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An Inside Look At Phoenix’
Latest Trump Rally

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Donald Trump addresses a supporter in the Phoenix metro, March 2016.
Photo by Doug Molony.
See Photos From Donald Trump’s Latest Campaign Rally In Phoenix, Where Supporters And Protesters Of All Ilks Showed Up In Droves


By Doug Maloney
Modern Times Magazine

June 23, 2016 — Even though it will not be official until the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump has won more than enough delegates to clinch the Republican presidential nomination. With that in mind, his campaign has pivoted towards the general election as he starts plotting his path to the White House as the Republican nominee.  

I have covered several of the Donald's primary rallies in the Phoenix area since his campaign began in earnest. At every one of them, I have felt like I woke up in the world of Mike Judge's popular film Idiocracy. In fact, and I am not the first to point this out, the rise of Trump has turned Judge into a sort of philosopher lately.

Trump’s visit to Phoenix last weekend was no different. From the cartoonish flags with his cheesy grinning face emblazoned on them to the old ladies saying "he has such a beautiful smile" the event was rife with fanfare Trump rallies are know for. That also includes a sea of questionably-factual rhetoric and slogans on bumper stickers and t-shirts paraded around by the same hateful, angry people that seem to flock to all of his rallies, including members of hate groups and militia organizations.

One change I did notice is that there seemed to be more young people supporting Trump this time, though they predominantly looked like the type of people you would see coming out of a Crossfit convention or ultimate fighting gym.

The anti-Trump protesters were out as usual and the ones I observed appeared self-restrained even while having a plethora of Fox News talking points hurled at them throughout the rally. They still managed have some good conversations with some Trump supporters, though.

Early in the day, Somos America held a rally against Trumps hate at Encanto Park just before the Trump rally started. I spoke with Margarito Blancas, a member of the Somos America Coalition.  

"Several organizations and individual members of Somos America decided hold a peaceful rally to voice our opinions against the toxic and dangerous rhetoric Donald Trump has been using,” Blancas said. “We specifically chose a nearby park to gather guest speakers and community members who spoke about the importance of showing unity and inclusiveness rather than hate and divisiveness during this time in our country. There were several faith based groups, civic engagement groups, and members from immigrant rights organizations. Our message was about a non-violent approach for promoting dignity, demanding justice, and rejecting hate and racism. We hope this message can be carried out by other groups and organizations throughout the coming months."

The overarching ideology that sticks out at Trump rallies is one of male, religious and ethnic superiority as angry men yell about the "pussification of America" and men's rights. They also predominantly support Trump's plan to ban Muslims from entering the country, a plan several that has attracted white supremacist supporters like the American Freedom Party in droves.  

This is what you see at a Trump rally. And it's really not a pretty sight. Is this the new Republican party?
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