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Free Comic Book Day
Hits The Valley On May 7

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Comic Book Fans Across Arizona Can Pick Up Free Releases From Independent And Major Publishers Like Marvel, DC And Dynamite On Free Comic Book Day


By Ryan Scott
Modern Times Magazine

April 25, 2016 — The first Saturday of May might seem like just another day for most people, but for certain fan boys and girls, it means one very important thing: Free comic books. That’s right, Free Comic Book day is nearly here and on May 7 comic book shops all around North America will be opening their doors to invite readers of all ages to get their hands on some no-strings-attached free comic books.

Free Comic Book Day is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, and it is designed to draw in a broad range of readers who should have no trouble finding something that appeals to them as there are more than 2,300 participating stores and 50 free comics available.

“Free Comic Book Day is a wonderful event for independently owned and operated comic book shops,” said FCBD spokesperson Dan Manser. “It provides them a great opportunity to connect with new and existing customers and gain momentum moving into the summer months and the rest of 2016."

This year’s lineup of free books is, as always, a mixed bag with releases from both major and independent publishers that vary from shameless self promotion to genuinely thoughtful exclusives. Marvel will be previewing its next major event, Civil War II, and putting out an edition of Captain America #1. DC is putting out a Suicide Squad book (likely to help remind folks that the movie is coming out in August. Even Grumpy Cat will be making an appearance courtesy of Dynamite.

Fans need not worry about a shortage of free books on the day of as the organizers of Free Comic Book Day have reported that more than six million free comic books have been ordered for the day of the event, which represents a seven percent increase over 2015’s total of 5.6 million comics ordered.

As for Arizona specifically, this year, once again, downtown Mesa will be the place comic book fans want to be. Last year, Gotham City Comics helped to organize a massive scavenger hunt downtown and got tons of businesses involved. This year, though, Gotham is also organizing a big after party that will take place at the Nile Theater and will feature live music..

For more information, to locate a participating store near you or to see a complete list of this year's books, visit
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