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Record Store Day To
Rock Phoenix On April 16

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Fans, Record Purveyors And Honorary Ambassador Metallica Will Celebrate All Things Music On April 16 With Record Store Day Events, Special Releases And More


By Ryan Scott
Modern Times Magazine

April 7, 2016 — Sure, the sections reserved for physical music are dying a slow, painful death at chain stores like Bestbuy and Walmart, but there are still plenty of independently-owned record stores all over the world that have loyal followings and unique atmospheres that simply cannot be obtained elsewhere.

For fans of such establishments, the day of days is nearly upon us. Yes, Record Store Day 2016 is just around the corner. On April 16 record stores all over the world will be opening their doors to fans with tons of sales, special releases and events in order to celebrate one of the flagship events for music loving human beings.

Per usual, Record Store Day has an honorary ambassador and this year that ambassador is none other than Metallica, which has been part of the event since the very beginning. On the first Record Store Day, the band spent hours at Rasputin Music in San Francisco greeting fans and showing their support.

“Independent record stores are part of Metallica’s DNA,” said drummer Lars Ulrich in a statement after the announcement was made. “They have been pivotal in shaping each one of us into the music fanatics we’ve all become. We could not be any prouder to be Record Store Day Ambassadors for 2016 and are looking forward to screaming from every rooftop the next few months about everything independent record store and beyond.”

Per usual, the organizers of Record Store Day have ensured that there are a ton of exclusive releases ranging from David Bowie to Madonna. Bowie will have three vinyl releases, including a picture disc of the late singer's 1970 album The Man Who Sold the World, featuring artwork from the German release. Other noteworthy releases include a Bob Dylan EP that was previously only released in Japan and two full-length Johnny Cash albums.

Metallica has also put together a special release of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica!, a CD of compiled from their 2003 Bataclan performance to raise money for charity, to go along with their title as ambassador for the day.

For more information such as participating stores, a full list of exclusive releases and more, visit the official Record Store Day website at
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