happens when a Schmuck becomes a Trump.

Sure, such tactics are among the basest forms of political mudslinging, but its not ineffective. Long before Adobe dreamt of Photoshop, there was the art of political photo-rigging. Photoshop just makes it easier and funnier.

Who knows if Schmuck supports Trump. The postcard cites several Schmuck statements from Facebook. Trump has extensive republican support, so it wouldn't be surprising. Whether he does or not is not very important to my point here, so we'll leave that to others — if anyone cares.

What makes the card so effective is how just by putting Trump's hair on a male candidate can make such an effective statement.

Imagine Romney's hair on anyone: who cares or even makes the connection. McCain? Ditto.

Throw on top of it that the political action committee paying for the ads — the Arizona democratic party's Building AZ's Future PAC — were also able to tie the word Schmuck to Trump, and the wryness is even more pronounced.

Then, I turned the card over.

On the back is a picture of the real Donald Trump which included a Photoshopped hand with an outstretched pinkie. Accompanying it were the words: "And I Shall Call Frank Schmuck: Mini-Trump."

If anyone does not get the reference, re-watch the Austin Powers films.

Admitting this is the ugly side of politics, though, is just scratching the surface.

Such a campaign only works with a candidate as controversial and over-the-top as Trump.

The postcard is truly what happens when a Schmuck becomes a Trump.

But it is also what happens because Trump is a Schmuck.
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