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Phoenix Comicon Will Be
Hotter Than Ever In 2016

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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Phoenix Comicon 2016 As Comic Books, Collectibles, Cosplay And Much More Come To Downtown Phoenix


By Ryan Scott
Modern Times Magazine

June 3, 2016 — Two very classic Arizona things have arrived just in time for the weekend. For one, triple digit temperatures are here — and it is aggressively obvious — but on the plus side, it is also time for Phoenix Comicon. Very high temperatures be damned, fan boys and girls have already began piling into the Phoenix Convention Center in what is expected to be record numbers and will continue to do so until the floor closes on Sunday evening.

For those planning on heading downtown to partake in Arizona’s annual celebration of all things that can possibly be collected, loved or geeked-out on, there are some general things that are worth noting, and some very relevant changes to the event this year. For one, the event is truly expanding. Aside from the usual road closure that takes place between the North and West buildings at the Phoenix Convention Center, the event has also caused a closure at Central Avenue near Stand Up Live!, where a stage and the Cobra Arcade Lounge has been set up for con goers to enjoy.

Also worth noting is the serendipitous location of a CVS Pharmacy right in that same courtyard, which offers attendees a good opportunity to get some drinks and snacks at a cheaper price than otherwise available in the convention itself. If the drink is unopened, you can take it into the convention center with you, and you can bring snacks and other such things in with you in a bag.

Many people heading out to Phoenix Comicon this weekend have likely been there before and, that being the case, they have probably been planning their weekend for quite some time. With that being said, it is definitely worth noting that there have been a lot of recent programming changes that even the most veteran con fans may have missed. So, if you went through the schedule awhile back and had something in mind that you wanted to enjoy, be it a panel or event, be sure to double check and make sure that it is still on the schedule. Unfortunately, a couple of the convention’s bigger draws, such as legendary voice actress Tress Macneille and most of the Animaniacs cast who were scheduled for a reunion panel, have cancelled.

The entire event schedule is available on the Phoenix Comicon website and, you can save events that you want to attend and make a convenient personal Conquest that you can check through an app on your phone so that you won’t have to be constantly flipping through a programming guide. Though, those paper guides will be available all over the place if you need one.

The weather is expected to soar well above 100 degrees this weekend. Luckily, most of the festivities are taking place inside either the North or West building of the convention center, though there are plenty of things going on outside and as mentioned, too. So, if you want to take in the car show, watch any of the bands on the 80/20 Records stage or view any of the other outside events, be sure to drink lots of water and be ready to sweat. There are plenty of water fountains inside the convention center, and you can bring a water bottle in with you as opposed to paying $4 for a single bottle once inside.

In recent years, one major problem with Phoenix Comicon has been a complete and utter lack of cell phone and mobile data service inside the convention center. Luckily, the center recently upgraded its tech and the service is much better than it has been over the past couple of years. So, Snapchats and Tweets will be much more manageable this year. Lastly, you will of course need to pick up your badges and that can be done in the North Ballroom. Depending on what time you get there and on what day, there very well may be a line, so plan accordingly if you have a panel to make it to.

Phoenix Comicon is taking place from June 2 to 5 at the Phoenix Convention Center, 100 N. Third St., Phoenix. For more information, a full list of guests and programming or to purchase passes visit
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